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I’ve never done this before but randomly felt inspired to host an OPEN MIC…here on the blog.  Don’t be afraid…express yourself.

What is this?  It’s simply a digital version of an OPEN MIC.  In the comments on this post, you can sharing anything – [well, almost anything]:

random thoughts, your personal story or introduction, world changing ideas, your music, YouTube videos; your confessions, rants against me, rage against the machine, inspiring stories, plug your bands, business, or blogs; the answers to life, your hip hop flow, your art, your poetry, prose or haiku, interesting links, ads for a boyfriend or girlfriend, promote an event, conduct a fundraiser, share your faith, fears, insecurities, and hopes; social justice issues…whatever.

So, here it is…express yourself.

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42 Responses

  1. ian says:

    I have a rant: where is my economic stimulus check?

  2. eugene cho, wakes up with a fro, loves God with his dough, helps orphans that are po’, preaches like whoa, blogs like a mofo…

  3. dreamxchaser says:

    “if they give you ruled papper, wirte the other way” my favorite quote at the moment.
    thats something random to share.

    and my favorite story at the moment. A girl i met yesterday that was excited to meet an american girl (im the american) for her first time. after we had been introduced and knew each other, she went to run back to class. then fell down a flight of stairs. i was so shocked and suprised, i couldnt even laugh. it was almost like slow motion.

    open mic is kool.

  4. Rachael says:

    this is my first time really reading your blog. my aunt kept sending me the link and always forgot to check it out. really love your blog. i have been chewing on something for a while now and wanted to share.

    i teach 4th grade ESOL (english speakers of other languages). my kids are mostly refugees from africa and burma mixed in with a lot of cuban, mexican, p.rican flavor…i’m on a mission trip everyday it seems like! i love it. love is in full force…. my husband on the other hand is in construction. he rarely meets warm-hearted people who love God.

    so, his ministry, aside from buying his crews lunch and sitting down and spending time with them, is the “PPM “(portapottyministry). he writes encouraging scriptures inside the potty. one day last week, he got a response back…”Religion is the cause of war, genocide, hate crimes, etc. Your God is responsible..Why would i want to be involved in that?”. It hurts because we as a church (worldwide) can represent God in such a horrible way…

    then i read your blog…and relate to the people who post comments…no religion, just real….it’s so relevant..anyone would be open to reading it.

    I pray that everyone who knows God now, is really led to know Him more-so confident in their relationship that they can be normal with everyone-that they can stop hiding behind their religion for one second and truly be Jesus’ hands and feet.. Paul wouldn’t have a religious flow if he walked the earth today…neither would Jesus…so thanks for being like Jesus…

  5. I need to see more football right now.

  6. david k says:

    “In modern Britain the most dangerous place to be is in your mother’s womb. It should be a place of sanctity” Edwin Leigh – member of British Parliament

    Said in response to government voting not to reduce maximum term for abortion from 24weeks to 20 weeks or less.

  7. Bret says:

    I encourage everyone with the heart, to look into becoming a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for neglected and abused children. My .02

  8. gregwheeler says:

    Just stumbled across your blog yesterday. Subscribed.
    I love how Christianity in America is going through birth pangs right now. It means there’s something new coming!

  9. Tyler says:

    i think portland is better than seattle :0

  10. eugenecho says:

    tyler, the portland blazers are better than the seattle sonics. i give you that. but our football and baseball teams are better than yours. 🙂

    but hey, it’s your open mic.

  11. This is a great idea! At the risk of seeming like a spammer, I’ll post my cartoon blog URL here and hopefully some of you will tell me if you like it:

  12. Jeff Lam says:

    i’m not looking forward to seeing kevin durant, jeff green, and jerryd bayless playing for the oklahoma city sonics

  13. Don says:

    Next Thursday. Come to this event which is actually taking place at Q Cafe. Benefit show to raise funds for an orphanage in Thailand. They need help.

  14. Catherine says:

    I’m just tired.
    I’m exhausted.
    I’m weary.
    I’m frustrated.

