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ODW has one (paid) staff member but we have a great and growing team of volunteer staff and interns and we are slowly building this grassroots movement. Here’s my interview with Trace Bundy – acoustic guitarist extraordinaire – who’s also partnering with ODW to fight extreme global poverty. If you don’t know who Trace is, make sure you check out the video and enjoy the mini-concert!

If you have friends that are emerging artist and musicians, please let them know that One Day’s Wages is seeking artists and musicians from around the world that are excited to leverage their voices and platform to partner with us in fighting extreme global poverty.

To learn more how to partner with ODW, click here or the image below.

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3 Responses

  1. alex oh says:

    that is some amazing talent. I haven’t seen alot of guitarists use two handed tapping compared to the bass so it’s refreshing to see that being used creatively on the guitar. Awesome!

  2. Amber Johnson says:

    jaw dropping!

  3. chad m says:

    if Trace is ever back at Quest or QCafe will you please let me know! i was really bummed to miss him last time…it was, of course, my own fault!

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Taking a break from the partner in ministry in Denver at Cherry Hills Church and at the CRU staff conference. It was such a gift to be able to encourage a handful of folks one-to-one, a small group of Asian-American leaders from EPIC, and the larger group of 5000 staff during one of the sessions.

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