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Hi friends.  Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year.  The Cho Family is too cheap to mail out letters and Christmas cards so this is their sincere attempt to extend blessings to you and yours.  But, it’s not just that they’re cheap, this year they’ve added the spin of wanting to go “Green” on their resume by saving paper products .  Please read on to learn more about their past year’s adventures and some of their hopes for the upcoming year. [* For security reasons, some of the pictures & kids’ names will be removed soon.]


The Cho Family Adventures of 2007

It seemed like just last month when Eugene wooed Minhee in Korea and swept her off her feet with his long flowing curly hair, vibrant hand gestures, kick-ass Hyundai Presto and long walks by HanGang River in Seoul, Korea but alas, this past year on February 1, Eugene and Minhee celebrated ten years as husband and wifeTo celebrate the momentous event, they discussed all the cool things they could do to celebrate the anniversary…but did none of them.  Oh well!  But they did go to an all you can can eat sushi restaurant and found some great bargains at Goodwill on their anniversary.  However, the family was able to go to Hawaii this past November when Eugene was forced to officiate two weddings in Hawaii.


Eugene and Minhee feel so privileged to be parents to their three children.  Truly, they are so humbled, proud, and overjoyed.  This past year, the family enjoyed trips to Vancouver, BC, Lake Chelan, San Francisco and as mentioned above — Honolulu! 

JC is now in fourth grade.  Through her school, she’s learning how to play the flute and continues to excel in sports and may one day honor her father’s desire for her to earn a Division I scholarship.  Her baseball swing is out of this world and her crossover dribble is coming together.  J’s future looked a little scary when her parents hosted a sleepover birthday party for ten of her friends.  They were freaked out to see 11 young girls dancing and singing to Zac Efron in High School MusicalCan someone say “Home School?”  TC is now in 2nd grade and enjoys the after school chess program at school.  Many of her adventures this past year has dealt with losing teeth.  Trinity continues to enjoy art, excels in all games and sports, and is a voracious reader like her older sister.  Both J and T were selected recipients of the Humanitarian Award at their school.  JY turned four in June.  He is no longer Jabba the Hut but being transformed genuinely into a Padawan – under his father’s tutelage.  He still attends a 2day/week pre-K program and is excited to be in Kingdergarten next year.  Asides from his obsession with superheroes, JY is enrolled into a soccer club for little boys and can bend it like Beckham.  His parents are more excited about driving all three kids to the same school in the upcoming school year.

Both Eugene and Minhee have had a busy year.  Perhaps, the busiest thus far in their 10 year marriage.  In addition to herparental responsibilities, Minhee helped lead the Moms’ Group at Quest, attended Bible Study Fellowship, volunteered at her daughters’ public school and son’s classroom, and after 10 years of being a stay home mom…Minhee went back to “work.”  She began a part-time internship at a Korean-American church as a counselor and lecturer.  She denies any usage of steroids to accomplish her status as one incredible woman.

Asides from his privilege of being a husband and father, Eugene continues to serve the city of Seattle [a portrait article was published in the Seattle Times around this time last year].  During a heavy and difficult time surrounding the shootings in Virginia Tech, Eugene had the opportunity to publish a guest column entitled “Crying for 33” in the Seattle PI.  He enters Year Seven as the founder and lead pastor at Quest.  He also masquerades as the founder and executive director at QCafe – a non-profit/non-reglious community cafe, rental space, art gallery, and live music venue.  This past year, Eugene helped merge Quest with a church called Interbay in a truly amazing Kingdom story as Interbay chose to gift itself into Quest.  The story was amazing enough that it made the front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer.  Shortly after the “offical merger,” Eugene posed as a construction manager with his one screwdriver and new workbelt and led the tribe of many volunteers to renovate their church space.  This past year was an incredibly exciting year for ministry but without going into any specific details, it was also Eugene’s most difficult and emotionally/spiritually exhausting year.   

As they reflect upon the past year, the Cho Clan moves into 2008 with great hope and anticipation. With all three children entering the public school system, Minhee hopes to return to school in the Fall as a grad student in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Eugene hopes to simply help deepen Quest in its mission:  Soul, Community, Justice and Compassion, and Global Presence.  Additionally, he dreams about helping Quest plant another church or two in the upcoming year; he is also [trying to] put together a book proposal for stuff that has resonated in his life as a follower of Christ.  As a larger family, the Chos are very excited about taking what will likely be a three month sabbatical over the summer.  They hope to spend some time in South Korea but will use many of those weeks traveling around the world to see, feel, hear, and experience what God is doing.  This upcoming year, the Cho family – by God’s grace – will seek to start a humanitarian organization to join the fight against extreme global poverty.  In response to God’s calling, they have decided to relinquish their upcoming yearly salary to help fund the organization and believe that somehow, God will compel thousands and thousands to help in some way.

