Eugene Cho

theology of singlehood part 3

In one of my recent sermons, I answer the question, “What do you do when you’re not called to be single but can’t find anyone? What do you do?”

“In the third part of his Theology of Singlehood series, Pastor Eugene speaks to those who are single but do not feel called to be. With sensitivity and empathy, he exhorts them to wait with faith and to resist the pull towards hopelessness and cynicism. In addition, he offers up a number of active steps that singles can practice as they wait in faith.”

Some encouragements:

  • Be patient. Don’t compromise your values. Don’t distort your selfishness.
  • Wait for the LORD; be strong, and take heart, and wait for the LORD (Psalm 27:14).
  • Even in waiting – Be active.
    • Pray
    • Work on yourself, be your BEST self, grow in GRACE, – 1 Timothy
    • Be engaged in friendship and community
    • Have healthy same-gendered friendships.
    • Have healthy cross-gendered friendships.
    • Pursue your other passions as well. Be well rounded.
  • Having Faith & Trust = not doing nothing. Be in healthy places and relationships.
    • Be in vibrant places.
    • Be in healthy communities.
    • Be in life giving friendships.
    • It’s okay to be engaged in social media. Match:Com, E-Harmony, Cho-Harmony
    • Ask friends that you trust.

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