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finally switching to a macbook. kind of.

Well, this might be considered worthy of “breaking news.” As some of my readers may know, every now and then, I host the occasional blog about “which is a better computer” between the Apple vs. PC camps.

And after years and years of resisting the company called Apple, I finally took the plunge.

But, no…not for me.

But I did buy a  Macbook Pro for my wife, Minhee, to serve as one of those all-purpose gifts: Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and an early Graduation gift.

We’ve been on a pinch budget over the past few years so it feels good to get a nice gift for my wife as a small token of gratitude for her amazing commitment to journey with me.

And to be honest, this is a gift to make up for a very bad habit or disease I have. It’s called…

“I pass old gadgets onto my wife so I can get myself something new gadgetisis.”

Anyone else have this problem?
Or umm, have husbands that have this problem?

In playing with my wife’s MacBook, it really feels different that any of the PCs I’ve used over the years. You can certainly make the case that Apple wins with productivity, stability, and quality of user experience but what do I know. I’m just one consumer.

But having said that, I still can’t make that personal plunge towards a Macbook for these 4 random reasons:

The Seattle connection

I live in Seattle and just feel a sense of loyalty to Microsoft.  I know. I know. Microsoft isn’t your typical local small business but still, it’s from Seattle.  And the fact that we have at least a dozen or so folks at the church I pastor that work at Microsoft factors in that loyalty. If I were pastoring in Silicon Valley, I’m sure I’d be using Macs…

Premium Price

They are way way more expensive.  But I guess one can argue that you get what you paid for but are Macbooks worth the extra 30-40% premium?

But enjoying a friend’s 25% really helped w/ this purchase since he works for Apple.

Too Trendy?

Too cooler than cool. Every time I bust out my PC, I can’t tell you how many folks have said, “Wow, I thought you would have been a Mac user.”

And that makes me want to keep using my PC.

I am a true rebel.

Steve Ballmer > Steve Jobs

I’ll be honest. I’m really tempted by my wife’s MacBook. For now, I’ll just stick it out and let the cooler kids have their fun.

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23 Responses

  1. sorry, friend. Mac > PC, no contest. Too trendy? You rock some sweet, stylish specs. PCs are the clunky 80s glasses to your very smart-looking eyewear. The Mac is trendy for a reason. It’s just that good. Think your wife will share?


  2. Richard says:

    Every time I bust out my PC, I can’t tell you how many folks have said, “Wow, I thought you would have been a Mac user.”

    I just had this happen to me this weekend. I’m always puzzled by it, and maybe a little offended.

    Anyway, keep the PC, Macs are a pain.

    • chad m says:

      “macs are a pain”?

    • Carol Lynn says:

      Macs are a pain? That’s funny; I have had serious issues with every PC I have owned, and in the seven and a half years since I switched to a Mac I’ve yet had the strong urge to throw it out the window in frustration… But that’s just been my experience.🙂

      • I don’t know that I’ve had a single problem with my Mac apart from an ongoing deal with the power adapter (finally seems fixed because of a new design.) I switched because of how intuitive the Mac is and how easy it is to use media across programs. It’s such a helpful creative tool.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Did you buy it for your wife because you wanted to get her something nice or because she is going to be your guinea pig so that you can slowly make the transition?

  4. Jenny Redmond says:

    My wonderful husband bought me a Macbook Pro last fall. I am still trying to un-learn all of my PC ways. I’m surrounded by Mac-geeks (meant in the nicest, most appreciative way) that help me out often. My husband, he still uses his desk-top PC…when he’s not on his Ipad.🙂

  5. patrick says:

    seattle may be the last place that the mac vs pc debate exists…

  6. Jimmy says:

    I want to walk into every room like Steve Ballmer, screaming, “Give it up for me!” and “Who said sit down?!” I will also be carrying a boom box playing that same song.

  7. Sako Kassabian says:

    I hate Macs. Apple is a great company with all their gadgets but Macs don’t come anywhere near a PC especially because you can’t customize them like PC’s. And the whole virus thing, if there are less Macs out there of course you can make the stats look like they get less viruses. Macs are not invincible. PC ’til I die yo. Thug life.

  8. David says:

    The biggest issues are not really that of Mac vs PC, but OS X vs Windows.

    Almost anyone who has spent any time playing witha Macbook Pro is impressed by the fit and finish, the reliability and stability of the machine.

    But switching from Windows to OS X is a daunting task for many.

    The solution is very straight-forward: run Windows on the Mac. I’ve been running Windows on my Macbook Pro for years. As a techie who has used every major PC brand, I can confidently say that the Macbook Pro is the best Windows laptop I’ve ever used. I am on my 2nd generation now (recently trickled my early-2008 17″ model down to, ummmm, others in my family) having recently purchased a new Core-i7 model, which is running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I run dual-boot (using Apple’s Bootcamp) and can be functional and productive in either operating environment.

