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ching-chong ching-chong rush limbaugh

Honestly, I don’t even know if writing this post is worth my time – or even worth your time.

But here goes:

Have you seen the video [below] about Rush Limbaugh’s “ching-chong” impersonation of Hu Jin Tao, China’s President?

It’s not that I personally dislike Rush Limbaugh. I don’t know him personally so to say that I dislike him would be a stretch. I don’t know him. I can say that I dislike and disagree with some (or more than some) of the stuff he says. But I’m digressing: That’s not my point.

What amazes me more sometimes isn’t the actual action I would judge to be idiotic, insensitive, or borderline racist. I’ve been around the block a few times and know that stuff like this happens. But what amazes and surprises me is how someone like Mr. Limbaugh and others can get away with saying or doing this kind of stuff. [You can replace the word “stuff” with another word if you feel that the sentence would flow better].

Seriously, have you ever thought about how some folks seem to get away with stuff that most folks could not possibly ever get away with. Or perhaps, an endless stream of second chances – which in my opinion makes the story of Kelley Williams-Bolar even more incredulous and painful.

I’m not concerned by one man or one woman. Rather, what concerns me is the power or influence of some individuals. And in that power and influence, it appears (from my perception) that there’s almost absolutely nothing wrong or bad a person can do.

There seem to always be an explanation. An explanation that defies consequences.

But seriously folks. I don’t care how you want to spin it. Doing the ching-chong ching-chong and mocking the leader of another country is just plain stupid. Just doing the ching-chong ching-chong is plain insensitive. And if you need to be told, slanting your eyes is not a sign of affection to your Asian brothers and sisters.

I don’t know.

I have nothing more to say except:

Ching-Chong Chong-Chong Rush Limbaugh.


God bless Rush Limbaugh.

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  1. people like rush result to mockery (or whatever you want to call that) because they don’t have the energy/intellect to use words and ideas, or even the time to come up with more than a caricature of a person/cultural group.

    people get away with it because: people agree, people don’t feel like confronting racism or have just become desensitized to this reality where language that slanders, vilifies and others another group is common place. we need new ears and hearts to hear.

  2. jchenwa says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if a Chinese person ended up saving Mr. Limbaugh’s life someday, and then he’ll remember this and be undone.

  3. Ed Choy says:

    I could be off base here but i think you’re taking this way out of context. Rush is one of the great thinkers of our time is was not mocking the Chinese president any way.

    Did you listen to his show or just this clip? He is making a political point. His point was more about criticizing Obama for taking the input from the communist leader.

    I am all for culture sensitivity. I serve in a Chinese environment. And most of the people I am around left China to come to the us. Let’s continue working on mature culture sensitivity but also call out the 8000 lb gorilla in the room. If you want counsel from communist dictators, fine, but most free Americans don’t want any part of that. Rush was making that point. The translation was not given because neither Pres Hu or Pres Obama want us to know the truth.

    Am I off base?

    • jchenwa says:

      Hi Ed, but would you classify Mr. Limbaugh’s imitation as mature or immature behavior?

    • Andy M says:

      Ok, I don’t know Rush Limbaugh, nor do I listen to his stuff. But everything that I have ever heard him say makes me seriously doubt that he could be considered “one of the great thinkers of our time”. If you think he is, then fine, but he doesn’t seem to get that kind of attention for the majority of the population.

      But regardless of that, it doesn’t matter if he was trying to make a point about Obama, what he did was offensive. He seemed to be making a point that there wasn’t a translator, and that still doesn’t excuse what he said, it is still offensive. He could easily make the point of there being no translator without having done that. And apparently there was a translator, they just didn’t have them set up for TV.

      And do you really think that President Obama invited the Chinese President over for advice on how to run our country? I don’t know what they spoke about, but I would say one of the primary goals of the visit was not advice giving, but foreign relations, and if the visiting president wants to give you advice, you don’t ignore him and brush him off, you listen even if you have no intention of doing anything he suggests. That is just good manners and being polite.

