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holy gasoline

I need your participation for this local, national, and global survey!

When we moved to Seattle eleven years ago, my favorite gas station sold gas at one point for $0.87.  No need to adjust your eyes.  You read that correctly.

Yesterday, the cheapest gas in our neighborhood was $4.259.  I stood there shocked when the total cost to fill up our minivan was $61.37.  Picture of the receipt below as proof.

So, I’ve got couple easy questions for you and I’m hoping that EVERYONE who reads will participate:

How much was gas [per/gallon] the last time you filled up your car?  What neighborhood or city do you live [and if appropriate, what country]? 

Extra Credit: 

Are you walking or biking more as a result?  Driving less?

I’d love to see which city in this country and world boasts the cheapest and most expensive gas.  And yes, I’d like to hear what folks are doing to in response to the escalating prices for gas.  I don’t know about you but our family is certainly feeling the pinch.

* And this can only happen in Seattle.  Even gas stations take global political stances.  Check the bottom of the receipt: 

Thank You.  Come back Soon.  Free Tibet.

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  1. J. P. says:

    $4.12/gal x 15.3 gals = $63.15 @ Costco (downtown Seattle) on June 6. As a point of recent comparison, I paid $3.00/gal at one point last September when driving cross-country, and that was bad enough–$85 for a 28 gal truck tank!

    p.s. Is this tibet they’re giving away some kind of ice cream or exotic espresso drink? (haha)

  2. aaron says:

    I think my last fill up was ~$4.50/gallon, which means the 18gal tank on the Corrado would be $81 to fill 😦

    I haven’t started yet, but I am seriously considering biking to work occasionally…

  3. Graham says:

    Think £1.13 ($2.20 according was the last figure I actually stopped to read, but that was a few weeks ago. For us in Britain, the rises have been much less steep because we never assumed

    As a Christian I see humanity’s determination to drain this planet of every last drop of oil and ignore all the other consequences as symptomatic of our wider disdain for, and failure to steward, God’s creation, so I don’t drive. I bike everywhere I possibly can, take trains the rest of the time (often with my bike so I can cycle on arrival).

  4. anonymous says:

    I paid $4.09 per gallon when I topped off my tank last week. I live in Massachusetts. I pay $25.00 per week in gas to travel back and forth to work, and I only live 3 miles away (one way). I’d walk but I have a bad foot. Do people car pool when they live 3 miles away from work??

  5. Donna says:

    Who fills the tank anymore? Am blessed to work from home…we live in Florida & we’re at $3.99 a gallon & holding. So I just wet the bottom of the gas tank once a week w/about $20 & that gives me a quarter tank. Yes, so it would be $80 were I to live large, blow the budget & fill the truck.

    We’re supposed to drive back to Maryland in August for a family wedding, if we can afford the gas for the trip…

  6. Michael says:

    Last fill up: $3.79. Since then it has gone up to $3.89. Dallas, TX. No, not driving less as Dallas is not very mass transit friendly (I would have to drive about 10 mintutes, it takes 25 in the car, to the nearest rail station, and still transfer to a bus to get to school. No bus or train to where I work. Also, Dallas is not bike friendly. I would be terrified to ride a bike to school or work.

  7. chunque says:

    Bikes and busses are for losers. Man up. Get a job that pays enough for you to afford an SUV

  8. Randall says:

    I tried biking to work this weekend (to test out the route) and it nearly killed me. (I live in West Seattle and work in Bellevue.) The ride across I-90 was beautiful but all the hills taking me past Mercer Island…I wasn’t expecting that – worst part about going downhill is the knowledge that you’ll have to ride back up the hill on the way back.

    Don’t think that’s an option for me yet.

    Anyway, last time I filled up my xB it was just over $40. I nearly puked.

    But I’ve always been a slow driver so I make every gallon go pretty far. Recently I found that there’s a name for the way I drive…hypermiling. Love it.

