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video introduction to fight global poverty

We know that global poverty exists. We also know that it will always exists on some level but it doesn’t mean that it gives us a free pass to do nothing.  Apathy is the enemy.  Our vision for the soon to be made public organization focused on fighting global poverty seeks to invite and inspire the global community to join the fight against global poverty by creating a viral, grassroots, and global movement.

The video is a glimpse of what we’re envisioning and created for folks that don’t know who and what we’re hoping to do.  Let us know what you think of the video.  [Much gratitude to Mr. Roboto for helping put this video together]. 

We continue to get our share of criticism for going public with our decision and that’s understandeable.  We’re simply asking for a chance to share our story and vision to those who have ears and hearts to hear.  Nevertheless, I was very encouraged by this note that someone left on the wall of our Facebook Group:

those who have a sincere desire to help the poor can either give quietly & safely OR loudly & dangerously. it’s when we do that latter that we open ourselves to critique and attacks on our personal character & motives.

however, as clearly explained herein, the impact of giving publicly in this case has the potential to be GREATER, as it may motivate others to follow in suit in a similar way (for one).

As I shared before, Minhee and I are half way through our physical lives.  We are pushing the 40 year mark of our lives.  Several years after Minhee and I croak and die, no one will know who we are.  No one will care and neither do we.  But while we spend the remainder of our days on this earth, we want to do our part to help change the world


  1. If you are interested in making a donation to help SEED the vision, contact me. Our goal is to raise an additional minimum of $66,000 to help launch the organization.  We’re asking for folks to consider giving $250, $500, $1000, $5000, and what the heck, anything helps. As you know, we’ve committed $100,000 to get this started. You can click here to read more.
  2. Join this FACEBOOK GROUP.  And then invite 10 strategic people that can help spread the word.  Finally, SHARE the group on Your Profile or Posted Items.
  3. Join our list of volunteers.  Email dcruzin[at]
  4. Forward this post to people who may be interested or link this post to your blog.
  5. If this is up your alley, please keep us in PRAYER.

Our vision cannot eradicate poverty. But our simple hope is to be moved and move others into action because while we can’t save the world, we can help one child, one family, one village… We can make a difference. This is what Minhee and I dream and pray about:

We want to raise funds by creating a global movement of simple generosity.  Raise awareness and connect people to stories around the world.  Raise funds.  Distribute those funds.

We believe that many local indigenous men and women [and ex-pats] are already on the ground doing amazing things to fight global poverty and restore human dignity.  Many of them are orgs and movements you have NEVER heard of.  But nevertheless, they are doing beautiful things. They have history.  They have credibility.  They have respectability.

We want to go to these small organizations all around the world that are working in the areas that UNICEF have long considered key factors in fighting global poverty and we want to ask them a very simple question:

“How can we help you?”

That question is not intended to sound like arrogant Westerners but to simply say: ”You are doing great work.  How can we support what you are doing?  How can we help?”


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24 Responses

  1. Beth says:


    I commend you for your pereverance in putting the focus on global poverty. You are putting yourself in the way of criticism but like you said, it’s okay when it’s something you care about. Keep going!

  2. P.E says:

    Will you be incorporating youth, to empower/inspire them to join this fight?

  3. “We continue to get our share of criticism for going public with our decision and that’s understandeable.”

    What would they criticize you about? Your vision seems pretty laudable to me. A worthwhile to attempt that will no doubt help many people.

  4. david says:

    oops, i put P.E as my name, when i thought i was writing to P.E. [pastor eugene] lol

  5. Speaking of which, my wife and I had a plan of our own- on a much smaller scale though.

  6. […] the video below. Go to Eugene’s blog and read more about his passion to battle the oppressor, poverty. Join their facebook group here. […]

  7. Van says:

    I got here via your facebook group. The video is cool. Puts a face to a random group. Like others, I commend you for putting your passion into action. Good luck.

  8. eugenecho says:

    @totaltransformation: criticism has surrounded something like “just do it quietly and not make a big deal” and “why another organization?”

    @david: we hope so but we’ll see if it catches on somehow.

  9. david says:


    Thanks for your response. I think there’s a great opportunity for a passionate response there… The youth just need direction/framework to be involved.

    I’d love to help out.

  10. eugenecho says:

    @david: i’ll send you some info. check it out and let me know what you think. i’m not sure if you’ve checked out the facebook group at all but it’s pretty interesting the intensity of some of the high school students in their views/comments about how to fight global poverty.

  11. Phil says:

    Eugene, this is great. I have spread the word to people through facebook and my blog
    Also, I am speaking at a YWAM event this week in Vancouver Canada eh! and will be pointing people your way. I am always wondering what we can do more, and this is one more thing. The theme this summer for our YWAM groups is Do Justice, but it could also be do something.

