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“mothers” – in the words of children

Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s so much on my heart about my personal gratitude to my mother but I’m simply not able to articulate the immensity of her commitment and my gratitude. Hopefully, someday I can find the words to capture the example of God’s courage and grace she has been to my life.

Mothers do so much and they mean so much to us – not just to us as individuals but to the larger world.

In fact, they “do” and “mean” so much that it’s so easy to forget their beauty, worth, and love.

Translation: The constancy of their presence can tempt us to take them for granted.

It’s good to be reminded. And in this case, to be reminded by children – in their own words. Check out this video. Yeah, it’s super cute but actually, it’s pretty powerful:

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4 Responses

  1. Kayce says:

    Indeed, it very powerful. It brought tears to my eyes…

  2. Daniel says:

    So simple. So beautiful.

  3. Sally says:

    Brought tears to both my eyes and my daughters.

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Father - daughters bonding (and freezing) time at the Seahawks game. Grateful to the Panthers organization for the tickets. Now, go Hawks. Pound the Panthers. The family that karaokes together stays together. #ChoFamilyKPopFamily Family time in one of my favorite cities in the world - especially when the exchange rate is so favorable. Thank you, Vancouver, for being such a great refuge for our souls for the past 20 years. #QuestVancouver It's the day after...that day.
Be grateful. Again.
We woke up. We're alive.
Breathing. Dreaming.
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It's never that perfect or easy but that we get to try to do these things is reason enough to be grateful to the One who gives us life.

Yes. Be grateful.
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#PreachingToMyself This is what real life looks like after a crazy couple weeks. Grateful for this woman. I love her. She's gonna scream at me for posting this pic. #ThoseSocksThough Grateful for the opportunity to encourage 2500 youth leaders & pastors at the @youthspecialties conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Had prayed for wisdom to encourage leaders and courage to navigate a word for leaders post election about empathy and compassion for the unseen, marginalized, and those experiencing real fear.

Also, what a joy to have my church's youth pastor, @cobycagle, also here teaching. Some years ago, I was a youth pastor for several years in California, Korea, NY, and NJ. They were meaningful years but filled with challenges and loneliness. Sometimes, I felt unseen and insignificant - in comparison to "real" adult ministry. As a lead pastor now, I want to make sure I don't make those mistakes of overlooking our youth and children's ministry and their volunteers and staff. 
Pastor Coby, Pastor Katey, Pam, Jalle, and Jasmin: We see you. We appreciate you. We are grateful for your presence and leadership at Quest and beyond. Thank you and all of our amazing volunteers

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