    • Brett says:

      Ed, I would be hard pressed to prove that Rush Limbaugh is “one of the great thinkers of our time”. Rush is an entertainer (I know, Michael Steele got blasted for that, but it’s true). The guy hosts a radio show. He is NOT a politician. He is no different than the hosts on Sportscenter, Jim Rome, Stephen Colbert, or the weatherman on your favorite local channel. His job is to improve his ratings. This kind of thing is actually good for him, as controversy will help drive his ratings higher. Really, the problem is with the American public for giving Rush the kind of “power” he now has.

    • Eugene Cho says:

      Sorry Ed. You lost me at “Rush if one of the great thinkers of our time…”

    • Rmichael says:

      ED is right on this one… Gotta listen to the whole story. Rush is a passionate person who easily gets frustrated over political dilemmas. His passionate and annoyed response had little to do with the race if person he was imitating and everything to do with the interaction between our presidents. Just think about how you react to things you are super passionate about and ask if you and we are really any better. He doesn’t have a filter which is what we see but just because you or I have a filter for our passion doesn’t mean we are any better.

      • chad m says:

        that’s a great point Rmichael: “Think about how you react to things you are super passionate about.” my hope, as you say that, is that Rush and all of us would start THINKING about how we react and start asking, “Is this really helpful?” for me, because I’m willing to actually take responsibility for my actions, i try to set an example in how to react with tact and thoughtfulness. and yes, sometimes i fail. i’ve seen too many do exactly what Rush is doing here; that is, react in order to get a bigger reaction or instill fear. how is this helpful?

  4. I’m just waiting for the day when Rush finally blurts out, “White power!”

  5. bret says:

    Paul said he was a debtor, both to the wise and the foolish. What did he owe to those who insulted him, to those who spoke “stupid” and just “plain insensitive” remarks to him, to those who even beat him? The grace-filled message of the gospel of Christ. Now that was a real walk of humility.

  6. mo says:

    Definitely stupid. I don’t want to give him any more airtime than he already gets.

  7. elderj says:

    I wouldn’t say that Limbaugh is “a great thinker,” and certainly not one of the greatest of our times, but he is certainly a smart man. People don’t build a brand, a following, or draw the kind of ire that he does by being “stupid” or ignorant. He is an entertainer, and I’m not sure if he’s “getting away,” with anything that others don’t likewise get away with (unfortunately). After all, Christians, southerners, poor Whites, and others who are not particularly in the “in-crowd” of popular culture are regularly, and horribly mocked, dismissed, and insulted by prominent politicians, entertainers, and educators.

    I’ve never really listened much to him, though I have on more than a few occasions, so I’m reluctant to make a broad judgment based on a single clip out of context. That said, it is in remarkably poor taste and something that annoys me a great deal. Ironically though, the clip only came to my attention as my (Chinese) wife was laughing almost hysterically at it. I mean, she thought it was hilariously funny. Go figure!

    Of course that doesn’t mean it was appropriate or anything else. Perhaps it’s only a testament to my wife’s odd sense of humour.

  8. tabatha says:

    i can honestly say that i think most of us would get ourselves in trouble if we talked as much as this man talks. i think having a talk radio show for hours everyday is dangerous, especially when your goal is to be flamboyant and shock people. whether you are conservative or liberal, if your goal is to keep ratings up and stay on the air, you are bound to say something stupid at some point. that is a lot to be accountable for, and i don’t envy him.

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  10. Jodie Sargent says:

    @Ed: with all due respect Ed i think you may be the only person around who would classify Limbaugh as a great thinker. I suspect he meant to humiliate BOTH men. The Chinese president by his mocking and our president by putting his spin which as usual miles off the mark and typically disrespectful of anything related to president obama.

  11. Ann Nonomous says:

    Seriously? haha i think that was a pretty good try at chinese. why are you so upset. get over it.

