Eugene Cho

assassination plot on obama foiled?

Update: Not a “true threat.”

When Barack Obama first announced his candidacy for the President of the United States, I was excited about the possibility of a person of color simply running for the highest office in the US.  Then after thinking, I got really scared.  Really scared for his life and I shared about it here and here.

I hate thinking this.  While I have no doubts that the larger America can handle the idea of a black president, I don’t know if certain individuals can and fear possible attempts on his life.  Wasn’t that what Doris Lessing was saying in February with the “outrageous comments”: 

British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing caused uproar last night by predicting the assassination of Barack Obama if he becomes the first black U.S. president…Miss Lessing said: “He would probably not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would kill him.”

 And apparently, police officials foiled a possible assassination plot on Obama’s life.  The news below is from Chicago Sun Times.  More on this on the Washington Post and FOX News.  

I hope for the continual safety of both presidential nominees and for a fair, honest, and engaging couple months ahead to determine the next President of the United States. 

By the way, I missed the DNC tonight.  How was Michelle Obama’s speech? 

DENVER — The Secret Service, FBI and other law enforcement agencies were investigating a possible plot against Barack Obama by white supremacists, and at least four people were in custody, sources confirmed today.

Denver’s CBS television affiliate reported that those arrested were connected to a potential assassination attempt against Obama at Invesco Field, the open-air stadium where the Democratic presidential nominee is to deliver his acceptance speech Thursday.

“It’s premature to say that it was a valid threat or that these folks have the ability to carry it out,” a U.S. government official familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press.

Law enforcement sources in Chicago and suburban Denver told the Chicago Sun-Times that those arrested had ties to a white supremacist organization. At least one of them was within 750 yards of the Democratic National Convention center, a source told the Sun-Times.

The Denver television station quoted a law enforcement source as saying one of the individuals told them of a plan “to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a . . . rifle . . . sighted at 750 yards.”

One of the individuals arrested Sunday was apprehended during a routine traffic stop and was found to have rifle scopes in his vehicle. He led authorities to a second man, who had an outstanding arrest warrant.

That man jumped out of a hotel window when authorities knocked on his hotel door, creating a clatter that awoke patrons early Sunday morning. That hotel houses staff of the Sun-Times covering the convention. A hotel spokesman referred questions to the Secret Service.

The man who jumped broke his ankle and was apprehended by police nearby, Glendale Colo., Police Chief Victor Ross told the Sun-Times.

“He has all the markings and things to indicate he’s a white supremacist,” Ross said, noting tattoos linked to the Aryan Nation.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Denver is expected to hold a news conference on the matter Tuesday.

In December 2006, Obama met the Sun-Times editorial board and spoke about concerns surrounding his personal safety as he mulled a run for the White House. Referring to his wife, Obama said his personal security “is something that’s on Michelle’s mind and the minds of many of my friends.”

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21 Responses

  1. lilburtonboy7489 says:

    i could see him getting assassinated cause he’s an idiot, not cause he’s black

  2. eugenecho says:

    Not the ideal first comment I envisioned…to delete or not to delete.

  3. Russell says:

    My vote: BALETED! … Not constructive at all, especially on such a sensitive subject.

  4. Dan Price says:

    I’m sure everyone reading will see what a dumb first comment that is. Probably don’t need to delete.

  5. DK says:

    Eugene, Leave it as it proves the point of your post about “certain” individuals that are just plain stupid.

    I thought Michelle’s speech was amazing. I’ve been reluctant about Obama – for various reasons. One of them is what I see to be an incredibly unhealthy “love affair” many seem to have with him – including the Christians that have been so critical of the Religious Right. But I very much enjoyed Michelle’s honest and down to earth portrait of Obama – simple, humble, and ordinary.

  6. Aaron says:

    Michelle Obama’s speech was great. Supposedly Rush Limbaugh said she must be pregnant from the dress she is wearing… if that is the worst flaw he can find then that says something.

    It was a good speech. She spoke a lot about her upbringing and about the values her and her husband hold. She spoke about honesty and hard work. She also mentioned people who are helping “the least of these”. There was some of the typical pats on the back to other politicians… there were the typical messages of “hope” and “change” but she tied them in to how Barack’s work in Chicago, and how he has already brought hope and change on a different scale. She also addressed the importance of changing the world as it is to the world as it should be… and not to let fear override our drive to work for the world as it should be. Overall I was impressed, I had not heard her speak before.

