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Post It Prayers

This past Sunday (Pentecost Sunday), Quest devoted the entire gathering to Prayer & Worship.  While I certainly enjoy teaching the Scriptures, it was very refreshing. For the first time, the staff chose to implement the idea of asking folks to share ‘anonymous’ prayer requests on Post-It notes and to stick them on the sanctuary walls.

I can’t speak for the other pastors or staff but I was blown away at the number of post-its on our walls.  And the stuff that folks shared.

I was again convicted of what I shared couple weeks ago that in the midst of “my stuff,” I’ve fallen short in praying for our church community.  This past Tuesday, our staff gathered (for our Tuesday prayer/devotional meeting) in our sanctuary to read and pray through the post-its and it was pretty overwhelming.

I was personally moved by a post-it (that led to a conversation) written by Quest woman who was born blind with glaucoma.  Over her life, she’s had numerous surgeries that have allowed her to see.  She has a very young daughter who she dearly loves.  She asked for prayer after being notified by her doctors that she may lose her vision…any day. What do you say to someone who is unsure if she’ll wake up one morning to realize she no longer can see?

I’m just praying and trying to care for people.

  • What are your prayer requests?
  • Who are you praying for?

We also showed this video (again) this Sunday as a reminder to all of us that Jesus is our Everything.  I chose to show it to our church again because I needed to be reminded again.

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5 Responses

  1. blackwasp19 says:

    Our fellowship did something similar. We had boards up front and simply placed our confessions on the board. It was wonderful to see our honesty and humility before God and one another.

    It took great vulnerability, but I think everyone realized that vulnerability is needed in love.

  2. I too struggle to pray on a regular basis. But this week I have been very concerned about Laxmi – a wonderful woman I met in India who is struggling right now with TB and a urinary tract infection, which is complicated by her condition as an AIDS patient. Laxmi is a widow with three children, and is fortunately under the care of a very cool ministry that provides food, medicine, shelter, and an education for her kids…but she is in a lot of pain.

    Puts things in perspective, huh?

  3. your friend says:

    Glaucoma can be operated??? My dear husband has glaucoma, but was told it cannot be operated.

  4. prayer needed says:

    i just got out of a relationship, and both of us are hurting at the moment. and after talking to a pastor, i’ve come to the realization that we are both broken people, with heavy fear of rejection from the people around us as well as desperate for comfort and the need to be dependent on others.

    i was born into a Christian family, but was spoon-fed everything. I thought I was saved, and perhaps I was saved. But I’ve come to a realization that instead of depending on God, I was depending on other people instead…especially the ex-boyfriend. Thanks to the Pastor, I was able to recommit and be absolutely sure of my salvation.

    I am still hurting immensely because the relationship ended quite suddenly. I am trying to focus on other things, but it is very difficult to move on, especially after being so attached to my ex.

    I’m not sure how he is feeling right now, but I do believe that he is hurting as well, especially since he is not a strong Christian himself.

    I’m praying that I will be able to come out on top and keep my focus on God, now. That I will learn to depend fully on God, and because I can depend on God, my hopes will be 100% in God.

    I’m also praying for my ex. I pray that somehow he will be able to meet God, once again, and to reaffirm his faith…that he will finally come to realize that God does love him and forgives him of everything.

    And I’m not quite sure what God has planned for both of us, but I’m praying that God will allow the us to be friends. Of course, there’s a high chance we won’t be the best of friends. But I do hope sometime later (perhaps months or years), we will be able to laugh and hang out every once in a while again.

  5. randplaty says:

    @prayer needed – praying for you

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Today, Minhee and I dropped off our eldest child at her college. We have been thinking and praying about this day for many years. On some days, we hoped it would never come. On other days, we couldn't wait for it to come. On some days, we prayed for time to stop and other days, we prayed with anticipation. 
After an entire summer of laughing it off, it hit us...hard...this week. Seeing all of her stuff laid out on the basement floor was the catalyst to a load of emotions.

After unloading the car and taking her stuff to her new home for this year and mindful that she might never live with us again; helping sort out her stuff, saying hello to her roommates...I wasn't sure what to do or say.

A flood of thoughts rushed my mind.

Is she ready?
Have we done enough?
Have we taught her enough? 
What if this? What if that?

And so we shared what we have shared with her the moment she began to understand words: "Remember who you are. Remember WHO you belong to. Remember what you're about. God loves you so much. Please hold God's Word and His promises close and dear to your heart. We love you so much and we are so proud of you." And with that, we said goodbye. Even if she may not be thousands of miles away, this is a new chapter for her and even for us. I kept it composed. Her roommate was staring at me. I didn't want to be that father. I have street cred to uphold. Another final hug. 
And I came home.
And I wept.
Forget my street cred.
I miss her. I love her.
She will always be my little baby.

I'm no parenting guru. I just laughed as I wrote that line. No, I'm stumbling and bumbling along but I'd love to share an ephiphany I learned not that long ago. Coming to this realization was incredibly painful but simultaneously, liberating. To be honest, it was the ultimate game-changer in my understanding as a parent seeking after the heart of God.

While there are many methods, tools, philosophies, and biblical principles to parenting, there is – in my opinion – only one purpose or destination.

Our purpose as parents is to eventually…release them. Send forth. For His glory. Met a friend and fellow pastor who I haven't seen in over 20 years. In him, I saw a glimpse of my future. While only 10 years older, his kids are married and he's now a grandfather of 3. His love for his wife and family were so evident and his passion for the Gospel has not wavered. It was so good to see someone a bit older still passionately serving the Lord with such joy and faithfulness. Lord, help me to keep running the race for your Glory. Happy wife.
Happy life. - Eugenius 3:16

I still remember that time, many years ago, when Minhee was pregnant with our first child. She had left her family and friends in Korea just two years before. Her morning sickness was horrible and when she finally had an appetite, she craved her favorite Korean food from certain restaurants in her neighborhood in Seoul, Korea. I had no way of getting that food from those restaurants so I actually said, "How about a Whopper? Big Mac?" Sorry honey. Eat away. You deserve it. I don't care if it sounds mushy but sunsets are one of my love languages. Seoul, Korea was amazing but WOW...what a breathtaking welcome back sunset by Seattle. Not ready to let go of summer. Seattle. 7:00pm. Desperately holding on to summer. #goldengardenpark #nofilter Happy Birthday, Minhee! I'm so grateful for you. You radiate faith, hope, and love. don't complete me. That would be silly and simply humanly impossible but you keep pointing me and our family to Christ who informs and transforms our lives, marriage, family, and ministry. Thanks for being so faithful. I love you so much. (* And what a gift to be in Korea together.)

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