  12. Sheldon says:

    Another example of hate. These right wing nut jobs say over and over again they are not bigots. They certainly do a good job of double talk. This is just about as bad as the Beck/O’Reily mockery of the State dinner for the Chinese President.

    • Eugene Cho says:


      i understand what you’re trying to say. but let’s be cautious and “above that.”

      no need to respond to such stuff with insults of “right wing nut jobs.”

      left, right, middle, liberal, conservative. it doesn’t matter. we need to rise above stuff like this. AND speak against it.

  13. Jay says:

    Eugene – I’m an occasional reader of your blog and would like to express a strong opinion in your space, so I hope that you’ll forgive me if I overstep.

    I remember the Miley Cyrus post. I remember how direct your post was in confronting the stupidity of that picture. In this case though I don’t understand why you seem to be walking on egg-shells: ‘It’s not that I personally dislike Rush Limbaugh… I can say that I dislike and disagree with some (or more than some) of the stuff he says’.

    These actions were not ‘borderline racist’ – they reveal a racial prejudice that is as deep as it is ignorant.

    • The Original Grand Torino says:

      Amen, I don’t even need to go to the blog entry to know what picture you are talking about, I personally thought that was horrible and was online saying so. I’m not sure how we differentiate things.

    • Eugene Cho says:

      Jay: Good comment & pushback.

      It’s strategic because i can condemn an act w/o calling someone a racist. By doing so, you pretty much end any opportunity for dialogue & conversation.

      That…and I have a feeling I might run into him soon.

  14. Gary says:

    That was funny, Rush! Keep up the good work, as you’re really gettin’ to ’em! lol

    • gar says:

      Are you joking?

      The best work Rush could do is apologize for being ignorant and racist right before canceling his show and leaving radio/TV. People like him contribute nothing to our society or our country.

  15. The Original Grand Torino says:

    Oh Dear! Where was this criticism when John Belushi did his Samurai Swordsmen imitation on Saturday Night Live, wouldn’t he be having that sword flying around and cutting up bread for sandwiches or when SNF did parodies of Latin Hispanic Shows with Singers in suit coats, ties and slicked back hair and mustaches and scantily clad women about? There was none. I even heard Jon Stewart, Comedy Central chided Rush for taking that act from him! Any confirmation of this?? How about that Korean comedian that use to be around about 20 years ago, he’d say something like his dad talked with the same kind of accent that Astro, the Jetsons dog had?

    • The Original Grand Torino says: Videos like this, huh? How come these never caused an uproar? Or maybe they would have nowadays. Whichever, it’s the same kind of thing.

    • Andy M says:

      It is difficult to explain, but I see a bit of difference in tone, attitude, and intent between your examples and Rush’s, but you make a fair point.

      In looking back 20+ years, I might say that those things were of bad taste and possibly even a bit racially insensitive, but it is difficult to judge sins of the past with the morals of today. The culture was different back then, and I’m not sure what standard would be fair to hold them to. In todays culture, Rush’s comments are unacceptable by the typical standards of today.

  16. The Original Grand Torino says:

    To put the shoe on the other foot and to another issue, is it a big deal that that song was played on a piano during the ceremony with Presidents Obama and Hu. This was mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh show as well.

    Here, I quote a blog talking about this:

    “A Chinese blogger wrote – “Those American folks very much enjoyed it and were totally infatuated with the melody!!! The US is truly stupid!!”

    Yang Jingduan, a Chinese psychiatrist, said – ‘”My Motherland, having been played at the White House will be seen as a propaganda triumph in China. In the eyes of all Chinese, this will not be seen as anything other than a big insult to the U.S. It’s like insulting you in your face and you don’t know it, it’s humiliating.””

    Now, this I don’t know how to judge but perhaps Mr. Cho or others here do know.

