Thanksgiving and Genocide? Let’s write and share a more honest story.

First of all, let me share how much I love the spirit of Thanksgiving.

How can you not?

The notion of being grateful and thankful is a beautiful thing. It’s a truth that transcends any gender, race, age, religion, etc. As a Christ follower, it resonates deeply in my understanding and identity.


At the expense of being called a cynic, a hater, an angry Asian man, and [insert your words here], I still think it’s important and necessary to be mindful of the history, context, and stories of why we mark or celebrate certain “events.”

Truth be told, I have a difficult time acknowledging Thanksgiving – let alone, celebrate Thanksgiving – in its current ‘historical’ revision. I’ve been checking my heart for years why I can’t just go with the flow and to see the “redemptive” aspect of present day Thanksgiving.

Present day Thanksgiving – in its most minimal perspective – is to be thankful. That’s it. Gather with family and friends and go crazy on food. Football. Good memories. Early 5am treks to your favorite stores to get that crazy deal on Black Friday. And on and on.

But something’s off when we engage – directly or indirectly – in rewriting history. Or here it is: The loaded words…wait for it…wait for it…

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