homework for the weekend: validation


This is the first time I’m giving people “homework” via this blog but here goes.  First, trust me and watch this 15 minute video entitled Validation. It’s worth each minute.  Some folks may think this short film is simply to…well…simplistic and humanistic but let’s not overcomplexify things:  We all need validation.

As followers of Christ, we know that the gospel is more than just mere encouragement, happy feelings, positive therapy and…validation, but don’t make the mistake of forgetting how each of us really need to be affirmed, encouraged, and validated in our lives.  For us, the ultimate validation comes from knowing the truth that God created us, loves us, reconciles us, and is at work to restore us…to God and to the world. Because God loved us first, we are now validated to love God and to love Neighbors.  The cross of Christ reconciles and once more, proclaims that validation.

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