  12. katey says:

    Ezra gave an applause after watching this. i think that means he likes what you are doing. thank you for your vision.

  13. david says:

    cool. send it my way, i’d love to synch with you upon your return from the motherland.

  14. a sister in Christ says:

    You wrote: We continue to get our share of criticism for going public with our decision.

    My heart hurt when I read this. But this is reality: There will always be criticism when it comes to money and giving. Simply because money is so important to us.

    I forgot who said this, but it got stuck in my mind: Our wallet is the last thing that is getting converted.

    When the Pharisee criticized the sinful woman, who gave her BEST to Jesus, Jesus is the One who defended her. He is talking about love. He got right to the point because HE IS ABLE TO LOOK INTO OUR HEARTS!

    If your motive in going public with your giving was LOVE for JESUS (and I believe it was!), then you have done the right thing. (The sinful woman also was doing her giving in semi-public and challenged millions, including me!)

    Of course, you are not perfect. None of us is. Jesus did not mean for us to be perfect, but blameless. And blameless you are if your motive was right before God!

  15. Holly says:

    Hey Eugene – I’m super inspired by your vision and concern for poverty. It is so encouraging to see the local church step up and do their part in the fight against global poverty. I hope this doesn’t come across as criticism, but I’m wondering: How is your organization different from others who are doing very similar work? Blood Water Mission? World Vision? CARE? Compassion? Concern? Mercy Corps? There are hundred of non-profits, Christian and secular, working to address and alleviate poverty.

    Additionally, I feel very strongly that money is not our only resource. We must do what we can to be proper stewards of our finances and your efforts/the movement of the spirit in forming this organization is a significant contribution to the conversation around stewardship. I also believe that we so many resources beyond money – education, time, food, citizenship in the United States, a voice in a country whose policies often hurt the poor more than help them. I hope that you will consider ways to incorporate teaching/preaching/awareness about being good stewards of ALL our resources, not just finances.

    Finally, I feel that it is important to know where my money is going when I contribute to an organization. I hope you’ll consider highlighting the types of projects you fund, stories of the impact of just $1 on the developing world. There is a huge movement out there already – Micah Challenge, ONE Campaign, Bread for the World, relief and development groups throughout the world. I’m glad that you are joining/contributing and partnering with it.

  16. eugenecho says:


    tha’ts a great question. how are we different and why start another organization? i don’t receive it as a criticism but rather, a constructive question. i’d be asking the same question.

    to the first question about how we’re different, i’d say:

    “not really. our end purpose is the same, isn’t it. we’re all trying to do our part, play our role, be a voice, be an advocate…towards the fight against the evil and injustice of poverty. so, in that end, i’d be honest and say we’re not different.”

    then, why start another organization?

    “i have a feeling the orgs you mentioned and the thousands of orgs that are out there were once asked that very same question. i’m super glad they decided to move forward to give birth and life to their orgs. the complexities of poverty are so wide, deep, and massive that we need as many orgs [provided they are growing in efficiency and transparency] to engage this fight. that’s my personal philosophy. i’m not suggesting every single person start their own org but provided there’s depth, substance, vision, mission, and sustainability…

    while the end purpose is the same, i do believe our process is unique and different as we seek to engage anyone and everyone to be involved in some capacity. i get frustrated sometimes that “philantropy” seems to reserved for the rock stars, hollywood a-list, or millionaires, and i just want to invite the average joe cho schmoe to get involved…like minhee and myself.

    lastly, we are starting this because we feel called.”

  17. eugenecho says:

    @phil: thanks so much for the advocacy and support.

    @katey: yay! now that we have ezra’s support, there’s no stopping this movement.

  18. Michelle says:

    Ignore the criticism. It sounds like you are going in the right direction……

    Keep praying……..

    You need to give your organization a NAME so people can associate a name with it! This is VERY IMPORTANT. You are going a great job getting people information on your blog and facebook and have an opportunity to get the word out but you need name association at this point……(Not criticizing, trying to help!) 🙂

  19. eugenecho says:


    thanks for the advice and feedback.

    we have a name for the organization but aren’t ready to release it yet. we’re still waiting for our 501c3 issuance from the IRS. once that’s released, it’ll hopefully spread like wildfire.