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    • Andy M says:

      “Playing this song praising China to heads of state from around the world seems to tell them that our China is formidable, that our Chinese people are united; I feel deeply honored and proud,” Lang wrote, according to a report by Epoch Times.

      That is from the Chinese musician who played that piece of music. While it is easy to speculate what his intentions were, it seems from his words that he was simply being patriotic to his home country. It was not necessarily meant to be an insult.

      • Cliff says:

        You quote the Epoch Times?? Andy here looks like the kind of poster that one sees if Freedom for Tibet is discussed, or if the Beijing Olympics were talked about because of China’s record on human rights OR indeed the FALUN GONG!!

        Epoch Times is the newspaper and voice of the Falun Gong, I don’t have time to point out all that they have found wrong with the Chinese Government but I don’t think Andy knew what he was doing in quoting what Lang Lang said coming from the Epoch Times. The Falun Gong notoriously is repressed by the Governmental Regime. Falun Gong is like a mixture of Buddhism and other beliefs from what I know. Falun Gong members have been imprisoned by the ruling government, all kinds of stories.

        Why did not Andy additionally tell us the headline of the story?

        “Lang Lang’s Ties to Communist Party Deeper than Acknowledged
        Called ‘official artist’ for Chinese Communist Party”

        And further into the story, how about this quote?

        “The song was a staple of the Maoist era and has been used in nationalist propaganda for decades; the lyrics refer to Americans as “jackals” who should be greeted with a “hunting rifle.”

        Andy, so you think Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks are unacceptable but in turn, this would be much more unacceptable. What if the Americans played a song like this calling the Chinese that??

        It’s like there was an album once, “Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player” by I believe Elton John.

        More about Mr. Lang Lang:

        “Lang Lang often likes to perform “red songs,” known as such because of they are meant to inspire devotion to the Communist Party.”

        “Liu, the former professor, believes that “Lang Lang’s father is a typical example of someone who grew up under the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) false and violent philosophy of ‘battle with heaven, fight with earth.’”

        Liu said, “Looking at Lang Lang and his father, we can see the fruits of brainwashing by the CCP’s culture. Chinese traditional culture believes that one should respect elders, care for the young, and have ethical human relationships.”

        All this was destroyed by the CCP, Liu says, and human nature distorted. “People lost their conscience and their judgment of right and wrong,” he said, adding that generations of Chinese have now grown up indoctrinated in this manner.”

        • The Original Grand Torino says:

          What more about Lang Lang’s words on this?

          Respectfully, is Lang Lang following in his father’s footsteps?

          Lang Lang said: “People use it as a political issue, that makes me really sad because I am a musician. I’m not a politician.”


          “Background note: Lang Lang’s father, Lang Guoren, was an erhu player with the air force song and dance troupe in Shenyang, and later joined the special police (tejing). The special police are the ones that crush riots.”

          I would like to personally know if the Falun Gong themselves would find Mr. Limbaugh’s act to repugnant. Surely, if they did they could at least devote some of their press to that, But NO, nothing like this.

          But the wikipedia article:

          “Since 1999, foreign observers estimate that hundreds of thousands—and perhaps millions—of Falun Gong practitioners have been held extra-judicially in reeducation-through-labor camps, prisons, and detention centers..” And much more.

          “In March 2006 the Falun Gong-affiliated Epoch Times published a number of articles alleging that the China was conducting widespread and systematic organ harvesting of living Falun Gong practitioners.”

          And much more!

        • Andy M says:

          Did I quote the Epoch time’s opinion, or what they said that the pianist himself said? The pianist. I don’t care about what the Epoch Times is, or what they do. If the pianist said those words, then my comment has nothing to do with the Epoch Times.

          Given that, if they just made that up, then fine, you are right. But either way I think you are likely making too much of this. And I simply don’t care enough to research it to see if you are right or wrong.

          And pointing to people who are worse, does not justify Rush Limbaugh’s poor behavior. If actions can be justified just by pointing to someone else’s worse behavior, then we could justify just about anything.

