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i like sarah palin…but not in that way

Sarah Palin is all the buzz nowadays.  Or at least since McCain startled the nation by naming her as his Vice-President running mate.  Till then, no one – outside of Alaska and diehard Republican political junkies really knew who she was. As you might have expected, the traffic on search engines on “Sarah Palin” have been through the roof.  Last week, the local Seattle PI paper stopped by Quest to interview couple of us which also led to a front page photo of our church sanctuary [and one of our pastors].

Maybe it’s the stuff I subscribe to but I haven’t read too many kind words about Sarah Palin so I thought I’d devote an entry on my blog to Sarah Palin.  Why?  Because I like Sarah Palin…but not in that way.

Now granted, some of the criticism about Palin have been self-inflicted.  After an impressive speech at the RNC, her TV interviews – particularly with Katie Couric – were downright embarrassing and painful to watch.  Really embarrassing.  But to her credit – even if she only directly answered about 33% of the questions that were asked – she did very well.  Shocked the Asian out of me. 

But you ask, “What do I like about her?” 

  • She’s an underdog.  Always has been.  I love underdogs.  [I loved Dodgeball: the True Underdog Story.]  She doesn’t come from a family of great privilege or entitlement.  Her mom was a school secretary and her father was a science teacher and track coach. 
  • Speaking of underdogs, she’s a woman in a world dominated by men.  But she kicked butt and became the governor of Alaska.  What’s not to like?
  • She’s no brainiac.  She’s no Rhodes Scholar or Ivy Leaguer.  Granted, we want our leaders to be sharp and intelligent but they don’t have to come from the “best schools,” right?  If anything, her background tells me that she’s a hard worker because she’s not brilliant.
  • She’s an athlete.  It’s intangible and personal.  But I like it.  And she wasn’t a bench warmer.  In high school, she was the starting point guard, captain of her basketball team, and helped her school with a championship.  This is good stuff.
  • She hunts moose.  She’s tough.  Wimps who complain about their nails or Louis Vuitton man-bags need not apply.
  • She was a mayor of a small town where everyone knew everyone.  It works:  it really resonates with me.  As the mayor of Wasilla, she kept a jar with the names of residents on her desk and each week, pulled out a name, called them, and asked, “How’s the city doing?”  I don’t want to be a nobody to some politician where I have to pay $1000/plate for some fundraising dinner to get some love.  Granted, she’s probably changed from the small town days but yet, it’s fresher to her than it is to most politicians. 
  • She’s a family person.  Clearly, she’s had to make tough decisions – ongoing decisions – but her marriage and family – appear to be a big priority for her.  I know it’s not sophisticated for me to share this but I have to be honest, it feels good just seeing her with her husband and her numerous children – including the baby.  Their names?  Not so much but no one’s perfect.
  • Going back to family, I like her because I don’t think she hides behind rhetoric or paper issues.  She genuinely seems to be someone that believes in her convictions.  Listen:  Even if someone has differing views than I do, I find people who live with passion and convictions very attractive.  I don’t know the full story but while some – including politicians who support ‘pro-life’ – may have been tempted to abort a DS baby, the Palins chose to honor their son’s life and the Giver of that life.  Amen.
  • She’s the governor of Alaska and reportedly enjoyed 80% approval rate.  I don’t care what town, city, or state a person is leading but 80% is still 80%.  Very impressive.  Geez, I pastor a small church and my approval rate is like only 52% with a +/- 15% variance.
  • And if I’m honest, I like that she’s a Christian.  From what I’ve gathered, she’s a distant cousin in the body of Christ.  Our worldview is different and thus, it informs our faith differently – or vice-versa –  but nevertheless, I like that Jesus matters to her.  But as I’ve shared before, I don’t care if you’re a Christian or a supposed evangelical, I’m more curious who this CHRIST is to you and how it impacts your commitment to mercy, justice, and humility. How does Christ impact the conviction to love our neighbor – even those neighbors?  We don’t just need likeable Christians, we need people who can lead.
  • Okay, okay, I admit it…I also like her glasses.