  15. eugenecho says:

    @rachael: thanks for sharing your voice. very thought provoking.

    @jeff: why couldn’t we get #1 or #2. rose would have been super.

  16. eugenecho says:

    i’m cutting/pasting a “note” by a young lady at our church. she posted this on facebook but thought i’d share it here.

    “Why are the presidential candidates spending more than a combined total of $421 MILLION (federal election comission) when the UN’s children’s agency is appealing for $10 MILLION to help more than 7 MILLION starving children and pregnant/nursing mothers in 325 drought-affected districts in Ethiopia (CNN)?

    And why isn’t money being given to aid the estimated 7 MILLION Ethiopian children under the age of 5 who are at risk and the more than 120,000 who have only about a month to live due to this drought (CNN)?

    Why are the countries of ASEAN and the UN not doing more to intercede on behalf of the 2.5 MILLION Burmese survivors of Cyclone Nargis that has left a death toll of 130,000 people, a rising number due to the military regime’s lack of urgency or understanding of the priority of human life over passing a national referendum (CNN)?

    And now that ASEAN and the UN are acting, why exactly has it taken them so long to act when Burma was hit by Cyclone Nargis not 24hrs or 48hrs ago, but 2 WEEKS ago?

    Why???? Someone explain to me, please, because I just can’t seem to comprehend.”

  17. jason says:

    @jeff: I think they should be known as the OKC Cow Paddies

    Ad: Sponsor a child through Compassion International

    my spam: drop by my blog sometime…

    my goofy thing to share: I think I like Spongebob more then my kid

  18. Joseon says:

    TImbaland Rips off Arabic Music:

  19. brotherterrysimmons says:

    Pastor Cho,

    I’ve subscribed to your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I just want to say thanks. Your heart for the poor and the hurting teaches and inspires me.

    Blessings to you, your family, and Quest.

  20. Rebecca says:

    Hmmm…true open mics have songs and poetry and stuff, so here’s a poem I wrote awhile back…


    What if you and I were
    You couldn’t know me
    By my eyes, nose, curls,
    The color of my skin

    If you had to ask
    To know
    My ancestors were here
    For years before
    My other ancestors came

    If I had to smile
    With words
    My eyes not enough
    To tell you
    “I love you” or
    “You hurt me”

    What would you think
    Of me
    If only my voice
    (as I always am)
    Were the only thing
    You knew me by.

    What would I think
    Of you?

  21. David B says:

    I am in Omaha today, went to the Zoo. Jack Hannah was not there… They had big sharks, and the largest fruit bat I have ever seen, it was like black mass of batnessictyitude. Followed by too much Mexican food. Off to Minnesota..

  22. praying for unity says:

    Thank you so much for your comment on Tyler’s blog about women in leadership. It gives me hope that some of you understand how it feels. Men, that is, I am a women struggling with the gift of leadership.

  23. praying for unity says:

    oops woman There is only one of me. 🙂

  24. Jersey says:

    new mother. calling my tyke Mowgli online, because he always looks like a little frog when he sleeps, his legs always curled inwards.

    i dropped out of college because i realized i only went to study computers because my idol at the time was a computer programmer — i only went to impress him. after talking to myself, i realized i am happier serving espresso and coffee at cafes rather than sitting behind a computer for 8 hours, or even 10 hours, ad day. i know i am capable of better paying jobs and returning to college for various studies, but isn’t part of “you can do whatever you set your mind to” and the whole “follow your heart” mantras is doing what i want to do? this is what i LOVE to do.

    i am suffering from a severe bout of postpartum depression.

  25. aaron says:

    After quite a day, my prayer this evening :

    Lord God, thank you for speaking to me today. Forgive me for my selfishness and whining. thank you God for showing me my complaints, my troubles and my desires are petty. God, give me the strength to help others in need. help me to know what to do when others are hurting. Lord God thank you for your Love, Mercy and Goodness today. Amen

  26. joel says:

    I’m thankful for Tiger Beer. No offense to Qingdao, but there’s simply a lack of good beer here on ye olde Mainlande China, and thanks to whoever imports this tasty stuff from Singapore, I am enjoying a cold one right now after a long day of work in hot, stuffy classrooms.