  9. Rachael says:

    Jacksonville/Saint Augustine is 3.99 during the week and 4.03 on the weekends. My husband and I have been trying to share rides. His work is inbetween my job and our home so.. We’ll both drive to work on Monday and then after work I’ll park my car at his office and we’ll drive his car home together. The next morning we’ll drive to his work together and then i’ll drive my car to work. and then..repeat each day. I’m only driving my car about 25 miles each day instead of 50…his drive is the same, but we safe with my car. i can’t wait until my lease is up and we can get a hybrid.

  10. chrismarlow says:

    austin is 3.85 right now. lucky for me I work 1 mile from my house. so that helps conserve. i may start biking in the next few weeks.

  11. Kris says:

    $4.05 in northern suburbs of Chicago. So far it hasn’t changed my driving habits. We have cars that get relatively good gas mileage (Camry and Rav), but when one of them bites the dust, I would like to get a Prius. We are most likely several years (at least) away from a new car though.

  12. Kacie says:

    well, I haven’t filled up in a year, I take the bus everywhere. Actually, that’s an exaggeration. My husband does drive our car, so I get to ride with him on the weekends. I just never drive it myself and never fill up the gas. In any case, the Dallas busses have had a slight jump in riders, but really not as much as you might expect. The public transportation system here needs some work to really cover the area, so until that happens most people are still forced to drive.

  13. Matt says:

    Last time I filled up was on my way down from Jersey to Baltimore. it was 3.82 on the turnpike and cost about 43 bucks (i still had a little over 1/4 left in the tank). Won’t be driving as much now that i’m done with seminary. =)

  14. Ruth says:

    i paid $3.95, which was also the cheapest grade.
    my car was 3/4 empty, and the total came up to be $42…ouch~

  15. Ben says:

    What’s with all these people living in the cheap part of the States posting up enviable gas prices?

    I paid probably 4.50 for premium here in Kirkland, WA. I have 2 cars. One takes regular and about 17 gallons so it cost me $70+ to fill that up. The smaller car of the two requires premium so that one ended up being $58. I only use Costco gas if convenient for the bigger car.

    I was in LA this past weekend and it was hovering around $4.67 for premium.

    What am I doing to respond to it? Nothing. I’m living within my means and can shoulder the double spend on gas, though mentally, the fact that it’s double what it was say last year makes me more “aware” now. If it gets to $100 a fill up, that’s when I’ll start trying to drive a little less.

  16. danielktaylor says:

    In Edmonton we’re paying 1.32 a litre which for you philistines works out to about 4.95 a gallon. Today the american dollar is about 98 cents canadian so we’re paying roughly 5 bucks a gallon. And I live in “oil” country

  17. becky says:

    Monday $3.91 87 octane

    motorcycle is out more and more

    Oh and we live in Liberty, Missouri just north of Kansas City

  18. Sae says:

    In Korea, it’s about $8/liter at some places which equals about $7.50 for you whining Americans.

  19. Sae says:

    Oh, and I rarely drive because subway station here in Seoul is wonderful.

  20. Rusty says:

    I live in the middle of Houston, Texas and just paid 3.95 a gallon to fill up my 1997 Honda Accord. It was the first time in the past 8 years that I have ever broken the $50 mark while filling it up. I’m a grad student at Rice University and live close enough to campus that I’ve been able to walk. However, this summer I’m adjuncting at a community college 25 miles north of town. I believe the cost of gas combined with the meager amount they are paying me means I am actually paying out of my pocket to have this job. Oh well….

  21. Lars says:

    2.35/liter = $8.85 US/gallon.
    I work in Sweden. Not much of a choice.
    I’d like to pay $4.259.

  22. jane says:

    $4.59/gallon this morning for regular unleaded gas in oaktown, ca. booooo…

  23. Irene says:

    In South Africa I am paying $1.25 a liter. It takes 50 liters to fill up my car (about 13 gallons) and that costs $62 to fill it up. I heard today they expect it to be $5 a liter (about $20 a gallon) by the end of the year here.

    I am thinking of selling my car. And I am thinking I should do it before cars become worthless because no one can afford to drive it anymore!