Are there things I dislike about her?  Yes but we don’t need to “otherize” her.  But, let’s be real: the question we should be asking is, “Do I like her as the next Vice-President of the United States?” which if you didn’t know, is the 2nd highest office of our country.

And the answer: I like Sarah Palin…but not in that way.  Not as Vice-President of the United States of America, let alone as the President. 

I’m glad that Palin did a solid job during the debates last week.  Why?  Because no one can say she lost the elections for Senator John McCain.  The presidency – win or lose – is up to him.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Well said, Eugene. Well said. I thought Palin did a good job last week as well but let’s be honest, the SNL skits are too funny.

  2. jas dye says:

    bless your heart, eugene.

    i respectfully disagree with some of your subpoints (she doesn’t really tell us what her convictions are besides some talking/bullet points. everything else is “Attack Obama”), but what with our polarizations – and my constant cynicism on all things Palin – i think we could all use a little perspective change. looking for the good and the God in all…

  3. Kari Byrd says:

    As my cousins from Alaska say, she’s a better governor than they thought she would be (of course the governor before her was really really bad) but she’s not qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    I’d like to add something to the mix: she seems to be a very quick study and has great stage presence. She delivers a written speech very well.

  4. Erik says:

    So, which is better, a President with no experience (Obama) or a VP with no experience?

  5. Will says:

    I think I sort of learned my lesson about “good hearted, well-meaning Christians” with Bush. I like Bush and Palin as people, but I don’t want to see either in certain leadership positions.

  6. eugenecho says:

    @jas dye: there’s definitely stuff to question about palin but for me, i question mccain’s judgment in all this. why did he select her – to do basically the impossible. she’s simply not ready – not now at least. that was very painfully evident in those interviews. and by putting her this position, he nearly threatened her entire political career [had it not been for the save last thursday].

    @erik: i’m no obama groupie but i would disagree. when you’ve campaigned against the clinton for 20 months, you become experienced.

  7. sue says:


    You are way too kind. But I think you are writing, in a nicer way, what many already know. She’s not ready and fit to be the Vice-President of the United States.

  8. Ben says:

    I bet it was tough to come up with all those things without thinking about the context which is she’s running for VP of the United States of America without “blinking”.

    I’m cool with her as a mayor or even a Governorof a remote state, but not as someone who is next in line from Commander in Chief.

    I’m dumbfounded by the numb-minded middle America who can even begin to huddle around any remnants of credibility that she has to hold such a high position in our government.

    I want wisdom and providence in our governing leaders and she’s shown very little of both. She needs to marinate and get out in this world to “get it”. She doesn’t get it yet and who knows if she ever will.

  9. DK says:

    We know why McCain selected Palin. She’s likeable. He needed that because he’s not. But I hope people realize that just because you like her doesn’t mean that we should select her for VP.

    But like you, I’m glad she did well last week. I would have hated McCain if in any form, he or his team blamed Palin for the inevitable. Go Obama.

  10. Emily says:

    I pretty much feel the same way about her. She seems like a really cool person, I’m impressed with her convictions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m comfortable with her in the position of a VP. But it’s certainly not necessary to be super-critical just because you don’t want to vote for her like some people are. Great post.

  11. this made me laugh. Politics and policy aside – the very personality traits you mentioned liking are so not things that would attract me to her. Growing up I was never the pretty, athletic, outdoorsy girl and was routinely made fun of because I wasn’t (because all the “cool” girls were). so those traits don’t exactly top my “good VP candidate” list.

  12. mn elise says:

    great perspective….
    i think palin has potential. she just hasnt been on a national (let alone international) scale before. i love her roots and her climb up the ladder, but this is a jump. maybe now that she is exposed to the nation she can move her career up to rep. or senator, and then move toward vp or pres again. then i think more people would see her as legit.

