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relationships: god the creator is pursuing you

We launched a new teaching series at Quest this past Sunday entitled “Relationships: ___________.”  We’ll likely spend the next 4-5 months on all things relationships: God, Jesus, Spirit, self, parents, children, enemies, marriage, dating, and so on.

One of our other pastors was supposed to launch the series but had to bail last minute with a good excuse: emergency surgery on his eye to avoid the possibility of permanent blindness. Glad Pastor Ray is doing much better.

Anyway, here’s the sermon from last Sunday. Not to over-hype the importance of this message but our relationship with God and the Trinity is so pivotal as it has the ability to inform and transform all our other relationships.

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One Day’s Wages

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Nothing grows by itself. If something matters to us, may we be intentional about growing it.

Invest. Pray. Plant. Water. Nurture. Repeat. God sees and knows us. In fact, God knows everything about us.

Not just the good we try so hard to project but even the mess we often seek to hide.

Let this soak in: Not only are we fully known but in Christ, we are fully pursued and loved.

This is grace.
Amazing grace. Hairstyles change. Sideburn fads come and go but may our commitment to love, honor, respect, and be on mission together for Christ never waver.

Thank you, Minhee. I love you so much even if you made fun of my hairstyle and sideburns. I missed you, Seattle. Grateful for a time to pray, rest, retreat, read, reflect, and sabbath. I've spent the last 12 days in the woods alone. Competely alone. It's been both haunting and refreshing. Haunting because of loneliness. Refreshing because through the silence, I am reminded - again - that I'm not alone. Emmanuel.

Also, bought myself a cheap kayak and loving the solitude time in nature. Also, the kayak is paying instant dividends in my bass fishing game. #sabbathrest #bassfishing #catchandrelease There's nothing selfish about rest and self-care. We can't give what we don't have. Experience life and we'll be life-giving to others. Amen.


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