  24. crashtestmommy says:

    4.23/gallon @ Safeway on June 6. Filled up 1/2 tank, cost = approx $35. Filled up 1/2 because I was sure the price would soar the next day (following Dow -400pts. and oil + to $140/barrel. Freaky. We’ve been driving less and have bikes ready to go, but hauling 2 small kids around on a bike/trailer for this momma…a lotta work. I’m just not that hardcore–yet. I hate to say that i am partly (not so secretly anymore) thankful for the forced slow down in consumption and the increased benefit in staying more local. Call me crazy.

  25. gillian says:

    I paid $4.13 p/g yesterday. And I don’t live in a city. I live in a really small rural town (pop. 1000 +/-) in Maine. Out here in the country we have no public transportation. We barely have a taxi – we have to check first to see if the owner is a) sober and b) not on his lobster boat working. Taking a leisure walk is fine. Walking to work, school, etc is not. There is too great a distance between areas. Riding a bike is also fine. When it’s not snowing or 15 below. So are we driving less? Probably. But there is only so much we can eliminate and combine. Heating oil is the big worry here in the NE. Laying in cords of wood. It’ll be ok as we New Englanders are from a hearty stock. 🙂

  26. Ted says:

    Toronto, Canada: about $1.35 a litre, which is about $5.10 a gallon.
    My Toyota Camry now costs about $80 to fill up.

    However, I think most of us can cut back in other areas to offset this pinch. How much money would you Seattle/NW-coasters save by denying yourself that Starbucks latte every morning?

  27. Su says:

    I bus and sometime bike to work. Having a car can be a waste of money if you don’t drive much, so I’ve decided to it. Hourly/daily rates that include gas and insurance and 180 miles free. They are all over the place…. When I do the math, zipcar is saving me cash….

    I also have really nice friends that don’t mind giving me rides. They see it as ‘carpooling’ and that I am actually doing them the favor! You know, carpool lane access, reduce their carbon footprint, keep them company, etc….

  28. Aaron says:

    4.38 x 18 gallons = ~$78 per tank in Sacramento, CA.

    Working on am ambulance we consume a lot of diesel. At $5.10 per gallon, I have paid over $130 to refill on several occasions. That has to give you a small glimpse of how gas prices are affecting business owners, truckers and at the end of the day unemployment and consumer prices.

    This makes me want to break into my whole spiel on the economy and how we have been walking a thin line of debt and overconsumption that has finally broken by rising prices… I think it will be a long time before things stabalize. I guess you can see where my consumer confidence stands.

    I am not driving a whole lot less. But I do try to be more careful driving very far just for one small errand, when I can wait and consolidate the trip with other tasks.

    I am considering biking to work! And it is 13 miles! But there is a nice bike path that runs most of the way free of automobile traffic. Also considering a motorcycle if things continue to rise…. and members of my family are considering a Prius.

  29. chad m says:

    $4.23 @ Safeway in Mount Vernon, WA…total cost was close to $43 for a Ford Focus! are you kidding me?

    i’d love to say i’m driving less and riding my bike or walking, but the rain might melt my beauty…i know that’s a crappy excuse, but i really hate the rain right now. my wife and i are crazy fortunate that neither of us drive farther than 2 miles to work, so the gas crunch hasn’t really hit us that hard.

  30. Anni says:

    I live in New Braunfels, TX (just north of San Antonio, home of Schlitterbahn Waterpark) and our top gas price is $3.95 right now, though I did see a sign for $3.86 last night. I just try to combine outings as much as possible… Oh, and we don’t have any public transportation here so we’re on our own!

  31. dmowen says:

    It was $54.07 to fill up my mini in the U district of Seattle last week, so that works out to about $4.29/gallon. Back when gas was around $2 a gallon I guessed that it would take about $5/gallon for people to start significantly changing their driving behavior and it looks like we’re getting close. On a different economics note, do you have any ideas on what’s going on with the protests in S. Korea? Is it just about beef? The protests seem massively disproportianate to the miniscule risk of mad cow disease from US beef.

