Eugene Cho

who are you praying for?

Let’s pray together – for others.  Would you mind sharing – as little or as much as you want – who comes to mind in response to the question:

Who are you praying for? Why?

For me, last week was incredibly difficult and emotional.  I received a phone call from a couple at our church and went to visit them at their home to listen to, cry with, and pray for them.  “C” – a husband and father – was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor about six months ago.  After the initial surgery, treatments, and countless visits to specialists and doctors, they shared the difficult news below.  And so, I am in prayer for this couple and their two children.  While I continue to pray for healing and restoration of C’s body, I am also praying for their spirits that even in the midst of such heavy and difficult circumstances, they might not drown in discouragement and fear; that they may know that God is with them and have not forsaken them; and that they may continue the “fight” against the cancer.

“I’m sorry for not providing an update until now – shortly after C’s last entry regarding his “clean” MRI, we received news that there was actually another area of concern that should be closely monitored. That was not news we wanted to share w/ you in light of the happy news that we had sent out just the week before. So we’ve kept quiet and have held our breaths these last two months until his recent MRI. We had so hoped that the next time we wrote, it would be to bring only good news and not bad.


I‘m sorry to tell you that C’s recent trip to Houston revealed recurrence of the tumor in four different areas of his brain. The doctor, despite having seen thousands of cases of brain cancer, says he doesn’t know what to make of this as it doesn’t seem to fit the pattern of a typical GBM or anything else he has ever seen. The only thing that he is certain of is the need to operate within the next two weeks. Unlike before where the tumor was isolated to C’s right temporal lobe where there is little risk of suffering deficiencies, two of the new tumors are located in an area of his brain where there is risk of paralysis. But even w/ successful removal of the tumors, there is currently no ready treatment since they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

We are still trying to process this news ourselves – we’ve been here before, but it just gets harder and harder each time to find the strength to get back to that place of hope and faith. Please pray for that because right now, C and I feel desperately lost and tired.”

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  1. Kristen says:

    I am still praying for the situation in Burma and Sichuan, China. I’m especially burdened by the news in Burma and the lack of governmental cooperation to allow relief aid to take its full impact.

  2. Rachael says:

    -We’re always praying to be an impact on the lives of others and for God’s kingdom to flourish and expand!
    -I’m praying for the teachers of Florida. During this time, many have been told they will lose their jobs due to budget cuts. That kicks all the new teachers out of their positions. Many of my friends are in jeopardy.
    -I’m praying for our Youth Pastor, his daughter was born with major issues, and given a year to live…(after three months of telling them her genetics were messed up) a week ago the genetics came back with a clean bill, …PRAISE GOD, now doctors say she has hope to live and actually get better! is her story.
    -I’m also praying for the best as we forclose our condo. we bought a bad condo from someone at our church, that we thought we could trust, who didn’t tell us it was a dud. structurally it was a mess and dangerous to live in (which was hidden and covered up). we found out two weeks after signing the papers. We’ve given the man many opportunities to accept responsibility, and god hasn’t released us to take him to court… (just real messy) after two years of major assessments (we’ve basically been paying 2 mortages) we have been advised to forclose.
    Let’s LIFT THEM UP!!!

  3. smileforjc says:

    Thank you for sharing about C. He actually came to mind while I was cleaning our home (I always pray during menial jobs like cleaning, laundry etc, just placing people before the Lord HE brings to mind!) With several of my loved ones going through cancer, I can somehow relate to the part that it gets harder and harder to get back to that place of hope and faith. Prolonged suffering and hope deferred require so much energy, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I will continue to pray. God KNOWS. GOD is right there WITH C. and his loved ones.

  4. DK says:

    I’m still praying for the Chapman family. Very burdened by the youngest son and this horrible accident.

  5. A lovely post – Prayer is such a fundamental part of my life.
    I am so sorry for the hurt and sadness you and yours are experiencing right now. cancer comes as a terrible thief in the night.

    I am currently praying for my mother who is fighting breast cancer. I am praying for my grandparents who are now in their 90s and it is so hard for them to do simple tasks. I am praying for my best friend who is only 50 years old and suddenly is a widow. I am praying for my children to be brave and strong and make good choices.

    I also have a lot of prayers of gratitude! Life is still very beautiful – there are so many things to be thankful for. We are blessed. We have been promised “joy in the morning”, and don’t think we have to wait for the next life to claim that promise. I can especially take comfort in the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. He has suffered all things for us. He knows how to send tender mercies in our time of trial.

    God Bless

  6. Leah says:

    1. I am still praying for the survivors of the Chinese earthquake. My heart especially is connected to those who lost their only children. I pray for them as they grieve – I can only imagine the magnitude of their suffering.

    2. The amazing ladies in my Thursday night Bible study. God has brought each of us through so much already, and he proves himself forever faithful. The way is often dark, dim and frustrating, but He is there. I pray especially for one of us who is struggling with mental health issues and healing from childhood issues – it has been and continues to be a long, tough road for her.

    3. Lately I have felt compelled a lot to pray for the Church (big “C” – as in, all churches). We are what God has placed here to bring his Kingdom to those around us: to spread understanding, love, and to reduce suffering. I feel that Church is incredible important and as such is under attack so often. I pray that we would constantly be seeking Jesus’ will for each of us in our churches that everything we do would bring more of his Kingdom down to our broken earth.

