don’t judge a book by its cover. don’t judge a person by their weight.

I don’t know how to approach this post in a politically correct way so I’ll just say it. It’s a quasi-post about weight, obesity, and overweight people in society.

There: I said it.

In some ways but especially in the church, it’s one of the “elephants” in the room.

And by that, I’m not try to sound like a jerk or smartarse in any way by the usage of elephant, it’s literally a rare a conversation we host. It’s certainly not something I regularly teach or preach about but I should if I care about my congregation. Continue reading “don’t judge a book by its cover. don’t judge a person by their weight.”

susan boyle and the lesson we should all learn – again

susan-boyle-UK Telegraph

Have you seen this video of Susan Boyle – from Britain’s Got Talent? She has a very unique story: 47 years old, charity worker, and never been kissed or on a date; Currently unemployed; and her previous singing experience was limited to the church choir and karaoke!

She was starved of oxygen at birth and has learning difficulties as a result. At school she was slow and had frizzy hair. She was bullied, mostly verbally. She told one newspaper that her classmates’ jibes left behind the kind of scars that don’t heal.

She didn’t have boyfriends, is a stranger to romance and has never been kissed. “Shame,” she said. Singing was her life-raft.

She lived with her parents in a four-bedroom council house and, when her father died a decade ago, she cared for her mother and sang in the church choir. [source]

I guess I have a soft spot with these things – but what I love the most isn’t just merely the discovery of someone with extraordinary talent but the humbling and inspiration that takes place…in all of us. There are lessons to be learned.

Notice the sneers, looks, judgments, and assumptions that nearly everyone makes – including the respective judges.  The change of “perception” (judgment? -> wonder) in the faces of the judges – especially Simon Cowell – are a sight to see.  And to be fair to them, I get it…


It’s pretty simple – she isn’t pretty. She doesn’t look the part.  She doesn’t look like an entertainer.  She doesn’t look Continue reading “susan boyle and the lesson we should all learn – again”