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your favorite blogs?

I’m looking for a few more blogs to put on my reader so I’d love to visit some of your favorite or recommended bloggers – both Christian and non-Christian (my personal interests are all over the map).

List a few of your favorite blogs, your reasons why, and don’t be afraid to list your own. (put the urls so folks can also click to check out)

I also want to take the time to welcome new readers to this blog: Welcome to our blog community!

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  1. Samuel says:

    Asides from this blog being one of my favorites (brownie points!), I always read:

    Jesus Creed –
    Engadget –
    and several bloggers from the NY Times & Washington Post

  2. I write and read parenting topics for the most part, so if you’re interested in some excellent ones there, feel free to take a look at my blogroll:

    As for more spiritual, make-me-think bloggery, two I enjoy are Common Places and Growing Is Beautiful. For parenting-related but still make-me-think posts, try Rachel’s Ramblings and Raising My Boychick.

  3. Phillip Gibb says:
    quite funny and even serious at times, but mainly cos Jon uses his influence to do good
    I am only just getting into the whole web technology thing, well I will be playing catch up for a long time I thing. But here is a great place I catch up fast and from the Christian perspective. Besides I love being a part of this community. John from Church Crunch runs this as well, it’s a hoot.
    I’ve been making an effort to be apart of fatherhood communities, I love this one cos there is a lot of cross-contribution
    Ahh, of course, I need my daily dose of the tech I love best when it comes to filmmaking. This is almost like the one stop shop of filmmaking blogs.

  4. Even with my obvious bias aside I’m quite struck by

    Christine writes with a self-honesty that is so rare and she cracks me the hell up.

  5. I like Jonathan Merritt (, Brett McCracken (, Anne Jackson (, Don Miller (, Rod Dreher (, and Renee Johson (

    Also I hear this guy’s pretty good too:

  6. I love Netvibes, the reader that helps me sort out what I actually want to read on a blog. These are the ones I check most regularly:

    Digital Photography School:

    Introspections of a Black WASP:

    Bricks & Mortar: A clearinghouse of faith, development, and non-profits:

    Curious?Read – Useless, but fascinating information:

    More than Serving Tea (Kathy’s perspective just helps me breathe a little easier…)

    My own blog is on Christians living between Cultures:

  7. jadanzzy says:

    i think it’s good to read intelligent political blogs from both sides (progressive and libertarian):

    ezra klein:

    cato @ liberty:

    matthew yglesias:

    reason mag’s hit and run:

  8. Your is one of many I subscribe to:,,

    Two of my blogs are a daily prayer blog ( and my “Desperate Pastor” blog (

  9. Kyle Reed says:

    I love these type of post.
    Love Tyler’s stuff. I also like it because he is one of the few 20 somethings that I know actually blog

    Thoughts About Nothing I will throw my own blog in there as well. I blog for 20 somethings and look for conversation from everyone. I blog to make sure that I am not crazy and that others are feeling and thinking the same things I am.

    Stephen Brewster
    I really enjoy Brewsters blog…he is a music guy but also gives very well written and timely post.

    Lindsey Nobles
    Enjoy her blog…another 20 something that blogs and blogs well. She writes good post that ask good questions. I appreciate her community on her blog.

    These are just a few of the many that I read that some might now have heard of before. And of course there is yours Eugene.

    • Eugene Cho says:

      hmm. i didn’t realize that there weren’t as many 20 something bloggers. is that documented in some way?

      too busy?

      we have several at quest i really enjoy reading.

      • Tyler says:

        Blogging is definitely a 30s and 40s phenomenon. To a certain degree…Twitter is as well. Thanks for the love Kyle.

      • Rev Sarah says:

        I would be curious that if it really is a trend that 20 somethings don’t blog as much as 30 and 40 something.

        When I think of the top ten blogs I get excited about when I see a new entry in my rss feeder all of the authors are in their 20’s…but so am I am and they’re all my friends, so I’m really just excited to read what my friends have written…

        Is it just the type of blog written by 20 somethings vs. 30 somethings? Two of my friends are Peace Corps so they don’t blog for anyone but friends and family, whereas older blogger might be seeking a bigger audience which might lead to the perception that there are more of them, when really it is just that they are more well known?