    • Scott Paek says:

      Brilliant! As a die-hard Apple (& MacOS) fan, I hear so many PC “fans” talk about how PCs are better. But when I dig a little, they all complain about HP, Dell, Acer, etc. The beauty of the Mac is the fit and finish of hardware and software designed by one company. Isn’t that similarly why MS Office has so many better features in its Windows version than the Mac version?

  9. Irene says:

    You have upped being my hero by another 5 million. I, too, would’ve thought of you as a Mac person and so my respect for you just skyrocketed. Way to stand against what’s trendy ;D

  10. Mike says:

    I’m a gamer and you just can’t play the latest games on these weak a$$ macs.

  11. Lon says:

    i’m in the same boat, I bought my wife a macbook pro, and can’t bring myself to making the full switch. though i do love using it…

  12. mo says:

    My wife and I are PC all the way. We’ve talked about it, and neither see any need to change over.

    Still, nice work getting her something new!

  13. mo says:

    whoa…just watched that video. lay off the coke, steve.

  14. Carol Lynn says:

    Thanks for that video of Steve Ballmer… I needed a good laugh this morning, and I always get one when I watch his antics!

    And don’t worry, PE, someday you’ll recognize the superiority of Macs and make the switch.😉

  15. Jim Chen says:

    I’ve owned both, I must say MS is much, much better now since the 95 and 2000 days. Remember using 95 in college with dial up modem and school email account. Ha-ha, them days..

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It appears I brought a little Seattle to the NYC. Drizzle fest. 24 hour gathering with a small group of leaders from around the country. Learning. Listening. Asking hard questions. Head exploding. Heart trying to have hope. As I soaked in this breathtaking sunrise this morning above the clouds, I felt compelled to pray for so my places in America and around the world that are experiencing such pain, heartache, injustice, and violence. At times, it feels so overwhelming but in prayer, I was reminded of these words from John 16:33. As we keep striving, working, hoping, preaching, loving, truthtelling, reconciling, repenting, forgiving, dismantling, peacemaking, Kingdom building...may we fix our eyes on Christ: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33 Grateful for a very full weekend of ministry and preaching in Toronto, Canada (GTA). Such a privilege to partner with @worldvisioncan @wvcollective to advocate for the most vulnerable around the world. God is so gracious. A true honor to meet and encourage local pastors, lecture at Tyndale University & Seminary (photo), and preach at Richmond Hills Community Church, Compass Point Bible Church, and New City Church. Thank you, Lord, that you use broken and imperfect people like me to speak of Your love. Today, Minhee and I dropped off our eldest child at her college. We have been thinking and praying about this day for many years. On some days, we hoped it would never come. On other days, we couldn't wait for it to come. On some days, we prayed for time to stop and other days, we prayed with anticipation. 
After an entire summer of laughing it off, it hit us...hard...this week. Seeing all of her stuff laid out on the basement floor was the catalyst to a load of emotions.

After unloading the car and taking her stuff to her new home for this year and mindful that she might never live with us again; helping sort out her stuff, saying hello to her roommates...I wasn't sure what to do or say.

A flood of thoughts rushed my mind.

Is she ready?
Have we done enough?
Have we taught her enough? 
What if this? What if that?

And so we shared what we have shared with her the moment she began to understand words: "Remember who you are. Remember WHO you belong to. Remember what you're about. God loves you so much. Please hold God's Word and His promises close and dear to your heart. We love you so much and we are so proud of you." And with that, we said goodbye. Even if she may not be thousands of miles away, this is a new chapter for her and even for us. I kept it composed. Her roommate was staring at me. I didn't want to be that father. I have street cred to uphold. Another final hug. 
And I came home.
And I wept.
Forget my street cred.
I miss her. I love her.
She will always be my little baby.

I'm no parenting guru. I just laughed as I wrote that line. No, I'm stumbling and bumbling along but I'd love to share an ephiphany I learned not that long ago. Coming to this realization was incredibly painful but simultaneously, liberating. To be honest, it was the ultimate game-changer in my understanding as a parent seeking after the heart of God.

While there are many methods, tools, philosophies, and biblical principles to parenting, there is – in my opinion – only one purpose or destination.

Our purpose as parents is to eventually…release them. Send forth. For His glory. Met a friend and fellow pastor who I haven't seen in over 20 years. In him, I saw a glimpse of my future. While only 10 years older, his kids are married and he's now a grandfather of 3. His love for his wife and family were so evident and his passion for the Gospel has not wavered. It was so good to see someone a bit older still passionately serving the Lord with such joy and faithfulness. Lord, help me to keep running the race for your Glory. Happy wife.
Happy life. - Eugenius 3:16

I still remember that time, many years ago, when Minhee was pregnant with our first child. She had left her family and friends in Korea just two years before. Her morning sickness was horrible and when she finally had an appetite, she craved her favorite Korean food from certain restaurants in her neighborhood in Seoul, Korea. I had no way of getting that food from those restaurants so I actually said, "How about a Whopper? Big Mac?" Sorry honey. Eat away. You deserve it.

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