  7. Moonriver says:

    Obama should have chosen Clinton if it’s really for the good of America, each of them would have given up their differences and tried to work out all the issues by employing Obama’s vision and Clinton’s experience. The fact that Obama chose Biden simply because this guys has the cleanest history and less problems for Republican’s attack shows how egoistic Obama is and what he’s really in for – to win the race, not for the good of America. Clinton is so much more brilliant and capable than Biden. What a poor choice on Obama’s part to choose Biden as a running mate. He just lost my vote for this election

  8. Shaun King says:

    Leave the comment Eugene. I want to say this though – I do not think that that first comment is the exception. I hear very similar comments daily from pastors and church leaders on Twitter and Facebook daily…respected pastors and church leaders.

    Sad and frustrating.

  9. Kevin Davis says:

    I say delete the 1st comment – that’s retarded. I too am scared for Barack, though I still have mixed feelings about him, I would hate for something to happen and only add to the tension that still exists in America.

  10. Kari Byrd says:

    Michelle was fantastic. I love the Obama’s family dynamic. He seems to really try to be a good father and husband.

    Idiot? Last I heard, you need to be intelligent to graduate from Harvard Law.

  11. Kacie says:

    I think if I didn’t already love Michelle Obama I might have felt as though the Obama show last night was a bit contrived to be perfectly Brady-bunchish to reassure voters of their down-home American family life.

    Fortunately, while I’m sure they did have to put on a show, I also truly believe their little family is beautiful.

    I almost wish Michelle was the one running for President! She’s fantastic. Intelligent, determined, confident, AND a wonderful mom.

  12. With the outgoing President George W. Bush whose approval numbers are at an all-time low. That in mind, let’s remember that Senator John McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time supporting all of his shenanigans with an unfeigned loyalty. This coupling has brought this country into a war, that has set this country’s economy on its ear. He told one of the biggest lies to get us into this war–the old “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. My question is simply this, ‘ if the Iraqis had WMD wouldn’t the time to use them was when they were being invaded by our country’? The Bush administration has taken us to the brink of a recession, mortgage debacles, gas prices through the roof and we are in debt to China up the wahzoo. What forward thinking person would believe that things would be different with McCain in office? I know that with John McCain in office we will essentially get much of the same policies that Bush purported.

    Having said all of that, we know that on the basis of the dismal failure of the Republican Party, Barack Obama ascension to the White House should be a slam dunk. Right? Wrong!

    There is this issue that we have in America called RACE ism. It is the ugliest of the isms; it tops classism, out distances sexism, obliterates materialism – it divides us as human beings at our very soul. Look at the root word in RACISM, it is the word Race. That is what racism is all about. It is the whole notion of finishing on top at the expense of others who are different from you. This kind of foolishness fuels the fear among individuals who fear that people of color will finish ahead of them and cost them something in the process. It never stops to think that together we can all make it to the finish line together and a little better. It thinks in the crux of its core that if another race succeeds in the process it will erode “Our way of life.” George H.W Bush Sr. took us to war with Iraq using those very words. If you can recall he said that “ Saddam Hussein will destroy our way of life.” My question was then and remains today to his son, –whose way of life Mr. Bush?

    Biblically speaking which is our absolute proof as believers, we read in the book of Exodus 1:3 Pharaoh looked at the children of Israel, and saw that their numbers were increasing rapidly. In other words, he saw their growth. This concerned Pharaoh greatly because he feared that because of their growth they would one day over throw his power. You see to the racist mind he says, we’ve got to do something about this, and so Pharaoh says from his mouth “we must deal shrewdly with them.”
    He then sets up taskmasters over them to oppress them to ensure under-performance, not to mention a diabolical plan to kill the male child to stop the growth rate -hence, the high number of black males in prison due to racism and a flawed penal system — that incarcerates rather than habilitates, not to mention a high crime rate because of the lack of jobs. The drug epidemic is by design, let’s not forget it was uncovered that the CIA brought crack cocaine to Compton California and put it into the hands of the street gangs the Crypts and the Bloods, and lastly HIV/AIDS. All these things to ensure that we do not race ahead to the finish line.

    And so yes I am very concerned for Senator Obama’s safety because I know that their is a deep fear in the minds of people who fear a reality of change. That word ‘change’as monosyllabic as it is – means a great deal to a great many people. I’m praying everyday for Senator Barack Obama because I know their are many Pharaohs in the land that would love to deal shrewdly with him.