  13. 3mily says:

    yeah, i hear you Pastor E. i feel similarly. and i also feel suspicious that she’s not getting the support she really needs inside the McCain campaign and it’s hurting her. watching the painful interviews suggests to me that she isn’t getting the coaching that –whether we want to admit it or not– most successful political candidates get. a lot of people (myself included) have grown more leery of her because of the way she’s stumbled through interviews: and then had it replayed and remixed and bashed by the entire national media. none of us would look half-decent subject to the same thing.

    i’m also going to risk flaming by saying that, frankly, i realize i’m a lot more like Sarah Palin than Hillary Clinton. I just am, and I’m OK with that. No, my worldview is a lot different… but basic biographical facts, such as they are in my comparatively short life, look a lot more like Palin’s than Clinton’s. I’m not sure that all voters, esp moderate/liberal females like myself, really want to acknowledge that. but there you have it. few of us have a background like Hillary’s. you have to at least respect Palin for what she’s done with her stuff, even if we completely disagree with her worldview.

    and i’m intentionally not coming back to this thread because i’m not interested in reading any righteous outrage about it. 😉

  14. 3mily says:

    and all that said, no, i don’t think she should be VP either. she obviously isn’t qualified.

    but she isn’t the worst or most obtuse person in politics, either.

  15. eugenecho says:

    @3mily: don’t worry. i’ve gotten my share my emails already today.

    Remember people: WWJE! What Would Jesus Email.

    @julieclawson: i’m disappointed you didn’t hunt moose in your youth.

  16. Peter says:

    It seems to me that Palin is stuck under a more powerful magnifying glass because of her short history. No one knew where she came from.

    To me, she’s a very savvy politician who rose from small town mayor to governor in less than 5 years and gave the boot to the republican establishment. You can’t take that away from her.

    You can go back and forth endlessly on who said what, and who did what, who has ties to who. What it comes down to for me is governmental philosophy. We had a certain previous president who promised middle-class tax cuts The problem I see, is that the economy is faltering, the Democrat candidate would like $1 trillion in new spending, and a democrat-controlled congress that is sure to help him pass it.

    Just was talking to a friend in Canada. They have three parties, so that at least two of them have to agree in order for them to pass anything. Just a thought.

  17. zuckh says:

    I was interested with u’r blog, may i put your URL link?

  18. gillian says:

    I like her. I like her spunk and her down to earth, ready to stand her ground, kind of mentality. People seem to forget about the plagiarism problems of Biden. Yeah, I know, it’s in the past – need to move on – blah, blah, blah.

  19. joanne says:

    im glad to finally hear someone talk like this about sarah palin. i feel the same way!

  20. Adam says:

    With all due respect….

    My close friend lived in Wasilla Alaska, grew up with Sarah Palin and had this to say…

    “She was always one of the popular kids, she began her political career simply because she knew her popularity could carry her into the office of Mayor in a small town of 9,000. She DID try to ban a number of books as mayor (not all you’ve seen listed, but many) and failed (luckily). Is Freedom of Speech no longer a right in Alaska? ”

    “She has an 80% approval rating as Governor because she doubled the amount of the rebates given back to Alaska residents from $1,000/yr. to $2,000/yr. It’s hard not to be liked when you throw money at people!”

    As far as sticking to her convictions…This is respectable, however, there should come a time in any intelligent person’s life where they question even their own convictions. One should always entertain new information with an open mind and be prepared to alter their previous opinions or judgments accordingly….after all the world is not flat, not the center of the universe, there were no WMD in Iraq, and drilling all the oil reserves in America will not provide enough gas to even make a difference in our economy, but will destroy some of our most beautiful landscapes. Sometimes things that seem like a good idea at first, must be re-examined. As Emerson so elegantly said, “”A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” We live in a world which is growing smaller by the day, changing more rapidly than ever in the history of Mankind (witness America’s economy tumbling in a matter of weeks), faced with more challenges (poverty, pollution, climate change, resurgent diseases, faltering antibiotics, 200 species going extinct EVERY DAY, world hunger growing relative to fuel costs, and the list goes on…..) Without people of strong character and intelligence, willing to admit when they are wrong (our current President cannot cite a single example of something he would have done different) and make the bold step to change directions in the face of new information, rather than playing the role of ‘Nero’ and watching as The Empire burns in front of us we are doomed to remain on the path we are currently on…perhaps ‘sticking to convictions’ IS ‘honorable’, but not always ‘smart’.