  32. tommy tryggestad says:

    Honolulu as of 6/10 was $4.09 / gallon.

  33. beattieblog says:

    New Braunfels, TX sounds like a nice place to live. Any place with a “3” in front for the price sounds good these days.

    I gas up my honda mini-van for abot $63/tank at around $4.35 in Lake City (Seattle). I really feel for commercial drivers of any kind. The only plus side is that people are buying fewer SUVs (if you want one, the prices are dropping) and maybe this will force car manufacturers to put out higher mileage autos. BTW, my minivan gets a tad better mileage than the ’03 Subaru Forester I used to drive gets (17+ milies per gallon).

  34. Jennifer says:

    I love that your receipt says “Free Tibet” at the bottom.

  35. kent says:

    $4.15 per gallon. Aurora, IL 30 miles west of downtown Chicago

  36. goldfearsnofire says:

    So Nurnberg, Germany: 1.54 Euros/Litre. I did the math, and this rounds out to about 9.33 dollars/gallon. Needless to say, Europeans are sitting on their trains, undergrounds, and busses, smirking at us silly Americans and our “high” gas prices.

  37. jesusbracho says:

    I live in Atlanta, but went to Venezuela to see my mother. To fill up the Toyota FJ 2.85 the whole tank. I guess it’s like 30 cent a gallon

  38. belizebound says:

    I bought gas yesterday in Las Vegas Nv (yes I live there) for 4.299. Because of the new gas prices, we go nowhere anymore. We used to take trips out in the desert at sunrise to take pictures. We used to drive to San Diego to visit relatives. We don’t do any of that anymore.

  39. eugenecho says:

    @dmowen: depressing that $54 is needed for a mini cooper.

    there’s much more context to the riots in korea. in some ways, koreans are a protesting nations. because of some historical tragedies of government abuse, they want to make sure that they keep the govt in check which is good. the new president is in office now and i think they are sending him a message.

    also, there’s a long long history in its relationship with the U.S. while they are grateful for their assistance in the korean war, there are many who think [and i would agree to some extent] that the korean govt can be puppets to the powers to be in the U.S.

    @goldfearsnofire: crazy.

    i did read somewhere that gas in VENEZUELA is about $18 cents/gallon.

  40. Alex says:

    I paid $3.96 when I filled up last week (Moscow, ID). We don’t take drives after church on Sundays anymore. We also uber-plan our grocery, errand etc. runs around town. We are practicing “hypermiling” by changing our driving habits and are actually getting much more out of a tank of gas.I also recently looked into Honda motorcycles and some scooter shops.

    I really wish that GM had not put the kabash on the Electric Car.

  41. Timmy says:

    I don’t care. I’m moving to Venezeula.

  42. Will says:

    I live 30 minutes south of Birmingham Al. where I work. We paid $3.799 last Thursday when we filled up our small car (my other is a Ford F-150). Our summer travel plans are all but canceled.

  43. Dana says:

    $3.94/gallon in Douglasville, GA (metro Atlanta)
    I try to consolidate my errands. I shop online more. My parents have started carpooling to work. Unfortunately biking and mass transit are not options in my town. I look forward to living in a place where those can be my primary forms of transportation.

  44. Scott says:

    1. I think I paid $3.89 when I filled up last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. It costs over $75 to fill up my Ford F-150, which really doesn’t fill it, the pump just shuts off at that point because the credit card company won’t allow more than that on a single fill.

    2. Yes, I have recently started riding my bike to work, and it is great. I was amazed to find out how many people right now are making the switch to bike commuting. I’m so excited about it that I have just started blogging about it at

  45. daniel so says:

    Eugene — Look at what you’re doing to me! Here in San Diego, gas is right around $4.60/gallon. It’s downright surreal that $4.25 seems like a steal.

    We have actually changed our driving habits because of the high gas prices. By simply slowing down from about 75-80 mph (I know it sounds fast, but that’s basically keeping up with traffic down here in SD) to about 65 mph we are getting about 40 miles more per fill up.

