The dangers of being a woman, media, and our complicity.

I know folks use the phrase “must watch” video very loosely

but umm…

This is a must watch video.

Yes, it’s 8 minutes long (for RSS readers, click here), but it’ll likely be some of the best used 8 minutes of this month. I’ll refrain from saying the best used 8 minutes of your life (and it’s only a trailer) because that would be sad if watching a video is the highlight of your life.

The video, entitled Miss Representation, is about the gender inequity in this country – shaped largely by the media. The point is very simple:

It is dangerous to be a woman in our society.

Or to put it more bluntly from my male perspective: I thank God that I am a man and not a woman. 

Regarding the media, it’s easy to vilify the media (and because they deserve it!)  but when we’re such easy consumers and mindless pushovers, we need to really do a deep self-examination. For example:

Americans watch an average 31 hours of TV in a week, listen to 17 hours of music, and have 3 hours dedicated to movies =

an average of 10.45 hours a day of media influence

We have to self-monitor ourselves because let’s be honest, the media (in all of its forms) aren’t particularly invested in the development and beauty of our human souls. Granted, they have an agenda, too, and it’s not “spiritual formation.” I’m often reminded of this quote (granted from a larger context) from Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney:

“We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make a statement. We are here to make money.”


If you didn’t know, now you know…

As I’ve contended before on my blog, the treatment of women is the oldest injustice in human history. It’s so old and so taken for granted, that we don’t quite understand what’s at stake – not just for women, but really, for all of us. In more nuanced and simultaneously graphic ways, women are objects to be objectified and marketed and packaged for consumption. And these messages start early and often Continue reading “The dangers of being a woman, media, and our complicity.”