Eugene Cho

christ is big in my blog

Whew.  I can breathe easy now that the salvation of my blog has been confirmed via this Wordle resource that documents the content of your [mostly recent] entries. I am super proud, righteous, and ecstatic to share with you that “C-H-R-I-S-T” plays a big role in my blog despite my harshest critics that think I am a pagan.  I’m a Christ follower and I have proof here:

What do you think of my Wordle? 

Go and do likewise.  What’s your most prominent item and feel free to post your url.  We won’t judge you. 🙂

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12 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    What’s up with the phrase “bad credit” in your wordle?

    This is cool. When I have some time, I’ll need to do this.

  2. Dan Hauge says:

    I have to note that the second largest specific term is ‘iPhone’.

  3. eugenecho says:

    christ = good.
    iphone = evil.

    good always prevails.

  4. Well that is pretty neat on two counts: Christ being prominent and the software too. Based on mine, it think it pretty much limits itself to checking the first page of the most recent posts.

  5. Enna says:

    It does limit itself to checking the front page entries.
    I know this because PORN would be much larger in my wordle.

  6. Enna says:

    Can’t get the picture to show up. Boo 😦

  7. Tyler says:

    mine is….”think”……no idea why. apparently say that too much.

  8. fikalo says:

    cool, I’m so going to have to try this!!

  9. So my biggest word is “things” – maybe I need to start being more specific in my writing!

  10. […] it’s not misspelled.    Euegene Cho, posted a wordle on his blog, and it looked like a good idea.  So here is ours.  Here’s an […]

  11. Rebecca says:

    My biggest word is ‘one’. Makes me want to break out in a U2 song…

  12. Yikes… my biggest word was “Deadspin” … I think my analysis went a little too far.

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