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best and worst super bowl commercials?

Like the billions of other idolaters, I watched (most of) the Super Bowl yesterday with a bunch of Questers.

The game was ok but the majority of the commercials were mediocre. Umm, I couldn’t get the obsession with underpants stuff in couple commercials. And while I was in and out, I didn’t catch all the commercials but nothing particularly wowed me.

In my opinion, the best commercial belonged to Google. It was simple. It was human. It was captivating. And in 30 seconds, with basic typing…they told the best story (and re-affirmed to me the power of story). And it clearly identified the source of the commercial because well…Google’s logo was on the screen the entire time. There were numerous commercials and I had no idea what or who they were trying to “sell.” That’s not good.

A distant 2nd was the Denny’s commercials featuring chickens galore.

The worst commercials: Go Daddy. So stupid that I never ever want to utilize their services.

Your turn. What are your votes for best and worst commercials and Why?

Here’s Google’s commercial:

Here’s one of Denny’s commercial:

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39 Responses

  1. Bill B says:

    This might be sacrilege, but I slept during the Super Bowl and saw none of it or the commercials. I did watch some clips of the commercials. The one I thought was cute may have been an ad for Doritos? A little boy tells this man to keep his hands of his chips and his mom.

    • Andy M says:

      I’m with you there. I didn’t even know it was superbowl weekend.

      It probably helps that I don’t have cable. Though I wouldn’t have watched it even if I did.

  2. Jennifer says:

    There were 4 (Four!) commercials on the theme of: I’m a man and I hate my life because my wife/girlfriend controls me. One for Dodge, Dockers, a mini tv, and Dove-for-men. The men in the ads were willing to give over control of their lives, as long as they could retain freedom to buy these products. And they’re not exactly very manly products – Dove for Men?

    Just made me really curious what is going on in the American psyche that we ended up with 4 on the same theme.

  3. Julie says:

    Maybe I shed a tear at the Google commercial?

    But I agree – everything else I saw wasn’t any better than “regular” commercials. It seemed like there were a lot of CBS commercials – perhaps CBS couldn’t find others to fill all the overpriced 30-second commercial slots?

  4. Doritos had a good one with the kid slapping the guy.

    Some of the worst were Budweiser, usually they do better, but they did not have one good funny commercial.
    Coca Cola was terrible as well.

    One that got me the most upset was the Megan Fox commercial. ridiculous and to the point of being disgusted. The idea that all men would become completely week because she takes a picture of herself in a tub is ridiculous. That kind of stuff right there makes me ashamed to be called a man. Much like all the commercials on the superbowl, the identity of men is terrible.

  5. Kyle Reed says:

    Doritos had a good one with the kid slapping the guy.

    Some of the worst were Budweiser, usually they do better, but they did not have one good funny commercial.
    Coca Cola was terrible as well.

    One that got me the most upset was the Megan Fox commercial. ridiculous and to the point of being disgusted. The idea that all men would become completely week because she takes a picture of herself in a tub is ridiculous. That kind of stuff right there makes me ashamed to be called a man. Much like all the commercials on the superbowl, the identity of men is terrible.

  6. rogueminister says:

    Did you know that one of the Doritos commercials was done by some folks from the Mosaic church in LA?

    As for my favorite, I too enjoyed the google one. I was very disappointed in the Tim Tebow one after all the hype, I kinda wanted to see something slightly offensive… Though I am a bit relieved that it was so mundane…

  7. Jennifer says:

    I was offended by the sexism in the majority of the ads. The bridgestone tire ad where the man thought he was being told “your wife or your tires” and threw his wife out of the car was very disturbing. To think that in this culture – an ad suggesting that men should/would choose tires over their wives … it’s SAD.

  8. Justin Fung says:

    Google; definitely Google.

    And yeah, as everyone’s pointed out so far, there seemed to be a disturbing “repulse the women” vibe going on … I’m pretty sure it isn’t good marketing technique to turn off half the consuming public.

  9. whatsnextgod says:

    These ads didn’t fall in my Top 5. See what did and what was number one @

  10. KA says:

    absolutely pedestrian, mundane……. just straight up boring. At our Super Bowl gathering, we were coming up with commercial ideas that were WAY better than what they put up. That creative time was more fun than the actual commercials …… and more entertaining that The Who.

  11. Tyler says:

    Go daddy always has the worst commercials.

    Doritos and their competition produced by far the best commercials in my mind. Though the Brett Favre commercial was pretty funny too.

  12. md says:

    bow down and pay homage to the great golden god: consumerism!!!

  13. Michael W says:


    Really, a baby sitting infront of a webcam spitting and trading stocks was only funny the first 4 years you ran those ads. Now it is overkill, think up something new.

    I like the Mr. Burns Coca Cola one, but I think I was the only one in the room (I am on a bit of a simpsons kick right now).

    I never saw the Tim Tebow one though, did it even air?

  14. Jody says:

    The Tebow controversy was not the ad itself but that the station refused other commercials ( a gay dating service) when they have a so called policy of not supporting agendas.

    This was a disappointing year for commericals, Doritos were creative (Dog/collar had us in hysterics) , loved the one Favre was in, love that he can poke fun at himself. The Chickens were funny, but Budwieswer needs to get a new ad agency they were terrible.

  15. Tony Lin says:

    Letterman, Oprah and Leno… “He’s just saying that cuz I’m here…”

  16. danderson says:

    As usual, I was appalled by some of the movie promos. Having a 7- and 5-year old doesn’t help. How graphic can one get it?

  17. danderson says:

    Good call!

  18. john smith says:

    I agree, the best was Google’s commercial. Life unfolds and blossoms through small decisions. I can’t tell you what the tighty-whitey products were. We definitely paused it during the violent commercials.

  19. Yeah, I think I liked Google’s the best too.

    We got really tired of the whole no-pants thing.

  20. gar says:

    Super Bowl commercials are over-hyped. The game was x1000 more exciting.

    That being said, in between bathroom breaks and cooking, I enjoyed these two:


    “The End”

  21. I don’t watch TV. People can always seem to accept that I’m not familiar with a certain show, but they can never believe that I don’t know the commercials. How bizarre. How did advertising become the touchstone of cultural literacy??

    • susieville says:

      I watch tv, but more PBS than anything else. I couldn’t care less about commercials. I also listen to public radio because commercial radio drives me crazy

  22. pjchris says:

    loved Google and can I say that the David Letterman one was at least creative. Also, liked the no bark collar Doritos one…and am I the only one that thought the two no pants commercials back to back were for the same company? I always leave the room during the Go Daddy commercials…GAG! And what was the deal with the violin playing beaver?

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