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glenn beck is bringing honor back?

I’ve received numerous emails from folks asking for my thoughts about the whole Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally.

I’ve written in the past about Glenn Beck and the whole “social justice” brouhaha and as I return from vacation, I’m in no mood for a slew of intense comments and emails.

So, never mind me:

What did you think?

While I don’t have anything brilliant or insightful to write, I’d like to direct you to a post that I read that I want to recommend:

Is America’s Honor, a Christian Honor? Thoughts on Glenn Beck and the Restoring Honor Rally – by Brian Bantum (Theology Professor at Seattle Pacific University).

It’s worth your read. Here’s a glimpse:

While conservatives such as Beck and Palin point to a time past when America had honor, I am puzzled. Presumably, Beck and Palin mean America had honor in the eyes of God. Presumably, this honor was due to our limited government and desire for individual liberty.

But if we assume this to be true, was God also honored with the systematic displacement of native peoples; the enslavement, lynching, and raping of African women, children and men forcibly brought to our “blessed” shores; and the continual repression of women’s votes just to name a few? Was God being honored when those atrocities were not only permitted, but nationally sanctioned? Is God not honored because millions more have healthcare? Is God not honored because I do not keep what I rightfully earned? [read full article]

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  1. mo says:

    That article you linked to is right on. I hate giving him any more thought than I’m giving right now , so i’ll end with that.

  2. dmbaldwin says:

    Hey Eugene,
    Thank you for bringing this up and discussing it. What I notice is Beck is starting to set the dialog in our churches as to what terminology we can use, and what we can’t use. So he has hijacked words like “social justice”. They are now taboo because of the way he uses them. And yes once again it’s our loyal republicans that are complaining about us using those words. We’ve decided to keep using them and messing with their minds.
    I am a product of social welfare. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. There’s a great book “Hope in the Unseen”. It’s about a young many who went to Brown University. Once again a product of “social justice” or social welfare, however you want to frame it. And what a contribution he has made to our country!
    Anyway, thank you. And I can guess where you fall in the discussion!

  3. stephen says:

    thanks for posting this eugene. i always groan when I hear the ‘social justice’ rants. maybe that just means I should read more Word and follow where Jesus leads!

  4. Jim says:

    Killing the truth with questions that have obvious answers is a scam. To deny the “reliance on Divine Providence” which is also obvious is to deny who God is. Was the Roman world shorted because Jesus did not free all slaves before He went to the cross? Is the revelation of who Christ is in our lives not progressive…oops, can’t use that word either!

    America is in a messy situation, people. We need all people to challenge others to live like Christ. Stumbling down the road of eternal debt of the Uncle, by the Uncle and for the Uncle, Sam that is, will NOT get us where we need to be.

    Stephen is right, “read more word and follow where Jesus leads.” That way we may not “always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did…” The second quote is from the Stephen of Acts 7.

  5. Maia says:

    I’m in D.C. now and the rally was a complete joke. If you look at the pictures – it was a white person’s rally in a very culturally diverse city!

    (I was seriously tempted to get a t-shirt that said “anchor baby” with an arrow pointing towards my pregnant belly – luckily I remembered Jesus)

    I think it is so hypocritical to say that they want to “restore honor” using Christian rhetoric that mimics preaching to push forward yet their agenda includes so much hate!

    How can Tea Party-iers claim a christian motive yet turn around and refuse to accept fellow human beings who want to come to this country and seek a better life for themselves and their families. It is shameful and does not honor this countries immigrant rich history of the message of Christianity!

    Ughhh – its so frusterating and embarrasing that I have to explain how my Christianity looks nothing like that.

    • Bryan says:

      Yeah Maia, there is no way any person that supports stricter immigration laws could be a “true” Christian. Its almost like they missed Christ’s entire message on immigration policy standards in the book Nobody

  6. Andy says:

    Justice by definition has to be social, unless you are the only one on this planet. Besides who can honestly read their Bible and think it has nothing to do with the naked, the poor, and those in prison.

    It’s a lot of work correcting the stereotypes outside the church of Christianity that stick like velcro to this brand of religious posturing [can we really even say “Christian” cuz it is not…are we reading the same Bible even?] Now it seems we need to correct the ideas within the church.

  7. Bryan says:

    Not sure if you were referring to my post or not, but your comment was kind of where I was heading in terms of how you are making the jump from a political stance people have to them hating the poor and less fortunate.

    I am honestly not even sure where I stand on the immigration issue because I can see both sides but I would not assume that every person that is part of the Tea Party hates the poor. I could almost promise you that is not true. Guessing if you engaged them on an individual basis their stance on those issues would be more nuanced as that’s how all of us tend to be.

    I wish both sides of these hot button issues would seek to find common ground instead of only areas of disagreement. Especially among followers of Christ. We are to be united and find fellowship in light of the cross. God loves the people at those Tea Party rallies just as much as he loves the poor immigrant farmer. His grace is for all, exclusive of politics.

    • Annah says:

      Thank you. I am so tired of the us vs them mentality. Doesn’t Christ see us all with the same veil of compassion – Regardless of which side of the political fence we’re on?

  8. Ben from TIC says:

    I don’t think we’re in any national or moral downfall. It’s the most exciting time to live in the greatest country in the world (I mean that in a humble way). I believe this country is getting better not worse, even in this economy.

  9. Eugene, I have a couple questions: why do you judge others in this way? Are those who disagree with you on such temporal matters as public policy also to be judged? Beck, like Keith Olbermann – is entitled to his opinions. They, like Stéphane Guillon in France, are the court jesters of their day. To get into the fray with them is to lower yourself to their level.

    • Eugene Cho says:


      I have no idea what you are saying.

      Are you saying that I or others should have no opinions on such “temporal matters” and if we do, we should not share them because they are “temporal”?

    • Andy M says:

      Why is there a tendency of people to assume that because someone is vocal about their disagreements with another person’s views or actions, that they are “judging” that person?

      Eugene did not “judge” anyone in this post, nor any other post that I have seen. That is one of the reasons I continue to read and comment here.

  10. Jim Henderson says:

    Off topic Eugene but thought you might be willing to help us spread the word!/group.php?gid=152683041425514&ref=ts

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