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if jesus were on facebook…

If Jesus Christ was on Facebook, it would look like this [original source  unknown].  This is pretty darn funny – even on Holy Week.  Sorry if this is irreverent but too good not to share – especially because it’s funny and most of it is pretty bibically accurate.  Some highlights:

  • Jesus has 777,777,777,777 fans.
  • The Disciples wrote on Peter’s wall:  So, Jesus told us to walk up ot people we don’t know, and basically steal their colt and donkey…  This is sketchy, don’t you think???
  • The High Priests have created a group:  How to Use the Temple for piety  AND profit.
  • The High Priests have given Judas a gift:  30 pieces of Silver.

You can check out it out HERE. You should also check out Jesus’ life according to Twitter. Also very brilliant, compelling, and biblically accurate.

Jesus’ Facebook original source: unknown

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27 Responses

  1. Nourisha says:

    too funny! i’m reposting on my blog!

  2. rayshauna says:

    this is fantastic!

  3. Daniel Azuma says:

    Hi-LARIOIUS! I love it!

  4. Brett says:

    Brilliant! I love it!

  5. Steve says:

    What if Jesus was on Twitter? What would he be twittering now spending his passion week in Jerusalem?

  6. Kathie McCarthy says:

    Just conveyed more of The Story to my son in 5 minutes than in his whole life! All the while laughing together.

  7. eugenecho says:


    On a sidenote, you can follow the events of Holy Week via Twitter at Here’s more about this from John’s blog:

    I have created a Twitter account called @passionweek. Beginning this Sunday — Palm Sunday — you can follow along with the events of Jesus’ final week. Throughout the week, the@passionweek twitter account will post a brief glimpse of what Jesus experienced at the time he would of experienced it. The timing is mostly estimated. Regardless, I hope it can give you reason to pause throughout the week to reflect and anticipate what looms on Sunday.

  8. @Steve,

    I took a stab at the Jesus/Twitter question a while back; thought you might dig it.

    Grace and Peace,

  9. […] Jesus were on Facebook Here’s something I picked up from Bosco Peters … what if Jesus were on Facebook? This is what it would look like – Click on the link in the page to explore – what do you […]

  10. Hang says:

    Very funny!!

  11. Caleb says:

    That was awesome. I am so posting a link to this post on my Facebook page.

  12. amy says:

    actually, i think 140,000 fans might be a bit more accurate.😉

  13. Trish says:

    Well done. Thoughtful and funny, as usual!

  14. […] if jesus was on facebook… If Jesus Christ was on Facebook, it would look like this.  This is pretty darn funny – even on Holy Week.  Sorry if […] […]

  15. Ani says:

    Looking through this, I saw Bart Ehrman pop up quite a bit, and a quick Google search lead to his Wikipedia page — — this may be your original source. Or, someone close to him that knows he has a sense of humor. Thanks for posting this!

  16. eugenecho says:

    @Trish: again, i wish i could take credit but i can’t. not sure where it’s from which is why i wrote:

    “original source unknown.”

  17. […] Jesus Christ was on Facebook, it would look like this [original source  unknown].  This is pretty darn funny – even on Holy Week.  Sorry if this is irreverent but too good not […]

  18. gar says:

    The Jesus Facebook reminds me of this:

    Facebook Genesis

  19. Dan Hauge says:

    Wow, poor Bart Ehrman:). I definitely chuckled at the Dan Brown stuff, but didn’t expect Ehrman to take it in the teeth quite so much (for those curious, his latest book is called Jesus, Interrupted. A pretty typical take on ‘why the Bible couldn’t possibly be historical’ type stuff). Fun stuff.

  20. anne says:


    that was awesome. Funny, but also deep – Jesus being distressed, Peter leaving the group, etc.


  21. Rosamonde says:

    This is great. I love it!

  22. lawrence says:

    The french version is 10 times funnier than this. Still a good one:)

  23. Study the web site, CLOSELY!

    And yes, he has a facebook.

  24. Krishna says:

    I believe in Jesus. Jesus wont let me down. Jesus must come down as soon as he can to, make this earth more PEACE Place. People hunger for Peace of Mind. There is no permanent peace n happiness in this earth. Oh Jesus Pls help us.

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But I couldn’t lie to her, so eventually I told my mom that I got a job and was going to work. “Great! What job? What are you doing?” “Um, I’m working at Barnes and Noble as their custodian,” I said finally.

Without asking another question, my mother got up from the dining table where she had been reading her Bible and praying. She slowly walked slowly toward me.

She approached me, then walked past me without saying a word, and I realized she was headed toward the closet. She opened the closet door, put on her jacket, turned around and said to me (in Korean), “Eugene, let’s go together. I will help you.” This is my mother.

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