  7. aa12345 says:

    for the people in china whose homes have been destroyed and for the so called
    ” war on terror” to end.

  8. gaius says:

    i’m sorry to hear about C… cancer has afflicted and claimed the lives of many people in my life…

    the prayers that i lift up (many times with the appearance of futility) is for justice for victims everywhere and for perpetrators of damage to be held accountable…

  9. Blake says:

    Still praying for C.

    I’m currently in prayer for my sister and brother-in-law as they are contemplating a third round of IVF, this time using an egg donated by her brother and sister in-law. If this doesn’t work they’ll begin considering a domestic (vs. international) adoption. The whole process has been very hard on both my sister and bro-in-law and has drug on for several years now ever since they found out (after years of trying) that my sister can’t get pregnant. They prayers are for the healing of my sisters body, that the round of IVF goes well and for the continued strengthening of their marriage.

  10. Pete Wilson says:

    I’m praying for my wife. I know she is under a lot of stress these days staying home with our 3 little boys. I pray God gives her patience and energy.

  11. Kim says:

    At times when God seems so very far away and the words do not form in my mind or soul…I borrow these words from Henri Nouwen:

    Dear Lord, in the midst of much inner turmoil and restlessness, there is a consoling thought: maybe you are working in me in a way I cannot yet feel, experience or understand. My mind is not able to concentrate on you, my heart is not able to remain centered, and it seems as if you are absent and have left me alone. But in faith I cling to you. I believe that your Spirit reaches deeper and further than my mind or heart, and that profound movements are not the first to be noticed.
    Therefore, Lord, I promise I will not run away, not give up, not stop praying, even when it all seems useless, pointless, and a waste of time and effort. I want to let you know that I love you even though I do not feel loved by you, and that I hope in you even though I often experience despair. Let this be a little dying I can do with you and for you as a way of experiencing some solidarity with the millions in this world who suffer far more than I do. Amen.

    May they be of help to someone who cannot form the words in their mind or soul.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I’m praying for my brother, who is working through another attempt at curing the brain disorder that has been affecting him. Also my grandmother, who has myelo-dysplastic syndrome. And I am praying for Amy Li.

  13. Jan owen says:

    I’m praying for my children and for my church……raising college students is challenging and our church has been through difficult times and is still in a transitional period.

  14. chomama says:

    “I pray when I face problems in my life…I always face problems…so I always pray.”..Issac B. Singer…

    I pray for “C” and his family. Lord, please help them and heal him.

  15. Donna says:

    My oldest friend, who has a brain cancer as well. Seven months ago, she was told she had two months to live. Emergency surgery removed part of the tumor & God is good…she is still here. Her son got married this past weekend.

    For my youngest brother, weathering a horrible personal crisis right now. Praying that God sustain & strengthen him & his two children. And for my parents, who are now suddenly called upon to step in & help raise two of their grandchildren.

    For a dear friend who found herself suddenly homeless.

    For the Chapman family.

    For my landlord, as many of his properties are about to be foreclosed upon (including the house I am currently renting).

    And I will add those in these posted comments that need prayers.

    Thank you, Eugene, for asking today that we pray for others.

  16. Bobby says:

    I am praying for my younger sister who recently found out she was pregnant. I am praying for wisdom and strength for her. And for understanding and grace for everyone involved including the boyfriend and parents.

    It’s a pretty painful situation.

  17. Leah says:

    @Kim Thanks for the Henri Nouwen quote. Which book is that from? I plan to copy the prayer and use it myself often. It puts words to those feelings I have from time to time.

  18. amanda says:

    I am praying for three things–

    1. My poor (and as of late hostile) relationship with my mom. That things may be named, discussed and mended. That my poor choice of words would not cause more pain than I ever intended.

    2. Wisdom regarding marriage.

    3. A young girl I met today (age 16) who was arrested for the third time today. Praying for all of the people who love and care about her, including the police who know her by name. Praying that God would use her story to write something beautiful about his Kingdom.

  19. Michael says:

    I’m praying for those who are burdened about money. It’s been a very stressful year for my own family, with basics like groceries and gas causing consternation. It causes more anxiety, less patience in other areas of our lives that we aren’t used to. I can see it in other people’s faces too. It feels selfish with so many living on $1/day and other things going on in the world, so I also pray for peace and change in the world.

  20. lhianne cote says:

    I also pray for the earthquake victims, especially the children. And the 1,000,000 Myanmar citizens who are still waiting for aid two weeks after Cyclone Nargis.

  21. GenX says:

    Outside of general things, I am specifically praying for my family: I’m the only sibling that is saved, and my mother who is fighting breast cancer; and for my city: that God’s power will sweep through this town and restore everything that has been lost.

  22. Kris says:

    I am praying for a family at our church who just lost their 19 year old daughter who died in a tragic accident. I am also praying for a friend who has severe work-related stress in addition to severe marital problems.

  23. Phil says:

    I am praying for the teams that i get to go out on mission trips with this summer. I pray that God would reveal his heart to them for the nations, for the lost, and even for them. I pray that they would respond to what they see with Gods response. That they would do justice love mercy and walk humbly with God.

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