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Some of my passions involve leadership, justice, the whole Gospel, and the pursuit of God’s Kingdom here on this earth. As part of my calling, I travel throughout the world to invest and encourage churches, non-profits, pastors, leaders, missionaries, and justice workers – whether this happens in churches, arenas, conferences, universities, or as a guest in villages, underground churches, or refugee camps. These moments have taken place in countries such as Iraq, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Palestine, and Guatemala. These experiences continue to remind me of God’s love for the nations – particularly for the most vulnerable.

As a pastor and leader, it’s also been an incredible privilege to encourage other leaders and challenge the wider Church to more faithfully and deeply embody God’s heart for compassion, mercy, and justice. This has led me to speak at churches like Willow Creek Community Church (Chicago) and Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta) on MLK Day and conferences like Catalyst, Evangelicals for Life, Q Conference, and The Justice Conference (USA, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand). God has been gracious to also allow me to also speak in numerous “secular” spaces such as TEDx conferences (Seattle, Chicago, and Seoul) and companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

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