As you are able or inclined, they humbly ask for your prayers.  There are so many things they could use more of in their lives…but most importantly, pray for God’s joy and faith to abound in their hearts and lives so that they may live out their convictions and love for Jesus.

Happy and Blessed New Year!

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21 Responses

  1. Dear Eugene and Minhee,

    From our family to yours, Happy New Year to you as well!

    Leonid and Leanna Regheta
    Russian Covenant Ministries

  2. "insipid" g says:

    no shout out for gsong photography for the kissing picture? 😉
    looking forward to an exciting 2008!

  3. Bob & Grace Shim says:

    Eugene and Minhee,
    Great to hear about how God has been leading and blessing you in your journey so far. And the kids have gotten so big! We look forward to possibly connecting with you guys in person next year when we are on home assignment. Please keep us posted on your efforts to fight global poverty.

    Bob & Grace

  4. Blessings and joy to you all in the new year. And may you not break any snowfall records as we may do here in Massachusetts. Who says overcast temperate winters are bad??

    Sue and DG

  5. Jezla says:

    Happy New Year, Eugene! (and a belated Merry Christmas)

    Beautiful family!

  6. Pastor Eugene and Family,
    Great news and great pic’s. Amazing how much God is using you and your family for His kingdom work. Continue doing what you do. Have a Blessed New Year and God’s grace on you and your family.

    Dunamis Ministries
    Capital Korean Presbyterian Church

  7. peterong says:

    dear eugene, meeting you this year was a highlight for me to hear you and to be blessed by your ministry and your continued unveiling of the wondrous work of the gospel.

  8. Tracy says:


    What a blessed family!

    Merry Christmas and have another blessed year in 2008!

  9. Todd Kim says:

    Happy New Year… Many blessings in 2008

  10. Kil Jae Park says:

    Praise God for the awesome work that He is doing in your life and ministry! Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey of life and ministry with me and my family. I am not surprised AT ALL! Thanks for the challenge and inspiration.

    Blessed New Year to you and your family!


  11. Ben says:

    I’m glad to be a witness. Proud of y’all.

  12. kpli says:

    Hi..first of all thanks for the post..i’ve enjoyed reading them and had bookmarked this beautiful blog..i hope it is not late for me to wish you a Happy New Year ..;)

  13. […] had passed.  But the more time I reflected upon this past year [especially while drafting up the family’s annual year in review letter], I found myself on the other spectrum:  This has been a long year.  So much has gone on.  In […]

  14. Glorya says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Pastor Eugene! By the way, the photo of your kids on the beach is very impressive. They caught some serious air! And the line about High School Musical is pretty funny. Did you know there’s a part II and that part III is on the way?

  15. Carla & Steve Legg says:

    Happy and blessed New Year! We miss you and hope to see you soon!

    Steve & Carla (Legg)

  16. Thanks for sharing this beautiful 2007 recap. Its a joy to hear what the Lord is doing in your family.
    Any interest in planting a church in BC?
    A & D

  17. mary miller says:

    Busy lives, gorgeous pictures, hefty ministry and new dreams of the Spirit. I did notice your week in sub-zero Pastor-in-Residence at the sem. was not on the sun drenched list of favorite travel! Will be praying for your wife in this transition and also for your well deserved sabbatical.
    C U at Midwinter?

  18. e cho says:

    george: much appreciation for that photo.

    bob and grace: miss you guys much and hope you’ll be able to visit. was entertaining some thoughts about visiting you in that part of the world but likely won’t happen.

    sue and dg: but at least dg can revel in boston’s 16-0 with other fanatics.

    peter: it was good to meet you and your wife as well.

    amanda/daniel: you guys are back in BC? all this time, i thought you were still in the east coast.

    mary: how could i forget chicago in january? thanks for hosting me there at the seminary. it was literally the coldest experience of this past year.

  19. Derrick says:

    Happy New Year to you Eugene. May the Lord honor your convictions…

  20. Stef says:

    What a beautiful family you have! You are truly blessed. Happy New Year!

  21. hdrake says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that all is going well with your fam.

    Lots of love to you in 2008. May you continue to walk in the grace and love of THE GREAT ONE!

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