hoop dreams. officially over.

Growing up, what were some of your dreams?

My hope throughout my teenage years was to become a professional athlete. For whatever reason, I was blessed with some serious jumping skills or “mad hops” as they would say during street ball. And specifically, I wanted to play point guard in the NBA.

Dream over. Officially.

At the age of 40 and after rupturing both of my Achilles in recent years, I’m finally at peace with the reality that my professional basketball days are over. Before it ever began.

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the top 10 basketball players of all time

Alright, let’s get our sports talk going on. I’m hosting a debate about the Top 10 greatest basketball players in history and where Kobe Bryant and Lebron James fit on that list. Despite recent comments from Scottie Pippen that Lebron James might surpass MJ as the greatest player, there will never be another MJ.

Kobe and Lebron are both phenomenal players. I’m a fan of Kobe and think he’s an incredible player. He should be proud of his 5 NBA titles but there is no comparison between MJ and Kobe. Two years ago, he wasn’t in my list of Top 10 but Kobe’s 4th and 5th NBA title seal his place amongst the Top 10 greatest players of all time. As for Lebron, let’s wait till he wins couple championships. We all know he’ll easily be amongst the Top 10 players and likely in the Top 5. But let’s wait…

There is no comparison.

Below is my Top 10 list:

What do you think?
Who would you add?
Who would you remove?
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