  27. samest says:


  28. anti christ says:

    The argument: There is a divide therefore we need to reconcile- make compatible.

    What made the divide? We can argue and counter argue for decades and still be at the same point. Let’s rephrase, what is the real divide? The divide is in the thought, young & old, men & women, white & black. Focus on race, to think, promote & justify that the thought of other races were inferior was wrong. Being black was not wrong nor was to say black think different; but to suggest that the quality of black persons thought are inferior was the problem. Church too played an evil role in this process, the Christian text, in body or footnote did promote, justify the inferiority of certain race and sex. That is still seen in catholic churches, wherein women are refused to be ordained to date.

    To reconcile, or make compatible with truthful norm of equality would be that all people reject faith based religion. Rejection of certain thoughts and acceptance of certain thought is just fooling oneself to understand the real truth. Faith based approach to monotheism is the problem, thought cultivation through this process leads to fanatics and adherence to false truths. Forcing people to believe in monotheism is fatal; monotheism is philosophical thought not faith based approach; critical thinking is the prerequisite not faith. This is the real problem, understanding the core of the monotheistic reasoning is necessary not mere following the some biblical scholars interpretation compiled in bible. Remember its just 1 point of view of the monotheistic thought school, do not follow his interpretation by faith instead church should encourage people to write their own bible based on their interpretation of the core thought.

    If one interpretation is forced on all, then the interpretation of interpretation starts to manifest real ignorance and then core thought are completely lost. False truths start to emanate as real truth and as belief is the prerequisite it becomes hard to distinguish real and false. Thus, this is the reason for divide in society. Mere faith in reconciliation is rubbish, its like contemplating on peripheral concepts these will still divide and confuse masses and more flowery attempt to reconcile will resurface over and over again. Its just words.

  29. anti christ says:

    Jesus has a low iq than me. I am much smarter than jesus.

  30. dashed says:

    i almost killed myself last night. i wonder if there really is a god who knows me personally and could/would really make any difference whatsoever at all. too tired to even wish anymore…. but somehow i’m still here…

  31. jesus says:

    anti christ: nope. you don’t.

    dashed: nope. don’t do it. your life matters to me.

  32. Clint says:


    Come to my site and dialogue with me. I’m not going to beat you with the Bible, I just want to hear you.

  33. eugenecho says:

    dashed: emailed you at the address but it bounced back.

  34. rebecca(the great) says:

    dashed: there is and you don’t want to leave without knowing Him. Drop me a post.

  35. rebecca(the great) says:

    my spam: if you want to read the thoughts of a teen girl struggling in Christian culture…
    my ad: want to change your life? Do it by changing someone else’s with Compassion International. Sponsor a kid.

    my story: a close friend I’ve had for the last three years is in a psych ward this week. he has been living a double life and I didn’t even know it. or at least I didn’t want to. prayer would help.

    my poetic groove: (something I dug out of a journal from a few years back)
    my rabbi taught me by example
    He wasn’t a celebrity, He ran from the crowds
    and spent time with the sinful at the end of town
    His message was love, what a simple statement
    but consider the voice, God Himself
    what an impact

  36. chad says:

    aware of how far away i am from where i want to be, i struggle with how to take the first steps

  37. […] This is the 2nd blog “open mic” I’ve hosted here.  I hosted the first “open mic” several months ago after randomly feeling inspired to host an OPEN MIC.  Don’t be […]

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Lord, in your mercy. The obedience of discipleship which includes the work of justice is a marathon. It's long, arduous, and emotional. Be tenacious. But also take care of yourself. Create healthy rhythms. Don't burn out. We need you for the marathon. Friends, don't give up. Press on. In the midst of so much chaos in the world, may we continue to cling to the hope of the whole Gospel. May we cling unto Jesus:

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