    With regards to taxes and spending, it is time for those who believe the Red party will spend less than the Blue party to take off the blinders. The Red party of old is non-existent today. There is nothing fiscally conservative about leading the country into the largest debt we’ve ever carried, 8 years after having the budgets balanced and a surplus. Trickle down theories DO NOT WORK, they led to the end of America’s dominance in the steel industry almost immediately after we initially implemented them (partly due to no oversight in how the funds were spent) and they are currently leading to economic collapse which will eventually result in a further isolation of the classes and deterioration of the middle class. Simply put, I don’t know what the answer is, but it most certainly is NOT to continue doing what we have seen doesn’t work, for fear that admitting fault would be political suicide. We need a new direction, I don’t know if Mr. Obama can take us there, but I do know that Mr. Emerson was right, if something isn’t working, then intelligent people should realize that something must change!

  21. jadanzzy says:


    I love you as a pastoral/theological figure and a hyung in the faith. But I must, as graciously as possible, never let you be a political analyst.

    Sarah Palin, to me, is manipulative and radical. I wouldn’t care if she had all the years of political experience under her belt. I wouldn’t ever vote for her. And the fact that John McCain chose her as his VP candidate goes to show that he was scared of losing the religious right and the die hard social conservatives.

    I don’t think it’s about differing opinions. I think it’s about fear and manipulation. If she was president, she’d run a more secretive and power-hungry administration than GW Bush. She hunts moose. She also hunts helpless animals from a helicopter with an automatic. She’s dumb. Yes, dumb. I need brilliant leaders. The last brilliant leader was Bill Clinton. America, then, was in a great place.

  22. evanweatherford says:

    this is great. all of these are things that, according to supporters, give her the necessary credibility to be in the white house. i’ve been trying to figure out how to say these exact words for a few weeks now. thanks! awesome blog by the way. loved the BoA/MBNA video.

  23. NSML says:

    sarah palin didn’t even engage in thoughtful discussion in the VP debate. her answers were almost always unsubstantiated generalizations (containing the words “maverick” and “soccer mom” every other sentence), did she even know what she was talking about? i doubt her capability to lead.

    just because shes a woman doesn’t make her an advocate for women’s rights. she has consistently voted against pro-choice initiatives.

    obama’s choice for Biden was purely strategic. Biden was chosen for his expertise and knowledge in foreign policy. whereas McCain’s choice for Palin was purely political. Palin adds NOTHING to McCain’s team other than her IMAGE (woman, mom, down to earth etc).

    As for being a Christian, Palin is very Christian on some issues..but in reality she is not Christian at all in most others…especially concerning antipoverty initiatives, tax cuts for the poor and the middle class, etc. Even as the governor of alaska she is FOR opening up the ANWR for drilling, ignoring native american resistance and environmental concerns. How can she be “Christian” when she supports tax breaks for multi-national corporations and the wealthy (and the trickle down effect DOES NOT work). How can she be “Christian” when she opts for bad stewardship of the earth God has given to mankind?

    Please rethink your vote. And please make your congregation rethink their votes.
    please don’t vote for Palin.