        • Andy M says:

          Oh, and as for my being a poster “that one sees if Freedom for Tibet is discussed, or if the Beijing Olympics were talked about because of China’s record on human rights OR indeed the FALUN GONG!!”

          Well, I’ve been posting on here for quite some time on all kinds of topics, and I don’t have a clue, nor care, who the Falun Gong is. I have my opinions, and I share them.

          I also didn’t intentionally leave out the title of the article, primarily because it wasn’t the article that I was referring to, but rather the artist’s words. But honestly, the article you linked is not the article I got that from, and the title was not the title of the article I read. I can’t say where I got it from now, but it was not that article.

  17. I have not seen more of the video, but I’m not sure they showed enough to make it fair to Rush. It seems to me in that short clip he is expressing the idea that it was frustrating that there was no translation. Probably a bad idea to say it that way, but I think that was the point.

  18. danderson says:

    Well, all of us self-righteous folk can now say, “Thank God I’m not Rush Limbaugh.” Because we all know that Rush and Palin speak for all conservatives…

    • Andy M says:

      Eugene, nor anyone else that I can think of having read through the comments, said or implied such a thing. Who is a conservative, and who speaks for them is a different subject than the content of Eugene’s post.

      And I don’t see how disagreeing with, and even being offended by Rush Limbaugh’s comments would make me self-righteous, unless I started spouting off about how much better I am. I have my own problems, I just don’t display them for the world to see on a radio show.

  19. J Roycroft says:

    Rush did nothing wrong. That little crybaby Senator Yee is perfectly alright with Lang Lang playing the anti-American hym at the White House dinner for that commie, but when someone says something funny he gets his egg rolls in a wad. Look at how bad California is. Yee has time to cry about free speech while Calif is on the edge of the tax payers bailing their liberal failures out.
    Poor little Yee, he no likee free speechee!

  20. Bill B says:

    I mean no offense, but why take issue with only Rush Limbaugh?? Corporate America’s own advertising is biased/racist/sexist and this type of advertising is hardly new. Just check out these commercials.

    Seems to me that Rush Limbaugh isn’t doing anything anymore offensive? Just wait till the Super Bowl Sunday commercials arrive.

    I post all this to ask one simple question. Again, no offense is meant, but are you really offended by Rush Limbaugh’s schtick or simply his politics??

  21. Sheryl Poole says:

    When someone of Limbaughs stature uses racial language to mock an entire people and their language hes giving a signal that its acceptable to do this to make fun of foreigners to think that Chinese and by extension all Asians are weird and exotic and inscrutable. .Somewhat to his credit Limbaugh notes that Chinese probably find English equally obscure and inscrutable. But then he goes on to speak in a disgusting fake-Chinese accent that makes my stomach churn.

    • Yank says:

      I think now, it’s like the Young Turks said, it’s a childish thing to do seeing the commentary over at Youtube. This fellow, don’t know his name but he said he’s done accents but trying to mimick another language is another thing but he didn’t call it racist, just childish.

      And it extends to all Asians, that is laughable, Hmong and Tibetans too??

      How about the Marx Brothers? These are old time comedians so people may not know who they are, they made most of their movies in the 1930s. One of the Marx Brothers was Chico Marx, he played the role of an Italian always, Chicolini. I agree, one can say that times have changed.

      They may be frowned upon now, but for a long time, one could buy Jewish, Polish and Irish jokebooks for a beginner.

      “Right from the beginning, back in vaudeville and on Broadway, pre-film, they had already established the trademark characters of each: Groucho, the fast-talking sarcastic wisecracker (“One day I shot an elephant in my pajamas! How he got into my pajamas,I don’;t know!”), Harpo, the manic mime who never spoke but communicated more than most… and Chico, with his Italian malapropisms and destructions of the English language.”