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  23. Elijah Grindstaff says:

    Hey Eugene, I love reading up on what you are doing…

    I wanted you shoot you a web site for an organization I worked with in N. Ireland

    It’s called Christina Aid (they are not strictly a christian org) They are a UK company that do exactly what you are looking to do. It would be a good group to check and talk with. They raise money, help fund smaller organizations all over the world, and they provide awareness all over Europe. THey are not in the US at all…

    The company started long ago when the Protistents and Catholic churches wanted to put money towards world poverty and disasters. Eventually the company went private and was not run by the churches and now the money that is donated from all over and the church funds are less then 50% of the donated money.

    It is a really amazing company and I think you would be encouraged by what they are doing!

    All the best,


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One Day’s Wages

My Instagram

Back safely from Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. Thanks for your prayers. 
I have numerous stories to share but for now, the following came up in every conversation with Iraqi/Syrian refugees:

1 Have tea with us. Or coffee. Or juice. Or something with lots of sugar in it. Or better yet, all of the above.
2 We want peace. We want security. 
3 We hate ISIS. 
4 We just want to go home.
5 Please don't forget us.

Please don't forget them... Father, please bless and protect these Iraqi and Syrian "refugee" children that have already endured so much. Protect their hearts and mind from unfathomable trauma. Plant seeds of hope and vision in their lives. And as we pray for them, teach us how to advocate for them. Amen. "We don't call them refugees. We call them relatives. We don't call them camps but centers. Dignity is so important." -  local Iraqi priest whose church has welcomed many "relatives" to their church's property

It's always a privilege to be invited into peoples' home for tea - even if it's a temporary tent. This is an extended Yezidi family that fled the Mosul, Iraq area because of ISIS. It's indeed true that Christians were targeted by ISIS and thatbstory muat be shared but other minority groups like the Yezidis were also targeted. Some of their heartbreaking stories included the kidnapping of their sister. They shared that their father passed away shortly of a "broken heart." The conversation was emotional but afterwards, we asked each other for permission to take photos. Once the selfies came out, the real smiles came out.

So friends: Pray for Iraq. Pray for the persecuted Church. Pray for Christians, minority groups like the Yezidis who fear they will e completely wiped out in the Middle East,, and Muslims alike who are all suffering under ISIS. Friends: I'm traveling in the Middle East this week - Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. (Make sure you follow my pics/stories on IG stories). Specifically, I'm here representing @onedayswages to meet, learn, and listen to pastors, local leaders, NGOs, and of course directly from refugees from within these countries - including many from Syria.

For security purposes, I haven't been able to share at all but I'm now able to start sharing some photos and stories. For now, I'll be sharing numerous photos through my IG stories and will be sharing some longer written pieces in couple months when ODW launches another wave of partnerships to come alongside refugees in these areas. Four of us are traveling together also for the purpose of creating a short documentary that we hope to release early next year.

While I'm on my church sabbatical, it's truly a privilege to be able to come to these countries and to meet local pastors and indigenous leaders that tirelessly pursue peace and justice, and to hear directly from refugees. I've read so many various articles and pieces over the years and I thought I was prepared but it has been jarring, heartbreaking,  and gut wrenching. In the midst of such chaos, there's hope but there's also a lot of questions, too.

I hope you follow along as I share photos, stories, and help release this mini-documentary. Please tag friends that might be interested.

Please pray for safety, for empathy, for humility and integrity, for divine meetings. Pray that we listen well; To be present and not just be a consumer of these vulnerable stories. That's my biggest prayer.

Special thanks to @worldvisionusa and @worldrelief for hosting us on this journey. 9/11
Never forget.
And never stop working for peace.

Today, I had some gut wrenching and heart breaking conversations about war, violence, and peacemaking. Mostly, I listened. Never in my wildest imagination did I envision having these conversations on 9/11 of all days. I wish I could share more now but I hope to later after I process them for a few days.

But indeed: Never forget.
And never stop working for peace.
May it be so. Amen. Mount Rainier is simply epic. There's nothing like flying in and out of Seattle.


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  • Boom. Final fishing trip. Grateful. A nice way to end my 3 month sabbatical. #catchandrelease… || 20 hours ago
  • Christians: May we be guided by the Scriptures that remind us, "Seek first the Kingdom of God" and not, "Seek first the kingdom of America." || 21 hours ago
  • Every convo with Iraqi/Syrian refugees included: 1 Have tea with us 2 We want peace 3 We hate ISIS 4 We want to go home 5 Don't forget us || 3 days ago
  • Back safely from Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan to assess @OneDaysWages' partnerships & to film mini-documentary on refugee crisis. So many emotions. || 3 days ago
  • Pray for Mexico. For those mourning loved ones. For those fighting for life - even under rubbles. For rescue workers. Lord, in your mercy. || 3 days ago
  • Don't underestimate what God can do through you. God has a very long history of using foolish and broken people for His purposes and glory. || 6 days ago