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commodity, consumer, or creation?

I’m teaching a series on Relationships and focusing on numerous topic including last week’s topic on Self Identity. While there’s clearly many ways to broach the issue, I focused on how the World often sees YOU: a commodity and a consumer.

It aims to paint a picture of what Beauty is and them seeks to show how we all fall short of that Beauty. Agree with me or not, it is the subtle work of the Deceiver.

The gospel is that we are created in the Imago Dei. God knows us and love us. That love is affirmed when sin is quenched through the beautiful and horrific work of Christ on the cross. Love win. We are truly God’s creation and He loves us. And thus, we have to question the deception that we are merely commodities and consumers.

We are more. We are created to Love God and Love People.

If you’ve got about an hour, check out the video and I’ll post part 2 next week.  You can also just download the podcast here.

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These are crazy times in our country and larger world but nevertheless, we're going to keep pursuing the things that God has placed upon our hearts. We're pressing forward...doing our part to reflect mercy, compassion, and justice - locally and globally.

Wednesdays are my @onedayswages office day and I especially love the culmination of hard work for our interns, volunteers, 2 full-time staff, and board as we collaborate with our NGO partners. This week, we signed these checks as we granted out over $75,000 to provide better health care for mothers and their families in Mali and Nepal.

THANK YOU for making this possible Your classic play it cool because you're visiting your old stomping grounds at Princeton and pretend you're not cold but in actuality, you're freezing picture. 20 years, 2 weeks, and counting. What a journey with this woman. I love her...and I want to keep growing in love, honor, and respect. Great to catch up with @jlin7 in Brooklyn at the Nets game. Grateful for his partnership with @onedayswages to support our Girls' Empowerment Fund. The season hasn't been what he hoped for with major injuries...but we can't wait to see you back on the court soon and do what you do. Stay encouraged, brother. Thanks for your faithful witness for Christ. Playoffs! Let's go #11. Point Guard. Living my hoop dreams through my girl.

pc: ed tanaka Following Jesus is not just about going to church. It also involves repenting, seeking justice, loving kindness, walking humbly, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, speaking up for the voiceless, welcoming the refugee, and fighting for the rights of vulnerable. Sometimes, it's scary but Jesus nevertheless commands, "Follow me." Be brave.

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