      Now, at times, I see racism. The Japanese were depicted as buck toothed and myopic meaning often needing glasses in cartoons when they were the enemy of the USA in World War II but obviously, that is a racist depiction.

      The Nazis and in fact, modern day enemies of Israel often make unflattering portrayals of Jews.

      So, I submit Rush did not do anything racist, he wasn’t making the Chinese a target of ridicule and may well have learned this from Jon Stewart on comedy central but no one said anything about that.

    • Yank says:

      Well, please state what the racist language was?? There wasn’t any, you make my stomach churn.

      • Andy M says:

        Ok, so Rush isn’t the only person who ever said anything racist, even other popular comedians in our country’s history. That doesn’t make it right.

        Whatever your opinion is, there are in fact people who found what Rush said as racist, childish, and very innapropriate. Whether you agree or not, let’s be sensitive to those people who have taken offense. Telling them to just “get over it” is more likely to promote misunderstandings and resentment rather than produce a productive discussion.

        • Yank says:

          Andy M. You have some nerve accusing other people of Racism especially when the Chinese Regime has killed 100 million people. You just think you have some right to be self righteous, you are like these progressives that were video taped who were the biggest racists around, you are probably nothing but a big racist especially when Epoch Times was mentioned and then it became it doesn’t matter because it portrays the murderous Chinese regime. Let’s talk about China’s policies against Tibet, you are nothing but the typical plant defending China. If anyone is calling people racists, Let’s say it’s probably you.

          Here is a story of a very admirable Chinese citizen of the US.


          • Andy M says:

            lol, so I’m defending China? Just because I think Rush’s comments were innapropriate, possibly racist, and that I’m not surprised that a Chinese artist sings a Pro-Chinese song, that doesn’t mean that I’m defending China with it’s poor human rights record among other things. You really jump on a little thing someone says and take it to the extreme.

            lol, I have a chip on my shoulder? I look back at my comments and I struggle to see how you would get that feeling. I think I’ve been very polite even as you accuse me of things I’ve never heard of. If I failed to be polite at some point, then I apologize, but I don’t see it.

            My last point was maybe it isn’t a productive conversation to ignore the sensitivity around racist comments, or even comments that some take as racist even if they aren’t meant to be. There are people that take the racist issue further than it should go, but I haven’t seen that on this blog (I have no doubt you will disagree with that). Honestly, on a post that is talking about racism, I’m surprised that you apparently expect people to not talk about racism.

            Honestly, I’m done. You are obviously not going to agree with anything I say, and you have misconstrued most of what I have said. If this had any chance of being a productive discussion then I’d be fine continuing, but I don’t see that happening.

            Peace be upon you.

            • Cliff says:

              We’ll keep this short, the Young Turks announcer said he had done plenty of accents, so why draw the line at mimicking a language, the fact he did an accent makes it racist. Let’s just accuse anyone of racism. Sounds good. Go down that road.

              • Cliff says:

                Oh no, Rush had the Satire about the Muslim Brotherhood and quoted an Imam Salami just this morning, oh know! That is so racist. Oh, hey, it is okay if Black Rappers use the “N” word, so Whites can make jokes like this: “You think the last words to
                The Star Spangled Banner are
                “Gentlemen, start your engines.” or “You think Possum is
                “The Other White Meat” It’s okay if a white were to say this but if a person of another ethnicity said it, glad we can judge them as racist. Yeah, let’s put people in their place and call them racist. Even if they use an accent depicting other people, that is racist, why stop at mimicking the language.

  22. Yank says:

    Check, I always wonder when I see so many white mothers around and so many adopted children from the far East. Can someone other than the bitter chip on his/her Andy tell me what the nationality of most of these kids are?? See ’em everywhere here.

    I remember one time, it was just spring beginning, I went into Walgreens and there was this very young adopted child, around 5-7 years I’d think of Far East Asian heritage, I’d think probably Chinese and she’s with her Caucasian white Mom in there, the little girl sees some toys in the walkway of Walgreen’s and looks at them, sits down and say “Oh, Mom, look at these”, it was so sweet plus it was a bit funny because you know the walk ways at Walgreen’s right after the winter ends is kind of dirty since everything is drying out but she sat right down on the floor.

