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  1. Hi Eugene,

    I don’t know if you remember me. We have met several times over the years as I have worked towards starting a new United Methodist Church in Vancouver, WA.

    I saw that you are listed as a speaker for the UMC’s New Church Leadership Institute in October. I was so glad to see you will be a presenter, and find it ironic that you will be presenting from a history and experience that the UMC probably would not have supported financially, because it doesn’t look like, or hold values the same way a midwestern mega-church does. Having said that, I have been given the opportunity to begin a new church here in Vancouver and we have been working at it for about a year now, that holds many of the same values Quest does in similar ways, but it has been a challenge.

    I was so glad to see you listed as a presenter because of the high value you have on being a missional presence in Seattle, working for Justice and holding up a model that builds a community of disciples rather than consumers. I continually get the look from my colleagues like a dog hearing a high pitched sound when i talk about Via Nova and our desire to build a community of disciples who work for good in the places we live, rather than presenting a “high quality” worship service or building a state of the art building. I so look forward to hearing you at the conference. Thanks for you work friend!

    Mark McMurray

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