  24. SKN says:

    thanks for the good read, p. eugene. i am amazed at how judgmental and critical people will be of Palin (thanks a lot to media and misrepresentations of her) and yet turn a blind eye to Obama. no one really knew much about him before he started his ambitious journey to the white house.. and still, no one really cares that much that his funding comes from questionable sources (likely middle east-which btw, he is not upfront about. McCain lists all of his sponsors on his website, whereas Obama does not.. who are Loving, Goodwill, and some other ridiculous, obviously made up names? from places that don’t even exist??), that he has close associations with domestic terrorists (which he lied about), has been under a racist, anti-American pastor for 20 years (again lying that he didn’t know-look at the inconsistencies in his book vs. what he says), leans toward a very socialistic view, etc… and if he cares so much about the poor, why hasn’t he done anything to help his half brother in Kenya, who is living in a shack off of $12/year!~??? McCain is not just talk. he and Cindy adopted a girl during one of their MANY trips to the third world countries. this was so long ago, i really doubt it was a political move. McCain, though blamed for being too wealthy to relate to the average person, has given more to charities than Obama ever has! and why isn’t Michelle Obama’s undeserved $300,000+ salary in question? look into it and you’ll see Obama’s fingerprints on that. are they really relatable?

    just because Palin is “average” doesn’t mean she can’t lead. in fact, what really have those “brilliant” Washington, ivy-leaguers done for the average American? Palin has cut the taxes, cut out corruption in Alaska and was able to send a $2000 check to the AVERAGE Alaskan. what has Obama done? he’s cheated the system taking questionable deals from a realtor and been the 2nd highest recipient from the Freddie and Fannie bonuses… is this covered in regular media? of course not. who was responsible for the economic crisis? the democratic house! McCain asked for more regulation. even Bill Clinton acknowledges that the republicans wanted more regulation, but it was the democrats who “resisted” the bill.
    people, please wake up and stop turning a blind eye toward Obama. Palin is not the problem. McCain will not die. that’s a trick of the devil.. er, i mean left wing media. look into Obama’s life and inconsistencies. if you still like him, great. i would like to like him, too… but my values and patriotism say no.
    speaking of, i think it was clever of the liberal side to paint Palin as a “heartbeat” away from the presidency, but in actuality, McCain statistically has a good 10 years ahead of him. the “heartbeat” stuff is actually based on the average lifespan of white males… they say 75 or something? that’s including all the men who died at 45 or 50. the fact is, once you pass age 70, your chances of long life are even greater. he has a 90 something year old mother. i think he’ll live through his term(s).
    there’s no question about McCain’s credibility and ability to reach across party lines. how will Obama be bipartisan when he is so far on the left? he may promise tax cuts for “95%” of Americans, but look at his plan for spending. look at his record. is he reliable? can we hold him to his mere words? we all know is how ambitious he is… changing with the winds. by taxing the small business owners, he will actually kill job creation, and many will lose their jobs.

    i just have so much to say when people judge Palin based on such little facts. don’t hate her for being ambitious. isn’t that what liberals defend? ambitious women? feminists? more power to the women? double standard…? i think so. if she left her baby at home, it would be on the news that she doesn’t care about her baby, leaving him at home! you can’t have it both ways. is my sister a bad mother for taking her one month old baby to church at 5am to pray? or keeping three kids at church until 11pm every Friday night? that would be all of our church families! so maybe church is evil, now? (ok, i’m spinning this too much now, sorry.)
    yes, i’m a conservative republican, and i may now be tagged as a ranting radical conservative. i’m just asking, look at the facts. don’t be blind. be as critical of Obama as you have been about Palin… every candidate should really be scrutinized.
    i’m open to being corrected, so if i’ve given any falsities, so please let me know. please don’t merely be haters just because i’m “conservative”.

  25. B.Jo says:

    I don’t know SKN but would like to direct her and any others interested in exploring another view to visit Although your beliefs seem to be secure in opposition to Mr. Obama it may be good to consider more than the perspecitives you’ve embraced thus far. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in looking at a more complete view of this great man.