    That’s cute but not as cute as one time, I was riding my bike, there is a newly born kitty kat, just a kitten and these 4 Hmong kids, like 2 girls and 2 boys are looking at it. Sweet.

    Or one time, I was out there at the hospital taking a break, sitting on the curb and how, this woman is being wheeled to her car in a wheel chair with her husband and then, a little boy and little girl walking out to the car, excited to see her. Sweet. Of course, these were Hmong. So sweet. Love the Hmong always…. and always…

  23. J Roycroft says:

    Here is my problem – every freaking body that gets their damned feelings hurt because they are so damned “sensitive” resorts to that now meaningless word “racist.” This society has gone so candy assed that you can’t even look at someone the wrong way with out fear of being called insensitive or racist. Yes…people need to get the hell over being so sensitive. Grow up, man up and get over yourselves. This politically correct society we live in today is sickening. Those pansies that use the word racist can’t even define the word. Rush never said anything racist on his show that day. I know, I listened to everything he said on air that day. Quite frankly some of you people spend too much time looking for your excuses to be offended. Guess what-the majority of us don’t give a rats ass if you are offended or not. You are in the minority. So yea…get the hell over your little sensitive selves and move on with your miserable little lives. There are far more important things going on in our country than your sensitive little feelings!

  24. Yank says:

    I guess some of it is intent, I think it was in this forum and if not another who remarked on how White Southerners are sometimes made fun of, even all of those Jeff Foxworthy jokes, “You know if you’re a Redneck if…” and I’ve heard blacks mock the ways whites can speak “Well, gee whiz, you know…” but if I were say a captive audience of blacks doing that in a hostile environment, it might not be flattering. I might take it as derogattory but I don’t know if I would think of them of as being racists.

    I’ve heard Khmere, Vietnamese languages spoken, it would be hard to imitate except I might think Vietnamese sounds “Sing Songey” which means what it say, kind of has a rhythm to it. I would not know how to begin to try to “imitate” it.

    I can watch “Brotherhood”, that Korean war movie I know discussed in the movie thread. It would be hard to say how the Korean language sounds to me, I don’t know. That guy’s grand daughter cries when she watches her grandfather, I cry to watching it.

    But I grew up where Mexican Radio was around, it was easy to try to mimic the language without knowing fundamentals about the language as a kid. One might roll their Rs as is done in the Spanish language.

    So I don’t know where one draws the line but I find it wrong definitely how if people did not know before the Beijing Olympics, yes, the Spanish Basketball Team did the same thing Miley Cyrus did: . And that is repugnant and they went to China after they did that. Professional basketball players and some of the best in the world at that. If I were a part of that team, I’d say no way would I do that.

    And that guy from the Young Turks in that broadcast report about Rush, if mimicking a language is racist, then what is to stop one from saying even imitating an accent, Mexican, Chinese, etc. isn’t racist too? Because their was this talk show host who had some guy on their playing a Chinese Man and they were having fun with just the accent, no ching-chong stuff about it. That Young Turks announcer said he had done plenty of accents as a comedian.

    But overall, I don’t do things like that at all, what Rush did may be what little kids would do, not mature adults.

    There’s something when people talk their language and your ears perk up, Mubarak did his speech today, translated into English but the part I heard I could say, “Ah, that sounds Arabic” but I’d really have to be exposed to it if I were to try to make sounds, intonations like it.

    Sorry Long Rant.

    Rush Limbaugh also said that President Obama only meets the Dalai Lama through the back door of the White House where the trash is taken. Nothing racist about that. How about that??

    But I had some post cards of the His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the people from Beijing thanked me greatly when I was able to give them some.

