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Dear Quest,

Thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel.

I am so proud to be one of your pastors and to have had the honor of planting Quest Church almost 10 years ago. This past Sunday, while Pastor DeAnza was preaching a spirited message at Quest from our ongoing study through Philippians,  I had the joy of visiting and preaching at the Burmese Karen Churchplant in Kent, Washington. On their behalf, I pass on their sincere greetings.

Several years ago, Quest helped plant this church and it is in part because of your prayers and generosity that allowed us to have a small part in birthing this beautiful church through our Quest Churchplanting Foundation.

This church and community did not exist 3 years ago. In fact, the majority of them are recent refugees and have entered this country in the past couple years. This past Sunday, I asked – before my sermon – how many of them had arrived to the United States in the past year and it appeared that over half of the nearly 150 people raised their hands! Many of them were living in refugee camps…and how amazing it must be that a church community was here to be their fellowship and support.

But for a second, I want to encourage you to think Read the rest of this entry »

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Awesome time at the Seahawks practice today. Couldn't take pictures during practice but enjoyed throwing a few passes to my kids afterwards. Like Russell Wilson, I'm short and a dual threat - just a little slower and my passes need to be within 10 yards. #GoHawks #1Seed Grateful. After church last Sunday, Minhee and I flew down to San Diego for couple days to reflect on this past year, share our hopes for the year ahead, and most importantly...get some very much needed Vitamin D. #TeamEdward Thanks for making this possible. Just signed this $9200+ check for Oasis Mozambique to come alongside them as they empower local change agents with the WASH program (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene). This will impact 1200 households including 3500 children.

As you consider your end-of-year giving, check out @onedayswages or visit 
100% (minus credit card fees) go directly to the cause of your choice.

And #GoHawks Video of Delta rivers and an amazing sunset in Myanmar on a #fastboat. We were on these boats for about 20 hours over 3 days. Exhausting but meeting villagers and experiencing these sunsets made up for the long and bumpy boat rides. 10 days ago. Unforgettable slow boat journey in the Delta rivers of Myanmar. Lots of reflecting and praying. Came to the conclusion - again - that in the efforts to change the world, I especially need to be changed by God's love, character, and justice. #Myanmar #slowboatreflections #onedayswages The 2nd baby turns 14 today. Oh my. How time flies. Every birthday now is bittersweet. So amazed at the young woman she is becoming ... and that much further away from being that little baby. Happy Birthday, @trintaay!

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  • "Waiting time is not wasting time. Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the spiritual life." ~ Henri Nouwen || 18 hours ago
  • Dont know what to say or write. Just heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers for the 162 on board #AirAsia flight 8501 and their loved ones. || 1 day ago
  • For your year end giving, don't forget your home church community. Don't just be consumers. Do your part. Invest. Give joyfully, faithfully. || 1 day ago
  • In our spiritual lives, we have too many 'drive-through windows' and not enough waiting rooms. Wait with anticipation. Wait for the Lord. || 1 day ago
  • Awesome time at the Seahawks practice today. Couldn't take pictures during practice but enjoyed… || 1 day ago
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