  26. eugenecho says:

    @jadanzzy: you were gracious.

    i don’t have any ambitions of being a full-time political analyst but here’s one of the reasons why obama resonates with some people. his ability to engage in nuanced, intelligent, and diplomatic ways.

    what i care about is a person’s ability to truly engage in bi-partisan leadeship. all of this name calling and smearing isn’t going to help when november 5 rolls around.

  27. Tracey says:

    Great post Eugene. Funny, nuanced, and diplomatic. But you also made your point. She’s not ready.

  28. @julieclawson: i’m disappointed you didn’t hunt moose in your youth.

    cuz there are so many moose in central Texas…
    no the most outdoorsy I got was hunting arrowheads with my dad.

    you might find this article interesting –

  29. delia says:

    Palin deeply and profoundly offends me on many different levels: political and personal. I find myself praying many times a day asking God’s forgiveness for the judgmental thoughts I have towards her. I feel deeply offended by her candidacy. It has uprooted many of my own values and made me question my own personal beliefs (i.e. the importance of educational achievement, the definition of a ‘good’ parent, the definition of career success and how that fits with God’s calling for us in this world, the importance of community service/organization, a curiosity about the other cultures and countries in this world, etc.) She has called into question many of my personal values because she has, in the course of the last 6-7 weeks, mocked almost everything I stand for and believe in. I find myself continually second guessing how a significant body of Christians can support her candidacy while I, a Christian so deeply oppose it. So, I find myself praying all the time.

  30. Bret says:

    Here is a truly amazing story. Remember the Christians who were slaughtered in Kenya less than a year ago. They were literally burned alive in their church by supporters of Raila Odinga, who lost the election.

    Odinga later signed an agreement with Muslims to inact Shaira law inlieu of their political support. Guess what political candidate campigned for Odinga?

  31. g says:

    If people want to play the guilt by association game with Obama + (person of your choice), how come McCain supporters are reluctant to mention the links between John McCain and Charles Keating, the man convicted during the 1980s Savings & Loan scandal?

  32. elderj says:

    I would really like to weigh in; really I would. But, I honestly don’t believe I could do so without sliding into sin. I will say simply that there is a palpable lack of congruence in the ways in which folks are evaluating the relative strengths and experience of the candidates and a certain intellectual dishonesty if you will about the things that underlie the critiques of Governor Palin.

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  34. lawrence mintz says:

    Okay let’s get real. It’s fine if she is into Jesus Christ. But that is not suppose to be anything that has to do with government. Remember separation of religion and state. A fundamental principle of the constitution thrown out her icy window. Her folksy retorts remind me of Daisy Mae from Lil Abner and that is certainly not the person I want a heartbeat from the White House. I do believe she might be a good vice-presidential candidate for the PTA of one of her kids. And talking about her kids, she preachers abstinence over sex-education in the schools. Maybe if she preached it to her own children, her 17 year old daughter would not be pregnant. Besides I think Tina Fey is the real Sarah Palin and the country would be better off with Tina as V.P.

  35. MDR says:

    If you are asian, you will be offended by McCain.

  36. eugenecho says:

    @delia: i just wanted to thank you for making yourself vulnerable here and sharing your honest feeling about palin.

    rather than just excusing it, i think it’s good that you’re taking the time to examine not only how and why you feel that way but how it impacts your faith and worldview.

  37. Mike says:

    What has Obama ever done?

    What are his accomplishments that qualify him for president?

    McCain has proven time and time again his ability to reach across the aisle for bipartisan agreements. This is with out question. What has Obama done?

    Obama is a slick talking ivy leaguer. He’s a great orator. We need more than a talking head, we need proven leadership. McCain has shown it. Palin has shown it by kicking butt up in Alaska.

    I can’t believe the mindless masses falling for Obama hook, line and sinker without knowing anything specific about him. Ask the same questions of Obama that they ask about Palin and see if HE is really ready to be the president of the US.