      • Kyle Reed says:

        At least there are not a lot of 20 something bloggers that have a voice into the blogging community.
        Maybe it is because they are still learning and their blogs tend to be more about self discovery rather then giving advice, spiritual truths, etc…
        I just have a hard time finding these blogs that are written by younger people that are well written and worth reading.
        There seems to be only a couple out there.
        But the same can be said for Conferences, filled with 20 somethings attending and 30 and 40 year olds teaching. Not a bad thing, but sometimes wonder where the voice of the 20 somethings is at?

  10. randall says:

    I’ve always loved Thunderstruck. They don’t update as regularly as I’d like but they always put up links to really interesting articles regarding church and culture and general interest items.

    And a recent find is Abagond’s blog on race.

    And of course Lifehacker makes happy the geek in me.

  11. randall says:

    Oh, and if you know Rene Alston and her crushing book, Stumbling Towards Faith, her blog is…I don’t know what adjective to use here…it’s striking and humbling and necessary.

  12. Matt says:

    way too many stuff i subscribe to…

    outside of the christian ones that i’m guessing other people will throw up….

    i subscribe to some food ones like seriouseats
    some sports ones like mlbtraderumors and metsblog (go mets!)
    and some silly ones like awkwardfamilyphotos, thatwillbuffout, and thereifixedit.

  13. eliseanne says:

    I read several that you already have on your blog roll. You are missing Kathy Khang at tho!
    Christians for Biblical Equality blog.
    Great critical pieces on all things related to race.

    to name a few. πŸ™‚

    • La Peregrina says:

      I love CBE! It advocates for an egalitarian gender perspective in Christianity, particularly in evangelical traditions. The entire site (not just the blog) has a lot of free articles that are useful in discussions on a variety of gender issues (headship, marriage, abuse, ordination, etc).

  14. Henry Zonio says:

    Some fun ones:
    Bacon Today
    Cool Tools

    Thought provoking:
    Of course Scot McKnight’s blog, which you already follow
    Eric Bryant
    Vanguard Church

    Then there’s mine πŸ™‚ which is focused on the mutual interaction of culture and children’s ministry and looking at what missional children’s ministry might look like

    and I will shortly be starting a Parenting blog as well to be launched in the new year.

  15. Henry Zonio says:

    Oh, one more! Burnside Writers’ Collective

  16. Daniel Azuma says:

    John Stackhouse (professor at Regent College) has a lot of interesting discussion at the intersection of theology and culture.

    J. Lee Grady (editor of Charisma magazine) often has wise commentary on global Christianity and the charismatic movement.

  17. Bosco Peters’ Worship Blog Bosco has over 42,000 Twitter Followers and, for example, the past two days we have been in friendly dialogue with atheists in a thread entitled There’s Probably No God?

    Jamie Smith’s Fors Clavigera has a unique perspective on the church in postmodern culture

    Francis X. Clooney, S.J. a master of inter-religious dialogue

    Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed explores the interface between science & religion, politics & religion, culture & religion w/great participants

    I run the network Cathlimergent for Catholics in the emerging church conversation and blog at Christian Nonduality

  18. Amber Himes says:

    My favorite blog is The Pioneer Woman.

    I also check in on More Than Serving Tea…

    Andrew Jones’ blog, Tall Skinny Kiwi…

    Burnside Writers’ Collective…

    and this month, PHP Advent:

  19. I’m attempting to turn my blog back from what it has become (family photos) to what its original intent was (theology, art, etc.), so we’ll see if I can be disciplined enough to do that, but I’m trying to have new content that actually matters to people several times a week. Currently in a series on gender.

    Here are some other must-read blogs and why: – Andrew Marin’s blog. He is doing amazing, cutting-edge, much-needed work in the area of LGBT – Evangelical dialogue. – Jeffrey Overstreet is a professor at Seattle Pacific and a great writer/critic/commentator on all things related to art and faith, with a special emphasis in film. – Andy Whitman writes about life, music and faith. He’s a contributor to Paste Magazine and Christianity Today. – John Stackhouse is one of my favorite theologians. He’s a professor at Regent up in Vancouver. His book “Finally Feminist” helped me to become a convinced egalitarian. – One of the best LOST bloggers out there. It’s slow going right now, but once the season begins, I *always* read her recaps. It’s great to go back and read her commentary on previous seasons as well.

