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the iPad 2: apple is so cocky

Yes, the rumors are true. I own an iPad. It was a very gracious gift from my staff for my 40th birthday this past year. As most of my readers know, I have some reluctance towards Apple for various reasons. Perhaps another reason is because many years ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to buy some Apple stock – when it was hovering around $5! I told him it was gonna go bankrupt. ;(

But I have to admit, I really love my iPad.

Check it…I used to love it.

After this past week’s news release of the soon arriving iPad 2, my iPad suddenly feels too heavy, too fat,  too slow, and too old. 

Dang, the power of #UpwardMobility.

Alright, ‘fess up:

Who’s getting the new  iPad 2?

It’s possible that I may have to eventually fully adopt the Apple cult but one of the reasons why I can’t do it yet is because of their arrogance.

Here’s the hilarious proof. Enjoy!

Apple Gets Cocky About iPad 2

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  1. yuenwidjaja says:

    To me, i think that apple is not cocky, they just want to let people know the reality. Just pitty those who are jealous. I used many brands of electronic products but only apple products can make me happy using it, troubleless and very sexy. And I do have apple stocks as well, just make my day happier to see it higher and higher. Pitty for u all who dont know really how to enjoy life without apple🙂

    • John Derrek says:

      Ya I’m sure your getting a lot of work done swishing your finger on a touch screen…If I was in a room with you and asked you why you bough apple…and you told me something substantial rather than “its sexy and makes my day happier?! I’d be shocked. Now go watch Sex and the City and pretend people read your blog.

  2. […] there’s an updated version that you just have to have.  Some people have classified this as arrogant, and on my worst day I would tend to agree.  But on my best days I like to think of Apple as the […]

  3. randall says:

    …let me know if you’re looking to sell your old, slow, fat, completely obsolete iPad for the newer, faster, thinner, shinier one.

  4. Tony Lin says:

    one of the reasons I’m switching back to PC

  5. Nourisha says:

    that’s funny. but so true. i don’t have an ipad although i wanted one but i’ve learned to stop the madness after i looked down and had purchased 5, yes FIVE ipods. i was embarrassed. i had subscribed to the cult of mac. with that sad, i absolutely love their products. but i don’t need every single version!

  6. Elizabeth Chapin says:

    Resistance is NOT futile…

  7. patrick says:

    we scoff, we mock… and we line up at the store…

  8. Aaron Chang says:

    I really do hate how cocky they are, but they always manage to sell the product to me.

  9. Anthony Doheny says:

    haha! hilarious spoof. really, they can be cocky b/c they drive the market. just go get the ipad2. you’ll be glad you did! haha!

  10. Daniel Azuma says:

    You have, I assume, seen the Oatmeal’s utterly hilarious but completely true take on Apple from a little while back:

    Honestly, every consumer electronics company does this with their products– Apple is just insanely good at marketing it. Having been an Apple customer since the 80’s, I’ve concluded that you just have to desensitize yourself to the consumer marketing hype. You don’t have to pay attention to the Steve Jobs keynotes. Instead, just pre-plan and stick to a rhythm for upgrades. Mine is 2.5 to 3 years, but I’m a developer and have to work with these things on a daily basis for my job, so I have to stay somewhat up to date. Most people can probably get away with a longer cycle. Apple products actually age very well and are usually useful for a long time in comparison with most products on the Microsoft side. (Though I know how painful that is for you and your “small local business” to hear… *grin*)

  11. Randall says:

    Speaking of the newer, thinner design, Brian Chen at Wired has an interesting theory about why Apple keeps changing the shape of their devices. It may not be just about being the thinnest.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA, don’t do it. Patience is a virtue.😉

  13. Tina Nicolai says:

    Love apple…not arrogant…just a great product. Nothing wrong with healthy confidence and balanced ego.

    Why is it that an athlete can throw their arms up after making a touchdown and apple cannot say “our product is the best”?

    Don’t buy it if you don’t like it. Don’t blog about it if you don’t like it. good day!

    p.s. love the black shirt reference Apple!

  14. Matt99999 says:

    While the first iPad was a break through item, the second iPad is no more than a slight hardware upgrade. The iPad 2 is not worth the money.

    To see more about my opinion of the iPad 2 and why not to buy it:

  15. Ben@TIC says:

    What about the new eyephone available in New New York?

  16. teresa says:

    Been sharing a mac with my husband since my pc (again!) bit it….got to admit, even 1/2 a mac is better than a whole PC;)

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