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why i broke up with jessica simpson

I don’t really like to talk about stuff about my past too much since I am a new creation after all.

But before much of what you know about me or about this singer/personality named Jessica Simpson, we were an item.  But things didn’t work out.  She had a very controlling father; she kinda liked another dude named Nick, etc.

But most of all, my parents didn’t like the fact that she didn’t speak Korean. Here’s proof:

And just in case someone freaks out, this is a ‘joke.’

I don’t have anything personal against JS. She’s just on my list of “yuck musicians” that also include Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and a few others. Can you tell I have growing kids in my house?

Who’s on your list?

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  1. Andy M says:

    I fear for my 5 mo. old daughter.

    My family (not my wife, but the rest of my family) thinks that with little girls it is almost inevitable that they obsess about princesses, Barbie, the color pink, and watch all the popular stuff like High School Musical and Miley Cyrus.

    Nevermind that a couple of my friends have daughters who aren’t obsessed with those things, love being outside in nature, know more about trees and birds at 6 years old than I ever learned (I was a Boy Scout), and aren’t compelled to follow every popular trend going around in school.

    Point is, we don’t have to be sucked into the black hole of popular culture.

    Sorry for the rant, I just have thought about this quite a lot since my daughter was born in Jan. I could go on, but I will spare all of you.

  2. Kacie says:

    Yeah, there’s a lot of yuck musicians. Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore, …

    I lead a group of jr. high girls and it’s sort of overwhelming how soaked they are in pop culture.

  3. Tony says:

    That vid gave me a nice chuckle. “Sah rang… HEY YO!” Oh man. As for your question, my “yuck” musicians are usually in musical genres that I’m actually into. I don’t care much for pop music so I tend to ignore much of the genre. I love hip-hop so I would have to put Soulja Boy and 50 Cent at the top of my “yuck list.”

  4. useyourhed says:

    Soulja Boy.

  5. caeliana says:

    yeah the father creeps me out i ve never seen a more over involved father then hers, i mean isnt it weird to talk about your daughters boobs i mean most fathers dont do that and most fathers refer to their daughters as beautifull not sexy…he’s a perv. any one dating jessica is also dating joe simpson eww pathetic little family with little brains.

  6. Jess Lambert says:

    At the top of my yuck list…

    Britney Spears
    Lindsey Lohan
    Katy Perry
    Mariah Carey (even though she actually possesses genuine talent, she’s still yucky)
    ANY manufactured Disney or MTV star: which includes all names you listed above as well as JS’s little sis Ashlee

    I could go on, but I’m all yucked out for now

  7. Ken G. says:

    C’mon people.

    You control your TV and what you let in your house. You control the music in your vehicle when your kids are listening. You control which movies to take your kids to. If you don’t like it, keep it out.

    Rather that just whining about your yuck list, try to be constructive and offer some alternatives. C’mon EC – lead the way – who is the top of your best list? Help us to find the good in the world and people. Help us see all that God is doing.

    I thought Lindsey Lohan did a very good job in the movie Parent Trap. Name 3 other current actresess her age that could have pulled it off. The fact that her life appears to have spun out of control is a great lesson for parents/kids.

    Mandy Moore has done a decent job with her music and acting. Again, I thought she did a decent job in “A Walk to Remember”. It’s a movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks book, so it is what it is, but still a decent piece of work. I actually enjoyed his book, “Three weeks with my brother”

    Mariah Carey has singing chops. No doubt she can belt it out and had a long string of hits. I have no idea what possessed her to make the movie Glitter. I think she had mental melt down on that one.

    Finding the good in others and celebrating it is much more admirable than just venting about what is wrong. I don’t need you to tell me what is wrong with these singers, I need you to help me see the redeeming qualities in people.

  8. Ken G — I wasn’t a parent for long before I realized that I may be able to influence but I can’t control what impacts my child — not unless I completely locked her away from the world. I couldn’t control what her grandparents gave her for Christmas; I couldn’t control the conversations at her best friend’s birthday, or the movies she watched at Girl Scout camp. So yeah, it’s legit to worry about the cultural junk that impacts our kids. It’s pervasive.

    Andy M — The good news is, the “yuck” entertainers may appeal to young people because of their “cool factor,” but kids really can learn to recognize when they’re being sold a product rather than art. My kids (now 16, 19, and 22) definitely went through their Barbie and Disney phases (not to mention Pokemon and Power Rangers), but now at ages 16, 19, and 22, they take a very skeptical stance toward pop culture. They can usually detect the slick PR and the shallow talent. And I’m not sure that would have happened without plenty of conversations about BOTH excellence in art and “yuck” stuff. Like most of life, it’s a balance thing.

    So, Eugene, the “yuck” factor kicks in for me when a musician’s fame is based more on their lifestyle/body/clothes/dating history than their talent. Britney Spears tops my list.