  20. Leah says: is one of my favorites–he is great at finding inspiration in the everyday!

  21. Did I really just type all that just to lose it in cyberspace?

  22. I found lots of my favorite blogs through you in the first place, Eugene (and lots more through our common Covenant connections), but here are 4 that you don’t list:

    Kathy Khang’s — it’s already been mentioned by a few others. Because so much of the blogosphere seems to be male-dominated, I enjoy Kathy’s “feisty female” voice. — the blog of Mark Charles, who explores issues of faith and culture from a Navajo-American perspective. His posts are deep, wide, and infrequent so I can mull them over for a good long time. — His and Her blogs by Denis & Margie Haack, the co-founders of Ransom Fellowship (.org), a ministry devoted to the celebration and discernment of culture. I love Denis’s frequent reviews of books and movies. Margie has a wry sense of humor and a deep appreciation of the glimpses of grace in ordinary life. For me, the Haacks are like older siblings sharing their wisdom from farther down the path. (OK, most of Eugene’s readers probably don’t have white-headed siblings, but what can I say? I’m getting old.)

  23. Eugene Cho says:

    hey folks,

    if you don’t see your comment right away, it’s gone to my spam filter. i’ll check it and approve it so don’t worry.

    and i actually do read and subscribe to kathy khang’s blog but didn’t realize i don’t have it listed. but good to see her get so much love here.

  24. OK, one more try: – Andrew Marin is doing incredibly important work in the area of LGBT/Evangelical dialogue. – John Stackhouse, professor at Regent College in Vancouver. His book “Finally Feminist” helped me become a convinced egalitarian. – Jeffrey Overstreet is a Seattle Pacific University professor and writer. His blog is full of commentary on faith and art, primarily film. – Andy Whitman writes about faith and life and music. He’s a contributor to Paste and Christianty Today. – Erika Olson is my favorite LOST blogger. It’s a little slow going right now, but when the season starts again in February, it’ll kick into high gear. I read her recap after every episode. Very insightful. It’s also great to go back and read previous seasons. – My humble blog. Attempting to make it about life, art and God… It’s been a crazy season of life for me, and I’m afraid it de-volved into a “family photo” blog for a while there, but I’m up and running again. I am in the middle of a discussion on gender right now. Would love for you to join me!

  25. Kacie says:

    I do find it difficult to find good blogs by 20-somethings. I find many “mommy blogs”, which isn’t bad, I just can’t relate. I look for young people analyzing life like myself and I do think that is a bit difficult to find.

    For some great thinking women see here:

    For satire about the Christian world, see here:

    This is a beautiful formly-evangelical, now Eastern Orthodox family:

    Hurley from Lost has a blog of his own:

    I love blogs about life between cultures or about traveling:

    I have become connected with a number of great Catholic bloggers, which has resulted in some interesting dialogue:

    And of course, as others have said, I love your blog, and Jesus Creed, etc..

  26. Joy says:

    Kathy Escobar: The carnival in my head @
    writing for the emerging Christian and the marginalized.

  27. Dave H says:

    A couple photoblogs for quick doses of beauty:

    Virginia Journal – a guy in the Shenandoa Valley who looks at the creatures in his yard and the people in his home with the same breathtaking vision:
    (updates his linked flickr stream frequently, too)

    The Process of Remembering – a photographer from Philadelphia with a special concern for intimate human stories and social justice:

  28. Eugene, I found your blog in the blogosphere, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s so awesome seeing your AA face on the Sojourners cover, btw! I’m an AA sister on the East coast, and I blog at All about Jesus’ grace and beauty.

  29. All right, this will seem gooey, but I love Steve Lansingh’s blog:

    Funny & thoughtful & spiritual & hilarious all at once β€” but, then again, I’m related to him.

  30. J. P. says:

    I follow John Gruber’s Daring Fireball every day (major topics: tech, design, and baseball). Snarky, with a touch too much schadenfreude, but generally well-written and worth reading.

  31. Andrew Marin says:

    I agree with Matt πŸ™‚

    (Thanks for the shout out!)

    Faith. Sexuality. Culture.

    It’s an expansion of my life as a straight man in Boystown, my organization that works to build bridges between the gay community and the Church, and my book, Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community

    And I’m 29 (starting tomorrow)…does that count as a 20-something? The other blogs I read daily (e.g. Jesus Creed, etc.) have already been listed.
    Much love.

  32. Michael W says:

    In terms of Jesus-y blogs, Not The Religious Type is great

    I used to read nothing but Christian/Theology blogs, but got super burnt out and bored.