  38. Tracey says:


    It’s called change. You’re so gung-ho about McCain and shockingly, Palin. So, you must be gung-ho about George Bush and the past 8 years.

  39. Thompson says:

    I’m glad you guys all have it figured out, how a Christian is supposed to vote and all. What’s with the racist stuff, “if you’re asian, you will be offended by Mccain” How about the Fla BO supporter that referred to Palin slicing up jews and blacks? I guess it’s OK since he supports your boy. The answer is “no” to the question if “will Christians unite on Nov 5”. Why would I want to unite with people who ask my beliefs and then am called a bigot with my answers? Don’t expect me to come hold your hand when things fall apart. Give me a break.

  40. mn elise says:

    so interesting to look at things through only your own lens, your viewpoint. it causes us to see things as we want to see them, as they support our opinions.

    instead, try suspending that and truly listening to and evaluating what another is saying, processing, thinking. only then can you truly think through an issue and decide what you believe.

    we’re all as equally passionate about what we believe, so if you make your statements in passion, it will just ignite someone else’s. let’s be respectful and engage in critical thinking, and realize that the Lord has us all in different places in life, with different experiences, which will shape our views differently.

    the goal is to make the most christ-like decision we can, based on who we are and where we are. and to discuss things in love for the betterment of the body. and to be at peace.

  41. eugenecho says:

    @mn elise: well said. thank you.

  42. degeneral says:

    hello. i’ve enjoyed reading your posts. this was pretty funny. but i don’t think half the people commenting here even read it.

    but i do question the idea that she did well enough to not cost McCain the election. though she did better than expected at the debate, i do think overall her being on the ticket is going to cost McCain votes.

  43. Sue says:


    “Offends” you? “Deeply and profoundly offends” you?

    Are you “deeply and profoundly” offended by any of our congresspeople? Any of our senators? Any of the machinations of a system that is so corrupt that there is hardly a lie that will not easily fly off the lips of anyone with a camera in his/her face? Offended by Nanci Pelosi, are you? No? A woman for whom the end always justifies the means isn’t offensive? How about Ted Kennedy, who walked away from a drowning woman decades ago and has never again spoken of it? Okay, you are then surely offended by Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or Mitch McConnell. Yeah, they are deeply offensive. Profoundly.

    Sarah Palin’s candidacy causes you to question your faith? Does living in this country cause you to question your faith? Would living in another country cause you to question your faith? What is your faith about? A political candidate?

    Help me, Jesus. “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees AND OF HEROD . . . ” It’s religion or politics with most people, and with His people, it’s not supposed to be EITHER.

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  46. delia says:

    I see that you responded to my comment. I think you misunderstood my comment. Nowhere in my comment did I say that Sarah Palin caused me to question my faith. So far, nothing has caused me to question my faith in God. I don’t see why listing a number of people in Congress has anything to do with my comment either. Truly, I am perplexed. I am registered as an independent and have voted for both Republicans as well as Democrats. In fact, I spent two years as a staffer for fmr Congressman Chris Cox (a lifelong Republican and now head of the SEC). I was simply confessing my judgmental attitude towards Palin which has actually helped me to grow closer towards Christ by realizing that I must commit all to Him. If I had no faith in God, I truly would be much more than ‘deeply and profoundly affected’…I would be going insane. Thank God for God!

  47. […] i met sarah palin tonight It’s hard to believe but I met Sarah Palin tonight.  Ok, kind of.  It wasn’t the real Sarah Palin but I was still very excited since I like her…but not in that way. […]

  48. […] vote Repubilcans.  And then of course, there were those who were annoyed at my post expressing likeness for Sarah Palin since all intelligent thinking Christians vote Democrat.  You can’t […]

  49. […] shared before on this blog that I don’t like Sarah Palin in that kind of way…but I completely agree with her and her husband. Absolutely unacceptable. David Letterman: […]

  50. Carol Fenton says:

    Palin is the worst of the worst – because she uses everyone around her, and her religion to push only herself into the spotlight. Disgusting is the only word that comes into mind.