    However, I think 65 is about the slowest I can go without driving myself nuts, even though I know slowing down more would result in greater savings. Seriously, I’ve had retirees tailgating me all week.

  46. Andrea says:

    Just filled up at Costco in Shoreline, WA and paid $4.17 for 11.84 gallons for a total of $49 and change. It was $4.11 two days ago when we filled up our other car. The furthest we have to commute is to church twice a week and that is adding up! Arthur takes the bus to work but he has to be at the park and ride before 7:30 these days in order to find a parking space. I do have to say that the lack of fuel efficient vehicles you can put 3 car seats into is unfortunate. We are just trying to cut out unnecessary trips where possible and drive slower, speed up slower, etc. Sure, we can afford the higher prices but why waste our money? I’m just glad we get our 3% back! We don’t buy gas anywhere but Costco now.

  47. Sandy Dobbins says:

    Hello from Canton Ohio where I paid 3.99 yesterday.

  48. Linda says:

    Where are the other Prius owners here?!? I pay well over $4/gal like everyone else in Seattle, but I hardly ever break $30 per fill up, which averages 6-7 gallons to go up to 400 miles.

    Yeah, I get 54mpg on average.

    What have I done differently? Er… not much 🙂

    When I first got the Prius in ’06, I soaked up a ton of info from about hypermiling and other Prius-driving secrets (like feathering the pedal to ride in ‘stealth mode’, which can only be done in hybrid cars, I think). If I hypermile home from work via ~13 miles of local routes, I get 74MPG.

    Needless to say, I LOVE my Prius. Smartkey entry, integrated automatic bluetooth, secret compartments, 9 speakers, 6 CD changer, multifunction display, … EVERYTHING! Anyone have questions about it, feel free to contact me!

  49. eugenecho says:

    @linda: i’m also surprised we’re not hearing more from our hybrid drivers. i thought you hybrid folks would be here to rub it in everyone’s faces. i would.

    i am awaiting more news about the 2009 honda hybrid that’s supposed to be priced below the the civic hybrid.

    if i didn’t need to lug around 3 kids, i’d also consider the honda fit.

  50. Ben says:

    I want a Prius. 🙂

  51. Linda says:

    @eugene: i try to be humble 🙂 And to keep it real, there are some drawbacks — I always get volunteered to drive on road trips and carpools, for one. For another, it’s possible to walk away with the car key in your pocket while the car is still silently on and running. It’s also annoying sometimes to drive silently through parking lots and have to roll down the window to ask people in front of you to move, cuz they don’t hear you coming. And I suppose it would be somewhat cramped for a 5-person family 🙂

    @ben: i think there’s still a waiting list…

  52. beattieblog says:

    *please note* the following comment is a product of Pruis envy from a mini-van driver with two kids and a 70 lb. chocolate lab.

    Have you seen the humorous article in Wired on the Prius? It’s here:

    Here’s one quote:

    “If a new Prius were placed head-to-head with a used car, would the Prius win? Don’t bet on it. Making a Prius consumes 113 million BTUs, according to sustainability engineer Pablo Päster. A single gallon of gas contains about 113,000 Btus, so Toyota’s green wonder guzzles the equivalent of 1,000 gallons before it clocks its first mile. A used car, on the other hand, starts with a significant advantage: The first owner has already paid off its carbon debt. Buy a decade-old Toyota Tercel, which gets a respectable 35 mpg, and the Prius will have to drive 100,000 miles to catch up.”

    Their solution? “Better yet, buy a three-cylinder, 49-horsepower 1994 Geo Metro XFi, one of the most fuel-efficient cars ever built. It gets the same average mileage as a 2008 Prius, so a new hybrid would never close the carbon gap.”

    I can still remember the fear I felt careening down hills at 65 miles an hour in my high school buddy’s GEO Metro. I thought the rattling side panels were going to sheer off in the wind…I’d like that 50+ mpg right now though.

  53. maleesha says:

    It costs me about $56 to fill up my regular ol’ Subaru now. I used to get annoyed when it cost over $30. I don’t have much of a commute anymore, but I did start biking to work. Save gas and get in shape. Unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating as much as I would like.