    Now I mainly read coffee (I work in specialty coffee) and foodie blogs. – James Hoffman’s blog, former World Barista Champion. – Awesome lady who blogs food from her Manhattan apartment. – a blog all about hamburgers – …and pizza – a blog about colors – a stormtrooper a day πŸ™‚

    Hope you like some of these, granted if you aren’t a big foodie type they might not be too applicable.

    or you could check out my nifty blog, that I haven’t figured out what to write about (which means i don’t write too often, eh)

  33. Ronna says:

    Total and shameless self-promotion, Eugene, but when I came across our blog tonight (in a completely round-about and random way) I couldn’t resist…especially given our Mars Hill Grad School connection.

    Would love your reading, your comments, your advocacy! And if you’re up for reconnecting, I’d love that!!!

    RENEAGDEconversations…about Faith, Feminism, and Telling the Truth:

  34. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eugene Cho, PostRank – Church. PostRank – Church said: your favorite blogs? #postrank #church […]

  35. Tony Lin says:

    I’m cornering the Spanish blog market with:

  36. Anonymouse says:

    Blog-stalking being a favourite past-time of mine, I shall happily de-lurk and join in!

    Christian blogs: πŸ˜‰
    Scott Mcknight’s Jesus Creed, which I see has been getting quite a few shout-outs here– which I find encourages a truly nuanced conversation on a very polarizing issue, which is a brave position to take because it inevitably means getting brickbats from both sides. The same could be said of the other blogs I’ve listed.

    Pop Up City (On Urban Spaces)
    Escape Adulthood (for the quirky in the quotidian)

    And shameless plug for my new blog collection on time, place, memory and identity

  37. David says: they talk about the music I like. I love his view of the church Simple yet beautiful poetry and short stories He’s not trying to sound like he has it all together. It’s just his take of things and he seems like a guy I would want to hang out with.
    And because you asked us to… My blog. Just the stuff I’m struggling with, enjoying, and have questions about.

  38. shameless self promotion but i’m starting with me at

    i also like 22 words at

    for some stuff that’ll make you uncomfortable try

    there’s some interesting stuff at

    some funny stuff at

    some great science and philosophy stuff at

    lots of honesty at

    and finally i really like stuff christian cultures like at

  39. Kenneth says:

    Hello Eugene,

    Glad to see you have wrote a post like this.

    I have sent you an email about two months back saying hi, but never got a reply.

    I understand you’re a busy man πŸ™‚

    However, it will be really glad if you can take a look at my site. (Link included in my name)

    I hope it’s worth few seconds.


  40. Once-Reluctant says:

    David Hayward is a (former?) pastor, stripping to the essential.

    He’s trying to cut through some of the b.s. in belief, religion, etc. and get to what really matters. There’s some theological theorizing that some may question, but he has some simple, straightforward, and funnier-than-all-heck cartoons.

  41. I have gotten some good blog tips here, thanks. Some of mine are “An Und Fur Sich” a theological/philosophical blog, German and US Scholars @ Another Theo blog from Portland with a Mennonite affinity I enjoy is “Inhabitatio Dei” And a Theological blog out of England and Australia “Faith and Theology” Keeps one abrest of the latest on what the big thinkers are up to. “Whispers in the Logia,” keeps me up to speed on what’s going on in the Vatican, along with the conservative Catholic “First Things,” and more Liberal “National Catholic Reporter.” Biblia Hebraica has a lot good Hebrew/jewish scholorship to offer. And i have just recently been checking in on Frank (son of Francis) Schaeffer’s new blog that has been giving heck to the Christian right wing (that he and his dad helped create) now that he has converted to Greek Orthodoxy. Obliged.

  42. La Peregrina says:

    I have followed Real Live Preacher (rlp) at for 5+ years. His essays & short stories are thought-provoking, well-crafted, and will stick with you for a long time.

    A community of female bloggers who are leaders in the church (mostly mainline clergywomen) is found at

    Beauty Tips for Ministers

    beautiful artwork based on lectionary texts:
    (during Advent she moves here:

    and my poor lil blog, which was only started recently and purports to follow a young seminarian through the next few years of my life!

    Thanks for the question — and for the opportunity to see everyone’s answers!

  43. jason says: – it’s a compilation of honest reflections, thoughts, and musings of someone trying to discover God’s glory in the midst of broken humanity. it also often links to other challenging reads from all sorts of genres and walks of life…

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