    This is all the argument about what is racist, We know Black Rap artists use the “N” word. How often I will see a Far East Asian using a screen name and even if they are not Chinese, they might call themselves something like “ChinkGurl” or something, I’ve seen that exact thing and yet it uses a racist term.

  25. Tim says:

    Chinaman, I suggest you go see the popular movie “Borat” or maybe not, I’ve seen Sasha Cohen’s skit to know enough, it’s making fun of Kazakhstan, they are whites, yet I don’t hear a lot of uproar about it. I admit, it is a thin line but something like Rush said is real mild. You Orientals shouldn’t get so bent out of shape about it.

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It. Still. Hurts.
#TamirRice Incredible news: @onedayswages is projecting to have our most impactful year as we grant out $1.3 million dollars! Thank you so much for your prayers and support...please read on to learn how you can join in our work.

As you gather with family, friends, and loved ones for Thanksgiving and the holidays, I wanted to share an opportunity. Often times, when I speak to people about the privilege of generosity, I remind them, "You don't have to but you get to." It's so true.

My wife and I (and our three kids) started ODW in 2009. We felt the Holy Spirit convicting us to give up our year's salary. It wasn't an easy thing to say "Yes" or "Amen" to but we made the decision to obey. As a result, it took us about three years to save, simplify, and sell off things we didn't need.

It's been an incredible journey as we've learned so much about the heart of God and God's love for the hurting and vulnerable around the world - particularly those living in extreme poverty. ODW is a small, scrappy, grassroots organization (with just 3 full-time employees) but since our launch, we've raised nearly $6 million dollars to help those living in extreme poverty: clean water and sanitation, education, maternal health, human trafficking, refugee crisis, hunger, and the list goes on and on.

So, here's my humble ask: As we do this work, would you consider making a pledge to support our that we can keep doing this work with integrity and excellence?
You can make a one time gift or make monthly pledge of just $25 (or more). Thanks so much for considering this: (link in bio, too) Don't just count your blessings. Bless others with your blessings. Here, there, everywhere. Be a blessing for this blesses our Father in Heaven and builds the Kingdom of God.

#ReThinkRegugees #WeWelcomeRefugees
@onedayswages Grateful. Still reflecting on the letters that I've received from classmates and students that have come before me and after me. Never imagined all that God would have in store for me. Lots of humbling things but in the midst of them, there were literally thousands upon thousands of daily decisions and choices to be faithful. That's what matters. Seen or unseen. Noticed or unnoticed. You do your best and sometimes you stumble and fumble along but nevertheless, seeking to be faithful.

Also, you know you're getting old when your school honors you with a Distinguished Alumni Award. Lol. 47 is the new 27. Or something like that. Here's to the next 47. In our culture, we can be so obsessed with the "spectacular" or "glamorous." The Church often engagws in thia language and paradigm...but what if God has called many of us to small, ordinary things?

Will we still be faithful?
Will we still go about such things with great love and joy?

I recently came across this picture taken by @mattylew, one of our church staff...and I started tearing up: This is my mother; in her 70s; with realities of some disabilities that make it difficult for her to stand up and sit down...but here she is on her knees and prostate in prayer. She doesn't have any social media accounts, barely knows how to use her smartphone, doesn't have a platform, hasn't written a book, doesn't have any titles in our church, isn't listed as a leader or an expert or a consultant or a guru. But she simply seeks to do her best - by God's grace - to be faithful to God. She prays for hours every day inteceding for our family, our church, and the larger world.

Even if we're not noticed or celebrated or elevated...let's be faithful. Our greatest calling as followers of Christ is to be faithful. Not spectacular. Not glamorous. Not popular. Not relevant. And not even successful in the eyes of the world.

Be faithful. Amen. #notetoself (and maybe helpful for someone else)

At times, we have to say ‘NO’ to good things to say ‘YES’ to the most important things.

We can't do it all.
Pray and choose wisely.
Then invest deeply.

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