  54. Jan Owen says:

    I live in Madison, Alabama. But I last bought gas in Murfreesboro, TN (near Nashville) at $3.94 at a mapco station……..I didn’t fill up so don’t know the total cost.

  55. Tyler says:

    portland, or $41 in my corolla. i am trying to sell a car and going to start biking to work.

  56. A says:

    $ 45.00 @ $3.80 to fill my Saturn sedan. During the school year which just ended a week ago I worked across town but now I work much closer to home but my doctors office which i have to go to 2x a week is across town and too far to ride to. So yes I am riding my bike more if it is possible.

  57. A says:

    oh yeah that is in Northern Colorado

  58. Josh says:

    Portland, Oregon today: 12.005 Gallons @ $4.179 a gallon = $50.17
    Simply put, I’m driving less.

  59. Kim says:

    It was $4.25 this morning at Thornton’s in Vernon, CT – that’s at our local station that is always the cheapest anywhere CT as far as I can tell. We’re driving less, trying to consolidate our trips better. Connecticut is currently #1 for the highest gas prices in the country.

  60. joanne says:

    it is horrible! sam works for postal express and as a result of the crazy gas prices they have of course had to start charging more to customers for deliveries (about 10+bucks more!) and give a raise to thier workers (owner-operators pay for thier own gas!) this cant last forever??? can it?? and btw-thats my gas station too-i love those guys! FREE TIBET!!! 🙂

  61. Vince says:

    $4.55 today in Los Angeles. We bought a minivan a couple years ago and held onto our Accord as a spare car. Last weekend, we put the car seats back in the Accord. We will cut our gas consumption 40%.

  62. Anders says:

    10$ pr gallon in norway

  63. jason says:

    read this thing on AOL about a month ago concerning this and the highest gas was 18 dollars and change in Sierre Leon

  64. PeregrinJoe says:

    The last fill-up of my Ford Ranger stick-shift pick-up cost me $62.00 here in Atlanta, GA. There is no way to do anything other than drive here because our mass transit system is a joke and everything is so spread out you can’t bike or walk anywhere. I mean it takes you ten minutes just to get to your local gracery store in a car for crying out loud! Besides all that, it is so freaking hot here, you’d probably pass out from heat exhuastion before you reached your destination anyway.

  65. Clint says:

    $3.91 in Dallas, TX

    Dallas is just like what the above commenter says of Atlanta–mass transit is a joke and nowhere worthy of going is close.

  66. la v says:

    responding to the call for the prius drivers to speak up… we love ours! every day we thank our lucky stars that we bought this car 3 years ago. we’re paying in the high 30s to fill up right now in tukwila, almost 40. though we do get about 500 miles a tank. aiming for higher! we’ve adjusted the way we drive by carpooling to work more, and for the first time today, i woke up at 6:15 am to drop my husband off at an office park near ikea (about 5 miles from our home) so that he could take the microsoft connector to work. and now i have to go pick him up again! i don’t think this is very economical… that’s 20 miles a day! i think we’ll get him a bike…

  67. brandonsneed says:

    3.99/gallon = roughly 80 bucks a tank for my Explorer, which I bought when gas was just getting above $2 a gallon. Before that I had a Jeep I could fill up for $20-25.

    I try to fill up when it gets between a half tank and quarter tank. I work about 20 miles from my apartment and usually have to drive anywhere from 10-50 miles a day for work (I’m a reporter). I typically spend around $70-100 every five days or so on gas.


  68. brandonsneed says:

    P.S. I read somewhere that filling up before you get to a quarter-tank will save you some money, though not sure how much. Something about gas evaporating quicker once it gets below a quarter tank.

    Though you spend money quicker if you fill up sooner … ??? … I dunno, gas makes my head hurt.

  69. THENUMBERTOO says:

    we’re at 4.15 a gallon right now.

    People are still lining up heavily to get gas. it’s weird, but it makes sense.

    It’s like people are hoarding gas to upset the more expensive (and imminent) Price climb.