    They have studied the numbers just like Pharaoh did; and they know that this country in the next 30 years with the assurgency of Hispanics –can indeed mean a browning of America. That’s why the RACE for the presidency is as dangerous as it has ever been.

  13. Wayne Park says:

    this is a scary post title… I just hope you don’t get like Federal Agents swarming down on QCafe PE…

    I pray that Obama will have the elitist crack special ops best secret service that there ever was. He may need a pope-mobile. God save the president…

  14. beattieblog says:

    I’ve had this thought from day one about Obama. The two most recent times were when 1) He picked Biden as VP and 2) Just seeing his family and kids on TV last night I felt a real sense of fear and sadness about the possibility for his kids. I wasn’t alive when JFK was killed, but have always been greatly affected by the picture of 3 y.o. JFK Jr. saluting his father’s casket.

    I’ve been impressed with the way they acknowledge the reality of the possibility but then quickly move past it. The only time I’ve seen him really talk about it was on Tavis Smiley’s show. It seemed like he felt he needed to have this discussion with black Americans who didn’t want to vote for him because they feared for his safety. He said something to the effect of, “When have we ever moved forward without great risk and sacrifice.”

    I’ve been thinking about the assassination of Obama because of his race and “foreign sounding name” not at a literal killing level but just the attack on his character, humanity and status as an American citizen. It’s frustrating that there are so many voters who cannot get past skin color and a collection consonants and vowels in their decision-making. It would a nice surprise if his opponents would rise above this and stick to the issues facing our nation.

  15. Daniel says:

    While its okay to speculate that racism may be hindering Obama in the polls, to conclude that it is definitely racism is going a bit far in my opinion.

  16. lena says:

    Michelle Obama’s speech was absolutely phenomenal. The reason everyone loves Obama so much is because he is so relate-able. And his wife only emphaised that.

    I must say, every speech that I heard last night had very wonderful qualities and each built upon the other in such a lovely way.

    As for the threat on his life – I’m sure he and his administration are aware of that. It’s a major concern – his safety. And I think that all will be done to protect him.

    That first comment, just leave it. It’ll give all of the other commenters something to giggle about and laugh at.

    You can still see Michelle’s speech, since you missed it, It is featured on Obama’s website. 🙂 It’s worth it to go hunt it down.

  17. ncarnes says:

    Officials have come out today and said there is no evidence to support the claim that the men were planning an assassination of Obama.

  18. maxx says:

    As an Asian, I thought of that a long time ago. But I prayed that it will never happen. If it odes happen, it will only mark America as one thing: a racist country. Why don’t you guys try to live in Asia, you will see that Asians treat white poeple/black people with respect. Not because they are in the first world country, it’s because in Asia, we learned to live with different races. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally, you won’t see “race” as being the big issue here.

    I hope Obama will be President. I know this world will change. It will be hard and perhaps it will be quite chaotic but it will change. That will be the start of the world really really being ONE.

  19. gar says:

    Michelle Obama’s speech:

    Definitely humanized Obama, IMO – gave us a glimpse of him as a husband and a father.

    I want to believe that America has grown as a place where political assassinations are a thing of a past… but the cynic inside of me is definitely afraid for Senator Obama’s life. Let’s just hope the security detail he has is blessed by God to give him and his family the protection they need.

    Oh, and keep the first comment. If anything, it’s a sad reminder of the way many people feel about the first non-white major party nominee in history…

  20. pjchris says:

    First of all, I thought Mrs. Obama did a great job. I have enjoyed watching how the two of them relate as a couple. Our spouses and our relationships with them influence us greatly, so it’s good to not only to understand more of her, but how they interact as well.

    Second, I relate with your concern above, PE. One of the first things that I said to my husband when it became clear who the two candidates would be is that for the first time I will really be concentrating on who their VP choices are. I do thing that Senator Obama may very well risk his life if he comes president and looking at John McCain’s age and past health issues, he also has a higher potential of becoming incapacitated. I have not yet made up my mind who I am voting for, but I find that I am challenged more as a voter to not only research both candiates, but also their VP choices as they truly could be our next president. I confess that I am also really learning to pray for our nations leaders and their safety (which I should have been doing already).

  21. anu says:

    As of today, even before the official day of voting, a plot was foiled:

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