    Seriously Eugene – Please stop contributing to the Palin media blitz. She is quiting a job that she is unsuccessful at to prep for a job that she is even less qualified for.

  51. Robyn says:



  52. […] initiative? And thus, the perpetuation of the “otherizing” and worse, “demonizing” of others. Which leads us to the big picture […]

  53. […] that, Palin is on the front cover of the latest edition of Newsweek.  Most of my readers know that I like Palin but Not in That Way but what in the world is up with the editors of Newsweek. What is the point of this […]

  54. […] cue, Palin is on the front cover of the latest edition of Newsweek.  Most of my readers know that “I like Palin… but Not in That Way,” but what in the world is up with the editors of Newsweek? What is the point of this […]

  55. […] legalist; the other person on the fence on that hot theological issue; the other liberal or conservatives; that feminist or ultimate fighting Jesus lover, and on and […]

  56. […] love to spend a weekend in Alaska fishing and hunting with her. And as I’ve shared before, I really like Sarah Palin – but not for […]

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"He must become greater; I must become less." - John 3:30 We have to remind ourselves of this truth every day lest we forget:

Our greatest calling as followers of Christ is to be faithful. Not spectacular. Not glamorous. Not popular. Not relevant.

Be faithful.

PS: Also, it helps to get some Vitamin D especially if you live in the rainy Northwest Thank you, Brooklyn, for the reminder. Umm, @jlin7 is a Christian but he wasn't very Christlike with me on the basketball court. He muscled me into the paint, dunked on me, mentioned my momma, and then said, "Stick with preaching." Just kidding. Kind of.

If you haven't heard, Jeremy Lin is donating his one games wages (approximately $140,000) and an additional $100 for every 3 pointer made to support Girls' Empowerment and Education through @onedayswages. That game is this Friday vs the Boston Celtics!

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Did you know that 32 million girls of lower secondary school age are not enrolled in school.

Did you know that every year of secondary school increases a girl’s future earning power by 20 percent.

Did you know that if all girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and West Asia had a secondary education, child marriage would fall by 64 percent.

We can't change the entire world but we can impact the lives of one, few, and in some cases...many.

#jeremylin #jlin #linsanity #onedayswages Don't be held captive to either praise or criticism.

Know who you are.
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Know WHO you serve.

The answer to who you serve makes all the difference... It's the day after International Women's Day - and it's still important to celebrate the contribution of women in our lives, society, and world. As we honor women all around the world, I'm also reminded of how women and children are those who are most deeply impacted by injustice - especially poverty.

Sadly, I have witnessed this reality in too many places. ​In 2012, I traveled to a remote area in Eastern Kenya as part of a @onedayswages response to a famine that struck the Horn of Africa region. This famine impacted nearly 13 million people and according to some sources, took the lives of about 250,000 people. During my trip there, I had the chance of meeting many people but the person that still remains in my memory was a Muslim woman named Sahara.

She was so hospitable in inviting us to her small and temporary home. During our conversation, I learned that ​Sahara traveled 300 kilometers (a little under 200 miles) – some by cart and some by foot – as they sought to escape the worst drought that has impacted East Africa (Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia) in the past 60 years.

This is not a misprint.

She traveled about 200 miles on cart and foot. ​And all along, she was ill. If you look closely ​at the photo, you might notice the large lump in her throat - likely a large cancerous tumor.​ She did not travel alone. She traveled with her husband who I was not able to meet because he was staying with one of his five other wives in this polygamist community.  She did not travel alone. She also traveled with her six children – the youngest being about 1 and the oldest being around 8. She had just given birth to her sixth child when they began her journey. Her youngest was severely malnourished when they arrived to this new settlement in a town called Benane. 
Sahara and her children all survived this journey. They survived because she persisted. 
In honor of Sahara...and so many other women who keep...keeping on.

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