    People were buying gas when it dropped filling up with gas cards, so they won’t feel the pinch later.

    the prices are up for what i have no idea. we haven’t hit peak yet, but it’s coming.

    i would like to at minimum, know why we are paying so much.

  70. Brad says:

    1.) St. Louis, MO (Lafayette Square Neighborhood): $3.89. CNN recently said that MO has the cheapest average price per gallon right now (crazy, huh?).

    2.) I don’t own a bike because my commute is too long, but my wife and I are dipping into savings to buy a small (250cc) motorcycle. At just over $2,000, it will pay for itself in 10 months of driving. That’s the hope anyway….

  71. steph says:

    i live in davis, ca… just paid $4.25 at costco while every station around me is up to $4.59 and counting. i shudder when i drive past stations now, it’s too painful to look sometimes.

    thankfully, my bike can get me anywhere in this town. sacramento summer heat, though, will get you every time. 😦

  72. eugenecho says:

    So, it appears that MISSOURI has the cheapest gas in the States with a few cities in TEX[G]AS with low prices as well.

    It also seems that folks in CA are getting screwed over gas prices. Amazing.

    We’ve also learned that people shouldn’t move to Sierra Leone to drive. Venezuela doens’t sound so bad with .19/gallon gas prices.

    People in Europe and Asia are laughing at us for whining over gas prices.

    And that GAS is seriously impacting people’s plans for commuting, regular driving, and summer vacation plans.

    It hurts but I think the examination of our gas consumption is really good for all of us and our way of life. As someone said, we don’t even think twice because it has become like another item line in our monthly utilities.

    And I really do wish that we had more cities in the North America that had a thoughtful plan and vision for Mass Transit.

    We’ll be headed off to Korea in couple weeks and you don’t need a car there at all. Possibly the only way that 23 million people can be working in Seoul on a usual workday.

  73. minna says:

    i live in greenlake. up until may i was working in downtown and took the bus to work everyday (except on saturdays, when i carpooled). i have a new job that doesn’t allow me to take the bus, so i have to drive to work. then i drive all day at work. and the main office is in renton. yup, i have decided to make up for lost time in making my carbon footprint as ginormo as possible. and what’s all this talk about increasing gas prices? i haven’t even noticed …. haha …. sad 😦 … it is too ridiculous. if i don’t laugh about it, i’ll cry!

  74. Dave Kitchen says:

    We pay approx 1.30 sterlingfor a litre! Thats approx 5.90 per gallon, or $11.58 according to Consider yourselves lucky! I’m on holiday here at the minute at filling up is a pleasure!

  75. Dave Kitchen says:

    by the way – I’m in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

  76. AWC says:

    Rural farm country about 70 miles from Memphis, TN: $3.98 = $95 to fill my van. I need my van because I have five children, and if we sardine can travel in my husband’s car and get ticketed, that’s equally expensive. Do I drive less? Yes. We just have to wisely combine fun trips or dining with necessary shopping and errand running. We have started our own buy one, get one free program for milk and juice. Buy a big pitcher and fill with equal parts water! Our buy one get one free diaper program: my potty training son, who only wears a diaper at night, if his diaper is dry in the morning, he wears it for one more night. We use cloth half the time on our other baby. We even have a free book program: buy everything on credit card and get free books every other month. Stretch all meals with rice or beans and a spoonful of TastyBite Indian cuisine. We purchase thrift whenever possible, buy expensive long lasting where that is cost effective in the long run. Haven’t bought cheap Wal-Mart clothes that fall apart or pill after one wash after learning that lesson years ago. We compost all kitchen organic waste for our garden. Although I haven’t converted yet, my husband does “humanure” to waste less water (there’s a website on it). We tried applying for welfare but was like, four dollars above the poverty limit! However, we consider ourselves very blessed. Our yard is the children’s own Terabithia, we are still able to tithe $400 a month of my husband’s income to church and give extra to our favorite charities and missionaries. If a family of seven can live comfortably off about $3600 a month I think anything is possible. With God all things are possible!

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