  9. Andy M says:

    @Ken G,
    I appreciate that we shouldn’t just focus on the negative and complain. But why does it matter if we vent a little bit about how pop culture invades our lives in every possible way that the media can make it do so? This is one post, not a website devoted to ranting about poorly written music or movies. 1 post. Maybe Eugene’s next post will be the other side of the issue.

    I agree there is some level of being in control over what we listen to, but then I’m not quite sure. Because to listen to the radio anymore isn’t just to hear some music, it is to hear 30mins of ads followed by a few songs (usually not that great of songs), and then more ads. The same with TV. Magazines, unavoidably placed at the checkout line in many stores, shoving pop culture down our throats as we wait in line just to buy our groceries.

    Why should I have to be quiet about how I feel about this? It isn’t my life’s pursuit to rant about this, so what is wrong with my voicing my opinions?

    As far as finding the redeeming qualities in those people. Maybe we can’t possibly find redeeming qualities because we don’t know them. We just know their music, and what magazines and such say about them. If we are going to give them praise for anything, let it be for something that does matter. Like I think I read something about Shakira helping schools in her home country. That is a redeeming quality. And one that doesn’t leave me trying to be appreciative for music I can’t stand.

  10. Jess Lambert says:

    I’m not usually one for replying to blogs etc. on the internet, but I would like to respond to some of Ken G.’s comments…

    I don’t believe anyone was directly attacking these “stars” personally (with the exception of the person who said the Simpson’s are a family of little brains). For me personally, as an unknown, wannabe singer/songwriter, it’s a matter of artistry being lost in today’s mainstream music. Personalities and artists are being created for the sole purpose of making money. All that seems to come out of this machine is records so full of auto-tune you’re only hearing a natural voice about 30% of the time, artists that can’t cut it when it comes to live performances, and young girls that grow up too quickly, have too much pressure put on them and end up becoming a bit of a mess in the public eye like Spears & Lohan.

    When listening to music I look for artists that are full of raw natural talent, and can’t help but be an artist because that’s simply what they are.

    Here’s some at the top of my “Best List” :

    Sara Bareilles (beautiful voice & lyrics, so good live!)
    Regina Spektor
    William Fitzsimmons
    Tony Lucca (who recently played at Q Café)
    Damien Rice
    Dave Matthews Band
    Joshua James
    Rocco DeLuca
    Ray Lamontagne
    Amos Lee
    Brandi Carlile
    Jason Mraz

    I could go on & on…

    P.s. I happen to think Mandy Moore has a great voice, and have also enjoyed most of her movies…including some that have been labeled as flops.

  11. Ken G. says:

    @Jess – thanks for the response and the list. I appreciate your comments and your list. I have not heard of most of them and I look forward to finding out about them.

    Your criticism about artistry being lost in the mainstream is true of music as well as TV and movies. Keep working at your music and best wishes!

  12. Rachel says:

    Andy, I like your first comment. I have high hopes for my daughter.

  13. aaron says:

    How about a post on GOOD new music? I could use some recommendations…

    I am pretty on par with the others for music that drives me insane but I would add Taylor Swift to the list.

  14. Oliver says:

    These answers are all so…safe, lots of easy targets. Lets toss some smoke into the hornets’ nest…;)

    John Mayer. He has a nice voice and I love the singer-songwriter type of artists. But, John Mayer’s music drips with vomit-inducing smugness and self-satisfaction; it’s soulless and utterly bereft of sincerity.

    Death Cab for Cutie. Sacrilege for our local indie heroes, I know. I bought Transatlanticism and listened to it several times and I wanted badly to like it. But, I just don’t “get” it. Is it the melodies? The lyrics? None of it was bad or unpleasant per se, but nothing was really memorable either. I was highly disappointed.

    Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace” Yeah that’s right, I said it! So what?🙂 Original recipe Amazing Grace is like, a perfectly grilled ribeye with salt and pepper crust. The arrangement and extra Tomlin verses are like A1 sauce slathered on said perfect-ribeye. Original Amazing Grace is like a pristine 67 fastback Mustang. The extra Tomlin verses are a home-made spray-painted wooden spoiler nailed into the trunk. You don’t mess with the classics…

    Most hip-hop and ALL non-english hip-hop. I think there’s a 3-way tie for the worst US export of cigarettes, fast food and hip hop. There’s still some artistry & creative-risk taking in hip-hop these days; but mostly those groups aren’t commercially successful…

    That’s my $0.02; and (bill o’reilly style)- TELL ME WHERE I’M WRONG!🙂

  15. Jessica Simpson is really gorgeous. I collect lots of photos of her and use them for my screen saver. It inspires me the whole day. I love you Jessica

  16. Shawn Masloski says:

    Jessica Simpson still looks fabulous in a cover magazine Lucky. Beautiful face and she looks very lovely. Stay the way you are!

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